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Published on May 14, 2010

Author: kwarne



A set of slides created to teach Waves G12 to learners at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town.

WavesK Warne


Double slit interference Two sets of coherent waves will interfere with each other producing INTERFERANCE patterns. This can be seen by allowing a set of waves to pass through a double slit.Nodal lines –destructiveinterference. SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY

Single Slit Experiment This experiment proves that light undergoes ……………………….., and hence LIGHT is a ……………... A thin rectangular piece of glass is painted with black paint, and a thin single slit is made on the paint with a razor blade. White Light A beam of white light is shone through the slit. Observation 1) A broad …………………….. of bright white light is observed. 2) This is flanked by alternate spectral ……………….. and black fringes. What factors would affect the amount of diffraction?? How?? SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY

Hygen’s Principle Every ………………… on the wave front acts as the ……………….. of a new wave. SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY

Diffraction Light intensity NODE ANTINODE NODE Nodal lines appear in the diffracted waves. SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY

m Diffraction Questions Sin  = a1. Find the position of the first dark band formed on the screen when red light of wavelength 690 nm is passed through a slit of width 6.0 m.2. Compare this with the position of the first order dark band when blue light of wavelength 460 nm is used.1 Red light:  = 690 x 10-9 m a = 6.0 x 10-6 m and m = 1 sin  = (1)(690 x 10-9 )/(6.0 x 10-6)  = sin-1 (0.115) 6.60o  = 6.60 o 4.40o2 Blue light:  = 460 x 10-9 m a = 6.0 x 10-6 m and m = 1 sin  = (1)(460 x 10-9 )/(6.0 x 10-6)  = sin-1 (0.077)  = 4.40o SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY

Keith Warne This is a SAMPLE presentation only The full presentations contain loads more slides (20-100) and are available on the click2learn website here (paste into your browser if link above does not work) I have other resources available from my Science Café site feel free to have a look SAMPLE ONLY SAMPLE ONLY

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