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Published on February 15, 2014

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Weather Lesson Plan English Elementary Level

Subject Area: English Duration: 1 hour Semi- Detailed Lesson Plan Elementary Level I. Learning Objectives At the end of the lesson, the student(s) must have: 1. learned about the different weather (sunny, rainy, windy and, cloudy) 2. broadened their English vocabulary (weather), 3. spoken English using the verb to be in the simple present form, 4. actively participated in an English conversation and, 5. practiced their cooperation and leadership skills. II. Subject Matter A. Main Topic 1. Different Types of Weather (Sunny, Rainy, Windy, Cloudy) B. Sub- Topic(s) 1. Verb to be in Simple Present form 2. Vocabulary relating to Weather 3. Decoding symbols into English words C. Reference(s) D. Materials Slideshow presentation about the different weather, picture puzzles, jumbled letters, and paragraph to decode III.Procedures TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENT’S ACTIVITY A. Preparatory Activity 1. Greetings Good morning class! How are you today? 2. Good morning teacher! We’re fine teacher! Checking of Attendance Ms. class monitor, may I know who

is absent today? Nobody’s absent today teacher. Complete attendance, very good! B. Review of the Past Lesson Class, do you remember our past lesson? What’s it about? And what are the days of the week? Yes, teacher! The days of the week! (The teacher will call students to answer.) Good work class! The days of the week are: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and, Sunday. C. Motivation Before we start our lesson for this day, we are going to play a game. This game is called “Picture Puzzle“. (The rules are to be posted on the screen.) “Divide the class into five groups. Each will be given a set of puzzle, with a secret word written at the back. Arrange the picture puzzle properly for you to know the ‘SECRET WORD’. After arranging the picture, the group will post it on the board and ‘SHOUT’ the ‘SECRET WORD’.” (The students will read as the teacher explains.) (The students’ cooperation, team work and leadership skills will be put to test in this game. This will also serve as a base for new words to add in their vocabulary.) (The students’ will come up with the following words: Weather, Sunny, Rainy, Windy and, Cloudy.) D. Presentation (The teacher will assist the students to pronounce the words they got from the game.) Class, you are now grouped according to the word you have: 1. Weather Group, 2. Sunny Group, 3. Rainy Group, 4. Windy Group, 5. Cloudy Group (The students will now work with their group from here onwards.)

I’m now going to ask each group, what you see in the pictures you have. (Display the Lyrics of the song, ‘What’s the Weather Like Today?’) Do you want to sing a song? The students should be practiced to talk in English about the picture. (The class will now try to sing the song with the teacher.) (After, teaching the students the melody of the song. Give them the rules on how to sing the song.) Class, whenever your group name is going to be mentioned in the song you will be standing up. Did everybody enjoy the song and game? (This activity must raise the attention and alertness of the students.) Yes, teacher! E. Application (The teacher will flash the question on (This activity will now initiate an English the screen, “What’s the weather like conversation among the students.) today?” The teacher will then call a student to read the question on the screen. And will be allowed to call a student from another group to answer. After the first pair, the teacher will flash a picture on the screen and let the first pair to call another pair. The picture flashed on the screen will now serve as the weather condition to be the conversation of the pair.) F. Generalization Let’s review class! What are the different weather types? (In order for them to recall call each group to state their group name.) Good job! (The students at this point must recall the different weather types.)

G. Evaluation Now, I have another game for you. “Picture Me A Word” Rules: Work with your group. (This particular activity will serve as their evaluation. The students will practice several things that they have learned from the lesson i.e. English vocabulary about the weather, reading skills, decoding skills, team work and, social skills.) I am going to give you a paragraph that you must read. But, some words have turned into pictures. Replace the pictures with correct words. (The teacher shall give an example as a supplement to the instruction.) Excellent job! IV. Homework TEACHER’S ACTIVITY STUDENT’S ACTIVITY Are there any questions? No more questions teacher! Well, I have a question. What’s your question teacher? What are the four seasons in your country? Class, that’ll be your homework! Okay, teacher! Goodbye class! Goodbye teacher! PREPARED BY: JIVANEE S. ABRIL giocosovivace

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