Waves of Change Shaping Digital Experiences

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Published on December 10, 2008

Author: moJoe

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The digital landscape is changing, shaped by waves of change in media, technology, identity, and the basic ways we evaluate our experiences. These are some of the major waves of change in digital experiences that may be leading us to a world of co-creation and exchange through interaction.

Waves of Change Shaping Digital Joe Lamantia Media Catalyst

8 waves of change shaping digital experiences

Social Take Away Digital = Social Co-Creation Co-Creation Convergence Digital Natives Itʼs All a Game Digital Take Away Everyware Natives Convergence Everyware It’s All a Seeing Is Believing Seeing Is Game Believing

Digital = Social Social Experiences have a ʻsocial layerʼ » Social interactions are the source of experience value » New environments are primarily social » Networks become primary organizing structures » Experiences shaped by linked & overlapping networks » Exchanges occur via marketplaces (information, services, goods, reputation)

Digital = Social Social Implications & Challenges » Identity is shaped by interactions in the social layer » Experience value is determined by individuals » Experience value is influenced by networks » Communities define marketing contexts and opportunities » Each context is different: forums, social networks, virtual worlds, microblogs

Digital = Social Social Opportunities for digital marketers Engage conversations in new social environments » Create identity & voice for products & brands » Respect social context when advertising / marketing Ensure experiences include or connect to the social layer » Integrate & cooperate with social ecosystem » Facilitate 2-way conversations

my Starbucks Idea » Interactions structured by Starbucks » Effected and managed by social mechanisms » Publication » Discussion » Mediation » Voting » Innovation via crowdsourcing

GetSatisfaction Customers provide support for products & services directly to one another using 3rd party created forum. » Structured by brand and product » Companies may participate officially or unofficially » Customer to customer interactions create value and effect business model

Co-Creation Co-Creation Everyone can create (again) » Low-cost, high-quality tools for creating digitally and physically » Producer vs. consumer distinction dissolves » Business and economic (and political) structures change » Open Source, Open Data, Open Stack » hybrids, ecologies of co-creation » Growth of virtual economies & currencies

Co-Creation A model in which businesses and other organizations Co-Creation create goods, services, and experiences shaped by participation, collaboration, or cooperation with consumers and other parties. Successful co-creation requires interaction from all parties, and in turn rewards all parties in some way. The goal of co-creation is to create experiences of value to all parties.

Co-Creation Co-Creation Implications & Challenges » Co-creation experience is the basis of value for individuals » Consumers want to interact with communities » Co-creators = business partners: marketing, sales, distribution, etc.

Co-Creation Co-Creation Opportunities for digital marketers » Make and share the tools people use to create experiences » Show the “seams” - allow customers to shape experiences » Reward successful co-creators: social status, $$, unique offerings, etc. » Provide environmental services for co-creators: establish markets

Spore Creature Creator Free toolkit allows creation of characters for Spore Released before the full game Web gallery publicizes creations 100k creatures in 22 hours 1.8 million creatures by Sept. ʻ08 47 million creations by Nov. ʻ08

Digital Natives Digital New generations ʻgrow upʼ digital Natives » Expectation = all experiences are digital in some way » Avatars are integral parts of identity in all contexts » Comfortable managing multiple on-line identities » Expect to own their digital identities and personal information » All relationships have a digital focus or aspect » Brands are seen as people (and vice versa)

Digital Natives Digital Implications & Challenges Natives » Digital demographics drive segmentation, audiences » New Digital Generation Gap(s) » Rapid socio-technical changes mean multiple ʻdigital generationsʼ co-exist » Digital generations are not tied to real demographics » Digital maturity is greatest for identities created in the present » Demographic maturity is the opposite!

Digital Natives Digital Opportunities for digital marketers Natives » Address digital generations as real generations » Allow digital natives to define multiple individual identities » Allow people to connect digital identities as they choose » Use “influence bundling” to bridge digital generation gaps

Digital Natives = Social Co-Creators “Some 93% of teens use the internet, and more of them than Digital ever are treating it as a venue for social interaction -- a place Natives where they can share creations, tell stories, and interact with others.” “...content creation is not just about sharing creative output; it is also about participating in conversations fueled by that content. Nearly half (47%) of online teens have posted photos where others can see them, and 89% of those teens who post photos say that people comment on the images at least ʻsome of the time.ʼ”

Growing Up Digital

Digital Generation Gap ??

“Identity seems to me to be a function of networks of influence.” “You are, in part, your personally constructed brand, but equally or more so the narratives that traverse your network of influence.” Eliot Frick IFTF

Digital Natives & Co-Creation “The Pew Internet & American Life Project has found that 64% of Digital online teens ages 12-17 have participated in one or more among Natives a wide range of content-creating activities on the internet, up from 57% of online teens in a similar survey at the end of 2004.” “Girls continue to dominate most elements of content creation. Some 35% of all teen girls blog, compared with 20% of online boys, and 54% of wired girls post photos online compared with 40% of online boys. Male teens, however, do dominate one area -- posting of video content online. Online boys are nearly twice as likely as online girls (19% vs. 10%) to have posted a video online where others could see it.”

Itʼs All a Game It’s All a Games are legitimate Game » Games dominate the media horizon » Greater revenue and attention share than cinema, TV, radio » Games address all audiences » Casual games, brain teasers, fashion, strategy, sports, action, etc… » Game elements and mechanisms are standard experience elements » Game interactions engage and satisfy in multiple contexts » Games are ʻseriousʼ » Successful tools for education, insight, organization, action

Itʼs All a Game It’s All a Implications & Challenges Game » Games viewed as another experience genre / channel » Art form, political statement, story vehicle, education tool » Advertising permeates game experiences » Reality and games blend (& invert)

Itʼs All a Game It’s All a Opportunities for digital marketers Game » Use game mechanisms to enhance emotions in experiences » Match mechanisms to desired emotional profiles, context, audiences » Allow people to create games from ʻnon-gameʼ experiences » Co-creators will interpret & define brands through games » Inform game experiences with local & personal contexts

Casual Games “ʼCasual gamingʼ is loosely defined as anything easy to learn that It’s All a doesnʼt require a big time commitment, like Solitaire, Bejeweled Game or Diner Dash. Games like those have 200 million active players, and pull in $2.25 billion yearly, according to a new Casual Gaming Association report.” “However …in the future, players will begin to embed games on their own pages, whether thatʼs a Facebook profile or a personal webpage, and casual games will become much more personalized.” “Although casual game players are evenly distributed through the population, women account for 74% of all paying players, just as young males dominate the hardcore gaming market. Both segments of the gaming industry would like to move into each otherʼs paying base.”

Casual Collective “Paul Preece, creator of viral real- time strategy classic Desktop Tower Defense, has a new game site: Casual Collective launches today, backed by $1 million in seed funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners.”

iPhone & Casual Games Still, some game developers are choosing Apple over Nintendo or Sony because It’s All a there are no pricey game cartridges to manufacture for the iPhone and there is no need Game for a retail distribution network. quot;The barriers to entry are such that anyone with a great idea can efficiently bring them to market,quot; said Bart Decrem, a Silicon Valley executive who formed a company called Tapulous Inc. to make iPhone games earlier this year. So far, Mr. Decrem has had more than 2.5 million downloads of a free music game called quot;Tap Tap Revenge,quot; where players tap and shake their devices to the beat of popular tunes. Now the Palo Alto, Calif., firm is selling ads in the game to sponsors such as car maker Jaguar and Comedy Central. It has also released a $4.99 version featuring the rock band Nine Inch Nails. The company declined to discuss its revenue. For people like John Sims, a bank teller in Denver, the iPhone is winning out over dedicated portable game players. Though he concedes the Sony and Nintendo devices provide better quality games, most iPhone games cost far less. Plus, he prefers to carry only one device.

Take Away Take Away Digital experiences are portable » People choose and manage streams of content & functionality » Common structure allows easy manipulation » RSS, microformats, APIs, metadata, SOA, file formats » Environment provides shared services » OpenSocial, openID, cloud computing, analytics, search » Digital atoms are ʻvisibleʼ & accessible

Take Away Take Away Implications & Challenges » Broadcast message model replaced by value-add exchanges » forward, embed, share, remix, modify » Atoms of content become seeds for accreted context » Communities create context that drives meaning and value of content » Granular findability, usability, measurement = explicit design concerns

Take Away Take Away Opportunities for digital marketers » Make content easily portable: standards, formats, structures, APIs » Encourage the growth of positive context » Reward people who add value and re-circulate experience elements » Direct exchanges by defining structures and channels, create markets

Convergence Convergence Media & platforms converge » Experiences span multiple media, channels, formats » Narrative, interaction, emotional elements must sustain transitions » Platforms and delivery converge » Game console, PC, media center, time-shift [Tivo], data backup [Time Machine] » Advertising permeates all experience environments » Social networks, virtual worlds, game experiences, film, UGC, widgets, environmental services (search)

Convergence Convergence Implications & Challenges » Traditional containers & boundaries are permeable » Channel, genre, format, style, medium » Experiences span media, contexts, identities » Cross-media experiences create multiple interaction points

Convergence Convergence Opportunities for digital marketers » Decouple experiences from media and platforms » “Broadcast” messages by encouraging distribution via community and individual networks » Amplify messages by across channels / platforms » Define complementary value propositions for layers of the experience stack

Everyware Everyware On-line and off-line blend » Virtual and physical boundaries blur » Mobile, geo-location, always-on, broadband » Objects, spaces, information, people interact » Internet of things, spimes, mediated publics, RFID » Technology “dissolves into the background” » Ubiquitous computing, ambient informatics, pervasive

Everyware Everyware Implications & Challenges » Offline is a social status (not technical) » Virtual and real networks & contexts simultaneously present » Everything is searchable » People, digital atoms, places, reputation, brand, activity » New digital privacy, ethics, safety concerns

Everyware Everyware Opportunities for digital marketers » Allow people to define experiences & interactions for their contexts » Define experiences that are “polite, pertinent and pretty” » Connect experiences to local context - physical, social, cultural, etc. » Real context blends with virtual experience » Proximity based social experiences

Seeing Is Believing Seeing Visualization makes the intangible real » Rapid growth of visualization infrastructure » Google Charts, Yahoo Maps, Streetview, Virtual Earth, Geonames, hardware & software » Public data sets encourage ʻcollective intelligenceʼ » Census, genetics, environment, politics, economics, physics » Depictions influence culture & society » Red states vs. Blue states [U.S.]

Seeing Is Believing Seeing Implications & Challenges » Brand & business transparency based on » Public data, services, & metrics » Rise of real-time consensus » Social layer provides instant, public, visible feedback » Everyone has (information [power]) » Individuals can analyze anything w/ powerful tools » Voice of authority up for grabs in many contexts

Seeing Is Believing Seeing Opportunities for digital marketers » “Publish before perish” » Transparency requires honesty - concealment & spin are difficult

Processing » Open source tool for data visualization, animation

FiveThirtyEight.com Daily analysis of aggregate U.S. political & election polls » Transparent methodology and data sources » Visualization using common tools

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