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Published on March 2, 2014

Author: tpitre

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Week 2 Assignment, Creative Problem Solving, University of Minnesota

Wearing Something: We wear garments. We wear apparel for warmth, shelter and protection, modesty, and utility. The garments are made from the skins of animals we eat, animals that eat us, plants that grow in the forest or fields, or in past times; dress formed by a blacksmith in his shop. [Pictured. Pitre 2a.jpg] Custom made Italian armor cost the knight about 25% of his annual income. We may wear our heart on our sleeve, or wear many hats if we work in commerce. We can throw down our gauntlet, tip our hat, or lose our shirt. Clothes make the man, but I think clothes do more for the woman. Mark Twain said: “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Men don’t dress for other men for the most part, but women dress for other women more often. Of course, I am willing to be disabused of this notion. I’ve surveyed some topics and offer a variety of dress for particular occasions: Dangerous Sports and Accident wear: [Pictured. Pitre2b.jpg], suited up, prior to a thorough and piercing test with the local police department canine unit. They need more volunteers, I’m sure. This suit also doubles as a Chaperone Suit when I chaperone parties for my niece who is now in the 8th grade. Night wear/ Evening wear – Not all night wear is worn at night. True rebels and fashionistas wear it to Walmart throughout the day, as witnessed by photographs displayed on http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/photos/ An example: [Pictured. Pitre2c.jpg] Left, woman in her blue night suit, Right: Gentleman in his leisure outfit, bra, skirt and huaraches.]

Prison wear – Seated; [Pictured. Pitre2d.jpg] with my “classmates”, circa 1999. Work wear – my primary work wear includes: canvas pants, work boots, a sweatshirt, and an old butcher’s apron. A large, web belt and canvas pouch is obligatory with this practical utility costume. Flight wear – I mean airplanes, dirigibles, hot air balloons…not what I would wear escaping from jail. Sex wear – eatable covering made from dehydrated fruits, vegetables and herbs. Usually applied with brush or air gun. A young lady could step into a booth for the application of a quick-setting and drying application of clothing, and do so in the same salon she already uses for tanning sessions or tanning spray application. She is now ready for an intimate evening. Under wear – nowadays it is common to see a lot of underwear on the city streets. The old fad of wearing bras on the outside has gone its way, but underwear is visible above the pants line on men and women, and is very prevalent in the city, and in Walmart. Camouflage – for the city dweller that wants to stay on the down low. [Pictured. Pitre2e.jpg] Back At You Wear – Mylar ™ clothing that reflects those nearby so they can admire their dress. Leisure wear

Sport wear Eating wear / attire Formal wear Informal wear Ornamental wear Geek wear Thinking wear Creative wear - including simple, unaffected, honest wear. These suits don’t come with silly extra buttons sewed to the cuff, pockets for decorative hankies, lapel button holes, unnecessary and decorative lapel designs, etc. They are for the practical man that shuns trappings, is confident enough in himself and his abilities to wear a simple suit. Practical, less expensive, makes a statement, and easier to clean and press. Silly wear – not confined to those clothes that clowns and mimes wear, but garments that artists, buskers, exhibitionists, hipsters, and avant-garde design that design students may wear. Nonchalant, devil may care, indifferent wear

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