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Published on June 14, 2019

Author: EmmaHowell4

Source: slideshare.net

1. We need to Talk about Frank @oohmawolfie

2. hallo! @oohmawolfie

3. research director at @oohmawolfie

4. @oohmawolfie

5. @oohmawolfie

6. This is one of the best performing sites we have seen for any of our clients - private and public sector Google “ ”@oohmawolfie

7. Had this organic search traffic been bought, it would have cost us £216k! Talk to Frank “ ”@oohmawolfie

8. This is prevention through digital technology at its best. FRANK is giving young people clear, unbiased information in a way they are comfortable with accessing Duncan Selbie, CEO of Public Health England “ ”@oohmawolfie

9. @oohmawolfie how?

10. Inclusive design. @oohmawolfie

11. @oohmawolfie Inclusivity?? Accessibility???

12. @oohmawolfie Inclusivity?? Accessibility???!

13. Refers specifically to the impact of designs on people that have disabilities. @oohmawolfie Accessibility @oohmawolfie

14. Accessible design is good design. If we have to sacrifice elegance - so be it. The people who need our service are often the people that find them the hardest to use. Let’s think about those people from the “ ”GDS Design principles @oohmawolfie

15. Designing so that anyone can use it regardless of age, ability, situation… @oohmawolfie InclusivityImage source: Microsoft Inclusive Design

16. The goal is to meet the needs of consumers of diverse age and capability in a wide range of contexts because appropriate access to information, products, services and facilities is a fundamental human right. “ ”The British Standards Institute @oohmawolfie

17. What happens when you ain't inclusive @oohmawolfie

18. Only 50 out of 270 underground tube stations are fully accessible @oohmawolfie

19. In a car crash, women are 71% more likely to be injured and 17% more likely to die. Women are “out of position drivers” @oohmawolfie Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez

20. Less than 10% of sites are accessible @oohmawolfie www.abilitynet.org

21. Making FRANK inclusive @oohmawolfie

22. “BE INCLUSIVE” @oohmawolfie

23. “BE INCLUSIVE”WTF @oohmawolfie

24. Project set up @oohmawolfie

25. @oohmawolfie UserExperienceDesign QAtesterCopywriter Projectmanagers The cxpartners team Cloud engineer Tech architecture Frontend developer Backend developer

26. @oohmawolfie Project set up CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAM

27. Calling people “addicts” and using phrases like “get clean” reinforce negative stereotypes @oohmawolfie

28. @oohmawolfie Content testing Prototype testing Project set up RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Brand research Accessibility testing

29. @oohmawolfie Research Design Build SPRINT Project set up RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Copywriting

30. @oohmawolfie Project set up RESEARCH IS A TEAM SPORT

31. @oohmawolfie Project set up RESEARCH IS A TEAM SPORT “ Seeing someone struggle with something you’ve built was heartbreaking

32. @oohmawolfie Image source: Microsoft Inclusive Design @oohmawolfie

33. 1. Context 2. Age/Gender 3. Cognitive impairments 4. Visual impairments 5. Location @oohmawolfie

34. @oohmawolfie Context

35. @oohmawolfie

36. @oohmawolfie

37. @oohmawolfie

38. @oohmawolfie Age and gender

39. @oohmawolfie Design IMAGES

40. @oohmawolfie Design IMAGES

41. @oohmawolfie Design IMAGES

42. @oohmawolfie@oohmawolfie Design BRAND

43. alpha v1 @oohmawolfie

44. alpha v2 @oohmawolfie

45. Don’t.@oohmawolfie Just.

46. beta @oohmawolfie

47. @oohmawolfie Cognitive impairments

48. @oohmawolfie v @oohmawolfie Daniel Britton

49. @oohmawolfie @oohmawolfie

50. @oohmawolfie @oohmawolfie

51. @oohmawolfie @oohmawolfie

52. @oohmawolfie Visual impairments

53. @oohmawolfie

54. @oohmawolfie Alpha BetaOld site

55. @oohmawolfie@oohmawolfie Design • Youthful yet timeless • Approachable, supportive, accepting and real • Straightforward but not clinical • Experience but not preachy BRANDING : CONTENT

56. @oohmawolfie Development ACCESSIBLE CODE “A picture of cocaine”

57. @oohmawolfie Development ACCESSIBLE CODE “Cocaine formed into lines, with a straw and craft knife as paraphernalia”

58. @oohmawolfie Development LACK OF BEST PRACTICE “ We’re making best guesses…sometimes we fail

59. @oohmawolfie Development ACCESSIBLE CODE

60. @oohmawolfie v @oohmawolfie Development ACCESSIBLE CODE GOV.UK 2106 assistive technology survey

61. @oohmawolfie v @oohmawolfie Development ACCESSIBLE CODE GOV.UK 2106 assistive technology survey

62. SCREENREADER TESTING • QA testing • Accessibility review • Own networks UX

63. @oohmawolfie Location


65. @oohmawolfie

66. @oohmawolfie Wobbly eggs Jellies Mazzies

67. @oohmawolfie UX “ Amazon? What’s that? INCENTIVES

68. ''A well defined technical strategy has been the pillar of the approach to FRANK, which was critical to meeting user needs.'' Erica Buckley, Head of Marketing Digital & Data, Public Health England @oohmawolfie

69. @oohmawolfie Technical architecture

70. 39% increase in site traffic @oohmawolfie Technical architecture

71. 200% increase in users seeing pages load in less than three seconds @oohmawolfie Technical architecture

72. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) @oohmawolfie Technical architecture

73. @oohmawolfie Technical architecture We redesigned the architecture of the site making sure it would be performant

74. Technical architecture, development and UX working as a team was critical in enabling us to build an inclusive service @oohmawolfie Technical architecture

75. what can I do to make my projects more inclusive? @oohmawolfie


77. 2.START PLANNINGEARLY @oohmawolfie

78. 3.START RECRUITING. EARLY @oohmawolfie

79. Accessibility panel @oohmawolfie


81. 5.USEAN ACCESSIBLE VENUE @oohmawolfie

82. 6.USEREMOTE TESTING @oohmawolfie

83. 7.SPENDMORE TIMEONSETUP @oohmawolfie


85. @oohmawolfie@oohmawolfie


87. 10.KEEPANEYE ONEACHOTHER @oohmawolfie

88. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But it must be better. @oohmawolfie

89. We mustn’t further marginalise disadvantaged groups with privileged design @oohmawolfie

90. How will you make your next project more inclusive? @oohmawolfie

91. Thank you @oohmawolfie

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