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Published on October 4, 2008

Author: Chelsealex

Source: slideshare.net


This was a project my friends and I did for alternative power sources the teacher enjoyed it. (includes animations)


Wave Power Wave power is one of many different sources of energy. But it might be one to solve our energy problems in the future. Now we will tell you about it.

DIFFERENT SOURCES OF WAVE POWER One source of wave power is a sea clam. The sea clam is a long barrier which can turn the action of the waves into power. Each of its sections contains a huge rubber air bag and a turbine. As a wave passes, the bag is squeezed and air is pushed up through the turbine, spinning the blades. When the sea clam is in the hollow of the wave the bag is sucked out and air rushes back through the turbine to fill the bag again. SEA CLAM


WAVE RAFTS Each wave that crashes into the shore carries an energy potential of about ten kilowatts in every square metre. The wave raft is still in experimental stages but it works. The raft is really two hinged platforms. As they rock up and down the movement is converted into electricity by a generator on the large platform.


We are showing you a demonstration

Advantages & Disadvantages ADVANTAGES 1. The energy is free - no fuel needed, no waste produced. 2. Not expensive to operate and maintain. 3. Can produce a great deal of energy. DISADVANTAGES 1. Needs a suitable site, where waves are consistently strong. 2. Some designs are noisy. 3. Must be able to withstand very rough weather.

We almost forgot! Wave power is a renewable source of energy, which means that it will never run out and it can be used again and again!!

Credits Created and performed by Alex Davies Alia Abdulla and Yasmeen Abusakout Thank you for listening!!!

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