Waves and Currents

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Information about Waves and Currents

Published on January 22, 2008

Author: Teodora

Source: authorstream.com

Waves and Currents:  Waves and Currents Waves:  Waves Ocean waves are caused by winds on the surface. In the ocean, a wave does not move water forward…just up and down. Energy is transferred forward. http://www.onr.navy.mil/focus/ocean/motion/waves1.htm Anatomy of a Wave:  Anatomy of a Wave Currents:  Currents Currents move water and are caused by Wind Salinity Temperature of water Ocean floor Earth’s rotation The Gulf Stream:  The Gulf Stream Upwellings:  Upwellings Upwellings occur when wind blows away warm surface water and the cold water underneath it rises up. This cold water comes from great depths and carries many nutrients. Areas of upwellings usually have abundant sea life. Thermocline:  Thermocline On the surface, water is heated by the sun and mixed by winds. Between the upper layer of mixed water and the lower completely undisturbed water is a layer called the thermocline. In this layer temperatures drop rapidly! Estuary:  Estuary Where a river meets up with the ocean. Depending on size/shape they are also referred to as bays, lagoons, harbors, inlets, sounds etc. Huge variety of different species of animals live here. Spring:  Spring A natural flow of groundwater that bubbles up to the surface. Spring water is usually clean (soil acts as a biological filter) and rich in minerals ( Dissolved from traveling through soil). Geysers:  Geysers A spring that intermittently erupts a column of water and steam. Eruption is caused because extreme pressure builds up in the conduit system underground. Geyser:  Geyser

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