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Published on April 16, 2008

Author: Spencer

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WELCOME TO KUALA LUMPUR:  WELCOME TO KUALA LUMPUR IT’S A PLEASURE TO SEE YOU Vision and Mission:  Vision: To catalyse global transformation Mission: To provide the platform for the meeting of great minds that results in greater use of ICT to enable businesses, empower societies and enrich economies Vision and Mission WCIT 2008: Overall Program:  WCIT 2008: Overall Program Slide5:  WCIT 2008: Key Facts and Figures Slide6:  WCIT 2008 Congress - Snapshot Slide7:  Confirmed Speakers Slide8:  Bill Gates, Microsoft and Gates Foundation Slide9:  Dr. Craig Barrett Chairman of the Board, Intel Slide10:  Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Laureate, 2006 Slide11:  Dr John Gage, Chief Researcher and Director of the Science Office Sun Microsystems Inc. Slide12:  Susan Shesky CIO, Dell Slide13:  Wei Chuan Beng Group MD, REDTone Slide14:  Proposed Speakers Slide15:  Bill Clinton, Former United States President Slide16:  Junichiro Koizumi, Former Japan Prime Minister Slide17:  Vladimir Putin, Russian President Slide18:  Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor, California, USA Slide19:  Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Corp. Slide20:  Professor W. Chan Kim, Co-author of Blue Ocean Strategy Slide21:  Jerry Yang, Yahoo! Slide22:  Donald Trump, Trump Organization Slide23:  Ramalinga Raju, Chairman, Satyam Computer Services Limited Slide24:  Larry Page & Sergey Brin, Google Founders WCIT 2008 Sponsors (Confirmed) 1/2:  WCIT 2008 Sponsors (Confirmed) 1/2 WCIT 2008 Sponsors (Confirmed) 2/2:  WCIT 2008 Sponsors (Confirmed) 2/2 WCIT 2008 Sponsorship Status (Pending):  WCIT 2008 Sponsorship Status (Pending) IBM ORACLE EDS ALCATEL-LUCENT SAMSUNG SATYAM ACCENTURE INFOSYS KPMG CISCO SAUJANA WORLD CONNECT AG DHL CA SAS SAP FUJITSU FUJI XEROX MOTOROLA REDHAT HP CSA/CSC PICO MAS Slide28:  Capitalize on the Asian Opportunity… A Gateway to key Asian emerging markets: China India South East Asia Middle East Crossroads between East and West Slide29:  WHATS NEW ? WCIT 2008 Satellite Events:  WCIT 2008 Satellite Events Slide31:  The WCIT2008 Great Debates Witness the excitement when experts engage in a battle of wits on provocative industry issues! Slide32:  Be part of WCIT2008 CSR program to raise fund for future delegates to WCIT events to come. Slide33:  The WCIT2008 Time Capsule Let’s take stock of what we have now. See how they turn out 12 years later. Slide34:  The WCIT 2008 Experience Purpose: To provide VIPs, sponsors, speakers and delegates of WCIT 2008 with an unforgettable experience (from pre-arrival through to post-departure) Slide35:  Exhibitor Price Package A US$25,000 6 x 9-meter square booth space 15 Delegate Tickets Link Program Entitlement Package B US$40,000 12 x 9-meter square booth space 30 Delegate Tickets Link Program Entitlement Package C US$4,500 1 x 9-meter square booth space 1 Delegate Ticket Link Program Entitlement Slide36:  Delegate Ticket Price Normal Ticket Price US$1195 Early Bird* US$895 Open for Registration in Fall of 2007 * Valid till Dec 31, 2007 Pricing Structure for Witsa Members:  Pricing Structure for Witsa Members Current Price to Association Members List Price USD1195/Delegate Early Bird USD895/Delegate 1 to 20th tickets Incentive @ 10% of ticket cost 21st to 50th ticket Incentive @ 15% of ticket cost 51th & above Incentive @ 25% of ticket co

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