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Published on December 6, 2008

Author: szajafri

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Slide 1: Welcome To DXN Your Way To Health & Wealth Please Switch Off Your Mobile Phone WELLNESS AWARENESS : WELLNESS AWARENESS DR ASMA MUNIRMBBS.MCPS(F/M)MCPS(OBGYN) MAIUM(USA) ART(LONDON), ART(AUSTRALIA) MBFS,(UK) PGA(WARWICK UNIVERSITY UK)GYNAECOLOGIST AND IVF CONSULTANT Objective: : Objective: To promote the awareness of health before we loose it and explore ways to make it simple, effective and for long term. “WHAT IS BIOLOGICAL HEALTH??” : “WHAT IS BIOLOGICAL HEALTH??” “Health is defined : Just not being sick but to be well physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, Fit for the day to day wear and tear of the body, AND To be able to coop up with the ageing process without any discomfort and disability and dependence.” HEALTH VS DISEASE : HEALTH VS DISEASE NO DISEASE……does not mean Healthy BUT HEALTHY….does mean no DISEASE What we need today is “PERMANENT HEALTH”!!! BRING IN HEALTH TO YOUR BODY….. DISEASE LEAVE AUTOMATICALLY……… REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH : REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH GENETIC DICTATION. ENVIRONMENT. DIET LIFESTYLE eg STRESS!!!!! DISEASES TRAUMA ACCIDENTS SURGERY FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH : FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH In Utero (in the womb). Adolescence/puberty. Fecundity/reproductive age. Menopause. IN UTERO HEALTH : IN UTERO HEALTH A HEALTHY MOTHER IS A BLESSING FOR HER GENERATION GOOD ANTENATAL AND POST NATAL CARE SIGNALS GOOD HEALTH OF THE FAMILY. ADOLESCENCE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH : ADOLESCENCE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH GLOBAL YOUTH TODAY. ADOLESCENT SEXUAL ACTIVITY A TIME OF OPPORTUNATIES AND RISKS PROMOTING HEALTHY DEVELOPMENT FECUNDITY/REPRODUCTIVE AGE : FECUNDITY/REPRODUCTIVE AGE AGE. BMI (HT:WT RATIO). RELEVANT FAMILY HISTORY. STRESS . DISEASES: (a) ENDOCRINE DISORDES. (b) SYSTEMIC DISEASES. eg DIABETES, HTN ,ALLERGIES, TUMOURS etc User-defined content priorities : User-defined content priorities Nutrition information Exercise information Recipe ideas Message boards Tailored material for kids Local resources MENOPAUSE : MENOPAUSE Departure of fertility. Beginning of a fragile life, but can be full of fragrance if taken care by positively living and maintaining good HEALTH U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! : U CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!! JOIN THE DXN FAMILY **** BUT WHY? HOW ? WHEN? Slide 14: More than 250 species of Ganoderma have been described. However, in therapeutic practice and literature citations, Ganoderma refers only to Ganoderma lucidum.  Ganoderma lucidum has been reported to possess a number of pharmacological properties including immunomodulation, antiatherosclerotic, antiinflammatory, analgesic, chemopreventive, antitumor, radioprotective, sleep promoting, antibacterial, antiviral including anti-HIV, hypolipidemic, antifibrotic, hepatoprotective, antidiabetic, antioxidative, hypoglycemic, antiulcer and antiaging. Slide 15: Ganoderma lucidum ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY : ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY Slide 17: Oxygen derived free radicals are generated during oxidative metabolism and energy production, in the body and are involved in regulation of signal transduction and gene expression, activation of receptors and nuclear transcription factors, oxidative damage to cell components, aging and age related degenerative diseases. Slide 18: What are antioxidants  Antioxidants can be defined as any substance when present at low concentration that significantly delays or prevents oxidation of the substrate. They protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from damages caused by free radicals. They prevent cell damages by binding the free radicals and neutralizing their unpaired electrons ANTIINFLAMMATORY ACTIVITY : Inflammation is a complex reaction in the vascularized connective tissue which can be defined fundamentally a protective response against injury. However, it has been implicated in the pathophysiology of various clinical disorders including cancer. ANTIINFLAMMATORY ACTIVITY Slide 20: Antiinflammatory activity – formalin induced chronic inflammation model A B C Slide 21: Antiinflammatory activity – carrageenan induced acute inflammation model A B C Slide 22: Recent studies suggest that inflammatory tissue damages are due to the liberation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) at the inflammation sites. Reactive oxygen species such as superoxide, hydroxyl radical and hydrogen peroxide play an important role in inflammatory process. In addition to this nitric oxide is also implicated in inflammation, cancer and other pathological conditions. Slide 23: Examples of common clinically used non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ANTINOCICEPTIVE ACTIVITY : ANTINOCICEPTIVE ACTIVITY ANTIMUTAGENIC ACTIVITY : ANTIMUTAGENIC ACTIVITY Slide 26: A majority of human cancers are currently thought to be caused by environmental factors. Genetic instability has been correlated with increased malignant potential. Mutation events leading to DNA strand breaks and damages might be the mechanism of genetic instability. Hence, inhibition of mutation has significant role in chemoprevention. ANTICANCER ACTIVITY : ANTICANCER ACTIVITY Slide 28: What is Cancer?  Cancer can be defined as a disturbance of growth characterized by excessive proliferation of cells without apparent relation to the physiological demand of the organ involved. All cancers are multifactorial in nature. They include genetic, hormonal, metabolic, physical, chemical and environmental. Slide 29: Antitumor activity of aqueous methanol extract of G. lucidum on DLA induced solid tumor in mice Control G. lucidum extract (1000 mg/kg body weight, p.o) Cisplatin (4mg/kg body weight, i.p). Slide 30: Effect of aqueous methanol extract of G. lucidum on DMBA induced mammary carcinoma in rats. a) DMBA (10mg). b) G. lucidum + DMBA c) Normal Slide 31: Effect of aqueous methanol extract of G. lucidum on DMBA induced rat mammary tumor Values are the mean ± S.D. n= 6 animals. Any two means having common superscript are not significantly deferent at 5% level Slide 32: DMBA + Croton oil DMBA + Croton oil + Methanolic extract of G.lucidum (2mg) DMBA + Croton oil + Methanolic extract of G.lucidum (10mg) ORGAN SPECIFIC PROTECTION : ORGAN SPECIFIC PROTECTION HEPATOPROTECTIVE CARDIOPROTECTIVE NEPHROPROTECTIVE RADIOPROTECTIVE Slide 34: Nephroprotective effect of G.lucidum extract was evaluated using cisplatin induced nephrotoxicity model in mice. CISPLATIN Slide 35: Effect of G.lucidum extract on doxorubicin induced cardiotoxicity was evaluated by standard biochemical parameters DOXORUBICIN Slide 36: Protection of radiation-induced DNA damage of human lymphocytes by aqueous extract of G.lucidium: comet assay. Slide 37: Recent investigations have shown that extracts of Ganoderma lucidum strongly inhibited HIV virus multiplication. The methanol fraction of the showed strong antiviral activity. The basidiocarps of Ganoderma have several components that can inhibit HIV multiplication. Slide 38: Reshi’s high polysaccharide content is thought to be responsible for its immune stimulating effect. In fact it is presently being used in San Francisco clinics treating AIDS community. The results are reasonably encouraging. It is also used in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). CONCLUSION : CONCLUSION Investigations carried out at Amala Cancer Research Centre, indicate that Ganoderma lucidium occurring in tropical South India is a therapeutic biofactory. The findings of the pre-clinical studies reveal the multifarious therapeutic use of this mushroom Slide 41: Rising Sun Positive Thinking RED GREEN Vitality Growth BLUE Water The Company as the basis of growth COMPANY LOGO Contents : Contents The Company The Product The Marketing System Slide 43: THE COMPANY Slide 44: . Established in Malaysia in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin THE COMPANY . DXN Produces and Markets GANODERMA Based Health Products. 100 Acres Of Farmland Cultivating GANODERMA. High Tech. Factories For Production with GMP and ISO Standards. Ideally Suited Products. DXN, One Of The World’s Leading Producer Of GANODERMA. . More Than 6 Million Distributors in More Than 60 Countries. Slide 45: Dr. Lim Siow Jin Founder and CEO DXN Graduated from: Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur In 1983, Started His Researches on GANODERMA and Human Health In 1997, Conferred with Ph. D in Holistic Medicine In 2002, Conferred with Doctorate Of Science In Alternative Medicines In 2002,Conferred with Millennium Award and Albert Schweitzer Award In 2005,Conferred with DATO’ Award by Malaysian Govt. Slide 46: 100% DXN Owned Farmland Cultivating GANODERMA 100% DXN Owned Factories For Production. 100% DXN Owned Marketing & Distribution. DXN The One Dragon Company High Quality - Low Price Slide 47: Recognitions Of The Company 1995 G.M.P Good Manufacturing Practice, Ministry Of Health, Malaysia. 1999 I.S.O 9001 International Standard Organisation, Singapore. 1999 T.G.A Therapeutic Goods Administration, Australia. 2000 I.S.O 14001 International Standard Organisation, Singapore. Slide 48: GANODERMA LUCIDUM 38000 Varieties of Mushrooms known 2000 Varieties are Edible 200 Has medicinal values 6 (Red) are Rich in Medicinal & Therapeutic Values. All 6 Combined Together To Make The DXN Range Of Products GANODERMA- REISHI- LINGZHIReishi – The King of Adaptogen : GANODERMA- REISHI- LINGZHIReishi – The King of Adaptogen No Toxins & No Side Effects (Even on Prolonged use) Overall Normalising Function Not Specified For any Disease Or Organ Growing Stages Of GANODERMA : Growing Stages Of GANODERMA After 2 Months After 1 Month After 3 Months After 2.5 Months Slide 51: GANODERMA-NUTRACEUTICALS MORE THAN 200 Active Elements: POLYSACCHARIDES ADENOSINE UNSATURATED FATTY ACIDS TRITERPENOIDS ORGANIC GERMANIUM GANODERIC ESSENCE VITAMINS ( B3, B5, C, D ) MINERALS ( Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron, Potassium ) FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT (www.Reishi.com) Slide 52: How Does a Person Becomes Sick Harmful Substances For the Normal Function Of the Body Organs. Source: Food, Beverages, Pollution, etc. BODY IMBALANCE Reflected Or Manifested in forms of malfunction (Disease). Useful Substances For the Normal Function Of Body Organs, but In Excess Becomes Harmful. Examples: Glucose, Fat, etc. TOXINS- External TOXINS- Internal Slide 53: Ganoderma Enabling Concept Food Supplement Cleansing Person feels better, looks better,becomes more energetic, and changes on laboratory profile is noted Recovery from a disease is a result of the chance given to the body to do what it needs to do by facilitating a natural physiologic process Strengthens the Immune System and Enhances the body’s natural healing ability Carbohydrate ( Polysaccharide ) Protein ( Adenosine, amino acids ) Fats ( Triterpenes, EFA ) Vitamins / Minerals Food Enzymes External Manifestations Healing Crisis Balancing GANODERMA : GANODERMA SCANNING - Scans body organs to detect any malfunctions CLEANSING - Helps discharge the toxins in the body. BALANCING - Restores the body function back to normal. BUILDING - Supplements the body with all the basic elements, thus strengthens the immune system and also gives physical strength. REGENERATING - Helps the body function at its optimum level Slide 55: CORDYCEPS Slide 56: CORDYCEPS -improves circulation; regulates blood pressure; strengthens heart muscle -lung tonic; improves respiratory or lung power -fortifies the kidney channel -improves sex drive, sexual desire & potency, physical endurance & energy Slide 57: CoCoZhi Is formulated from the finest CoCa with Ganoderma extract. It is in a ready to drink form wich will give you the chocolate tast. Beside the excellent CoCa aroma you will also enjoy the benefit of Ganoderma. Slide 58: GANO MASSAGE OIL Gano massage oil contains Ganoderma and Palm oil. It is best for mild injuries,burns and cramps. Slide 59: Aloe-Vera Hand & Body Lotion Aloe Vera and Vitamin A. An easy-to-apply non-greasy, milky lotion, quickly absorbed hand and body lotion maintains skin's elasticity leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed. Gives lasting moisturization. It is suitable for all skin types Ideal as an after sun lotion and light refreshing fragrance. Slide 60: The Marketing System DXN Membership Kit : DXN Membership Kit * Folder with Company & Products information * Point Value – 100 PV 1 Mushroom Powder 1 Morinzhi 2 Coffee 2 Soaps 1 Cocozhi 1 Tooth Paste 1 Shampoo 1 Gano Oil All This For Only BD27/- Benefits : Benefits Life Time Membership-( Min. one purchase a year) One World One Market Concept International Sponsoring Accumulated Point System No Demotion Of Status No Time Limit No Risk – 100% pressure free Slide 63: Customers USE and RECOMMEND The PRODUCTS WORD OF MOUTH REFERRAL The Company SAVES a lot of MONEY ( No shops, No middlemen, No advertising ) MONEY Saved is PASSED TO VALUED CUSTOMERS. Customer Referral Program What is MLM? (Multi Level Marketing) Slide 64:  DXN SIMPLIFIED & IMPROVED MARKETING PLAN QSA + 0 QSA QSA + 1 QSA 25% 27% 29% 31% Agent 4500 Accumulated Group PV + 100 PPV + 200 GPV = Qualified QSA + 2 QSA QSA + 3 QSA 4500 Accumulated PV (NON-Qualified SA ) 21% Ruby U QSA QSA QSA Agent Qualified 4 QSA 5 SA + 4 QSA + 2000 DGPV 5 SA + 0 QSA + 3000 DGPV 33% 35% 6 SA + 4QSA + 2500 DGPV 6 SA + 0QSA + 5000 DGPV 37% Star Diamond Qualified QSA SA SA QSA SA SA SA SA 100 PV 300 PV 1000 PV 3250 PV 2000 PV 4500 PV 21% 18% 15% 12% 9% 6% Agent 300 PGPV Retail Income 15-25% Slide 65: Very Successful Way Of Marketing More Than 60 Year Old Industry. Fastest Method To Reach The End User. Encourages Team Building and Sharing. Open To All Irrespective Of Background. Created More Millionaires Than any Other Industry. M . L . M Slide 66: International Branches DXN BRUNEI DXN SINGAPORE DXN HONG KONG DXN INDONASIA DXN THAILAND DXN PHLIPPINES DXN INDIA DXN AUSTRALIA DXN CANADA DXN MAURITIUS DXN MALAYSIA DXN TAIWAN DXN S. AFRICA DXN USA DXN BANGLADESH DXN SRILANKA DXN U.A.E and more comming soon DXN OMAN DXN CYPRUS DXN BAHRAIN DXN Saudi Arabia Slide 67: SA SA SA SD SA SA SA SA SA SA SR Star Ruby – 31% Star Diamond – 37% 6 Star Agents 3 Star Agents SA Star Agent – 25% 4500 PV MEM Member 6% – 21% 100 PV Slide 68: Be A Star Diamond Slide 69:  DXN SIMPLIFIED & IMPROVED MARKETING PLAN H. QUALIFIED STAR DIAMOND LEADERSHIP BONUS HOW TO BECOME SD IN 5 MONTHS : HOW TO BECOME SD IN 5 MONTHS Assumption: Sponsor 3 Members Every Month for 5 Months and Maintain 100 PV Monthly. Your Members Follow the Same. USD. 32 USD.211 4500 PV USD. 3774 MLM Will Not Make You Rich QuicklyBUTWill Make You Rich For Sure : MLM Will Not Make You Rich QuicklyBUTWill Make You Rich For Sure Slide 73: Thank You Wish You Health & Wealth

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