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Published on February 10, 2009

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A complete guide to the attractions available for group tours visiting the Wausau Area. For more information call Christine at 888.948.4748.

Agricultural Willow Springs Garden 5480 Hillcrest Dr. Wausau This is your chance to play with your food! Your group will experience making cheese, butter and ice cream from scratch. The best part is that all the freshly made ingredients are used in the meal that follows. Willow Springs Garden is set in the rolling hills, and is home to a fully restored historic town hall and Marathon County’s last round barn. Time: 2 hours (including meal) Cost: Dependant upon meal, please call to verify cost Arrangements: 2 weeks notice For More Information: www.willowspringsgarden.net Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises, Inc T6819 County Highway W, Wausau Discover the herbal remedies made from the ginseng root used for centuries in Asia. Marathon County produces 95% of the crop in the United States. The tour will take you out to the shade-covered fields, into the production area and end in their gift shop with a multitude of ginseng products. A discount is available in the gift shop for groups. Time: 2 hours Cost: $35.00 per coach Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. Operated seasonally, spring to fall. For more information: 715/675-2325, www.hsuginseng.com Tropical Gardens 1296 Kowalski Road, Mosinee Visit the tropics right here in the Northwoods! Walk through thirteen greenhouses filled with more than 500 varieties of tropical plants, distributed to florists in six states. Ask questions about your own jungle at home. Time: 1 hour Cost: $2.00 per person Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. Mondays and Tuesdays only. For More Information: www.tropgard.com Van Der Geest Dairy Farm 5525 County Road A, Merrill Step into the new millennium of farming at this state-of-the-art dairy facility. The barns are home to 3,000 cows that are each milked three times a day- with the help of only 5 workers per shift! The tour begins with a video overview and the tour takes place on a catwalk above the operations. Time: 1 hour Cost: $4.00 per person Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. Prefer to not schedule on Monday and Tuesday. For More Information: www.vandergeestdairy.com Silver Fox Retreat 436 County Road F, Hamburg For many years the world came to this small town to purchase fur from the Fromm Brothers. These brothers also brought ginseng to Marathon County and invented the distemper shot. The history of this farm can now be experienced with a walking or hay ride tour. Tours can be tailored to include a general overview, or all the nooks and crannies. A meal can also be included in your tour. Time: 1 hour or more Cost: $10 (meals not included) Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. For more information: www.frommhistory.com Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

Historical Andrew Warren Historic District Pick up your step-on guide, hear the stories, see the homes and take a ride into the past. This district contains more than 60 homes built between 1868 and 1934, and has styles ranging from Tudor Revival to Queen Anne and Spanish Revival to Prairie School. See the homes where ideas were born and major companies came to life. Step-On Guide or self-guided tours available. Time: 1 hour Cost: $2.00 per person for guided tour Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. More information: www.marathoncountyhistory.com Marathon County Historical Museum Cyrus Yawkey House 403 McIndoe Street This is how the other half lived! This 1901 Classica Revival home has been fully restored and includes period furnishings and other artifacts of Marathon County's past. See how to properly accessorize your parlor for company or just how handy a butler's pantry can be. Time: 1 hour Cost: $5.00 per person For more information: www.marathoncountyhistory.com Woodson House 410 McIndoe Street Built in 1914, this Prairie School style home was built for the family of A.P. Woodson; today it is the home of Marathon County's many memories. It features a display area with changing exhibits and interactive activities. Also found here are the historical society’s library and archives, including fine collection of genealogical resources. Time: 30 minutes Cost: $2.00 per person For more information: www.marathoncountyhistory.com I.S. Horgan Antique Farm Machinery Museum Marathon Park on Stewart Avenue, Wausau Explore the tools of the trade used by Marathon County's pioneers: equipment powered by real horsepower, household items essential for a well run home, and the workshop of a blacksmith. Time: 1 hour Cost: Donations appreciated. Arrangements: 2 Weeks notice. Open by appointment only. Early May through mid-October. Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

The Arts Grand Theater on ArtsBlock 401 North 4th Street, Wausau The past and the future of the arts are skillfully blended to create a home for the arts for all of Central Wisconsin. The Grand Theater, a Greek Revival theater built in 1927, is the centerpiece for this new arts center. See backstage, view a slideshow of Wausau's theater history, and explore the beauty of this historic jewel. Time: 1 hour Cost: $2.00 per person Arrangements: 4 weeks notice. Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00. 20 people minimm. Performances: 20% off ticket price, complimentary facility tour, drink tickets, gift bag For more information: 715/842-0988, www.onartsblock.org Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum 12th and Franklin Streets, Wausau Let your imagination take flight as you wander through the many galleries of this internationally recognized museum. Their permanent collections include Royal Worcester porcelain, studio art glass and wildlife art from the 18th century to the contemporary. Also featured are special changing exhibits and a sculpture garden. Guided and self-guided tours available. Time: 1 hour Cost: $1.00 per person self-guided $2.00 per person docent led Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. Tuesday - Friday, 9:00 - 5:00; Saturday 12:00 - 5:00. 10% discount in gift shop. Maximum group size of 50. For more information: 715/845-7010, www.lywam.org Center For The Visual Arts 427 4th Street, Wausau Changing exhibits spotlight the works of local and regional artists. This gallery contains works using many different media, making each show a new experience. The CVA is housed in a neo-classical building that has been designated a Wausau Historic Landmark. Guided or self -guided tours available. Time: 45 minutes Cost: Donations appreciated. Arrangements: One week notice. Maximum group size 45 -50. Special appointment available for groups of 10 or more. For more information: 715/842-4545, www.cvawausau.org Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

Saints, Flowers & Fall Saint Mary's Oratory 325 Grand Avenue, Wausau The recent renovation of this neo-gothic church has resulted in a sanctuary rich with history and beauty. Carved altarpieces and statuary, intricate stained-glass windows and other artwork blend to make St. Mary’s a truly inspirational place. Learn the history of St. Mary’s and the Catholic faith. The center of the high alter is home to an original 1470 statue which has been called “Our Lady Of Wausau.” Follow the footsteps of the faithful through this house of worship. Time: 1 hour Cost: $2.00 per person Arrangements: At least 2 weeks notice For more information: www.institute-christ-king.org/wausau.htm Comet Express Sky Ride Granite Peak Ski Area at Rib Mountain State Park It’s a whole new way to see fall’s palate of color. It’s a great new photo opportunity! Granite Peak Ski Area is offering ski lift rides during the fall color season aboard the newest ski lift The Comet Express. Take a leisurely ride up to the top of Rib Mountain - and then get your camera ready for a breathtaking view on the way down. It’s the best new way to see the color of The Wisconsin River Valley! Time: 1 hour Cost: $5.00 per person Arrangements: At least 2 weeks notice For more information: www.skigranitepeak.com Rib Mountain State Park Have lunch at a table with an incredible view. Explore the observation decks and trails of this Wisconsin State Park on the highest vertical drop in the state. Climb the 60-foot observation tower and see the Wisconsin Valley from above the trees. Time: 1 hour Cost: $10 per bus/$15 per bus (out of state) Arrangements: 1 week notice preferred. For more information: http://www.dnr.state.wi.us/org/land/parks/specific/ribmt/ Jurustic Park and Foxfire Gardens Sugarbush Lane, Marshfield Living in Jurustic Park near the McMillan Marsh are fantastic creatures made of iron. From gardening angel frogs to a huge marsh dragon, each has its own special story, just ask their caretaker Mr. Wynia! Enter the Moon Gate at Foxfire Gardens to find a Japanese Teahouse, waterfalls and paths wandering through many styles of gardening. You can even have a picnic lunch at the teahouse. Time: 1 ½ to 2 hours for both Cost: Jurustic Park- no fee; Foxfire Gardens- $2.00 per person Arrangements: At least 2 weeks notice For more information: www.jurustic.com; www.foxfiregardens.com Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

Performances & Presentations Salem Lutheran Church Pipe Organ 2822 Sixth Street, Wausau Two thousand five hundred and eleven pipes, thirty-eight stops- and no electricity, make this the best way to experience the music of master composers. Built in the 17th century style preferred by Bach, this instrument has been featured on radio and recordings. Enjoy a concert and even have the chance to play yourself. It's Bach unplugged! Time: 1 1/2 hours Cost: $2.50 per person/ $100 minimum Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. Evenings preferred. To hear a recording: www.cedillerecords.org/006.html Raptor Education Group, Inc. Antigo For their dinner they can fly 200 miles an hour, smell it 2 miles away or approach with silent flight. These rescued birds of prey are now storytellers of life in the wild. Visit their sanctuary or bring the program to you. Meet: Isabeau- Bald Eagle Morrie- Turkey Vulture Julia- Red-Tail Hawk Malcolm- Barred Owl Time: 1 hour Cost: $150 and mileage if presentation Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. For More Information: www.raptoreducationgroup.org Grand Theater on ArtsBlock 401 North 4th Street, Wausau From touring Broadway shows to nationally known performers to local companies, The Grand Theater hosts a variety of shows from Fall through Spring. The addition of the Great Hall has created a second performance space to allow even more performances. Time: Generally 2 – 3 hours Cost: $15.00 - $55.00 per person Arrangements: Call theater directly for ticket reservations- 888/239-0421 Marathon County Historical Society 410 McIndoe Street, Wausau Stroll through Marathon County’s history with one of the Historical Society’s many artifact presentations- from those familiar “Apron Strings” to those items in the “Turn Of The Century Trunk” that Mom and Grandma used to use. These intimate presentations are a great way learn more about Wausau and start many conversations about “When I was young…” Time: One hour Cost: $2.00 per person Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. For a listing of programs: www.marathoncountyhistory.com/programs.htm Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

Industrial Apogee Wausau Group 1415 West Street, Wausau nation's largest anodizing facility and they also coat metals. See the process first hand on your tour through their facilities. Time: 1 hour Cost: None Arrangements: Written request and two weeks notice. For more information: www.linetec.com Kolbe Windows 1323 South Eleventh Avenue, Wausau See what windows look like before the fingerprints are applied. Top of the line wood windows roll off their line everyday, making them a household name. This tour will take you through the whole window making process. Time: 1 ½ hour Cost: None Arrangements: 2 weeks notice. Fridays preferred. Maximum group of 50. For more information: www.kolbe-kolbe.com WAOW TV9 1908 Grand Avenue, Wausau Just how does the weather person know where that rain cloud is on that map? See all that must occur to make a newscast happen. From the humming newsroom to the brightly lit set, see where at all comes together. Time: 45 minutes Cost: None Arrangements: Two weeks notice. Maximum size 40 people. For more information: www.waow.com Weston III Power Plant Morrison Avenue, Rothschild These guys like to get coal in their stocking! They take coal and transform it into enough electricity to power a city. See the process from coal to volts. Includes a beginning presentation to acquaint you with the process. Time: 1½ hours Cost: None Arrangements: One week notice. Maximum group of 40. For more information: www.wisconsinpublicservice.com/news/coal.asp Weyerhauser Paper Mill 200 North Grand Avenue, Rothschild From a jack pine to the king of paper. The rich lumber industry that made Central Wisconsin famous, gave rise to the now prosperous industry. Watch as woodchips and logs become pulp and then finally are turned into premium paper. Time: 1½ hours Cost: None Arrangements: 1 week notice. Maximum of 25 people. For more information: www.weyerhaeuser.com Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

Cheese & Shopping Mullins Cheese Store and Factory 598 Seagull Drive, Mosinee They make their cheese fresh six days a week! A video allows you to see the cheese making process. Coolers are filled to the brim with cheese of many varieties; but save room in your bag for jellies, jams and other specialty items. Time: ½ hour Arrangements: 2 weeks notice preferred. Colby Cheese House N113238 State Road 13, Colby Yes! This is where it all began- the “Home Of Colby Cheese,” Colby, Wisconsin. It’s historical; it’s delicious. Take home some of Wisconsin’s most famous product and maybe even something from the gift shop. Time: ½ hour Arrangements: 2 weeks notice preferred. Cedar Creek Mall 10101 Market Street, Rothschild Shop more than 30 specialty stores all under one roof. In the summer enjoy the warm summer air as the mall becomes an open-air experience; in the winter escape into its warm and inviting atmosphere. It is conveniently located in the Cedar Creek Village, just off of Highway 51, among many restaurants and hotels. Time: 1 ½ hours For more information: www.cedarcreekmall.com The River District Downtown, Wausau It’s upstream from the ordinary! This district is filled with boutique shops, restaurants and surprises around each corner. If you are looking for top name stores, then begin your shopping at The Wausau Center Mall. Step onto the Pedestrian Mall and the surrounding streets and you will find a multitude of boutiques and restaurants. Have a cup of coffee and then head out to find the perfect gift for yourself or a friend. Time: 2 hours For more information: www.shopwausaucentermall.com Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

Bits & Pieces Population: Marathon County- 128,823 (an increase of about 2.4% from 2000) City of Mosinee- 4,063 City of Schofield- 2,117 Town of Rib Mountain- 7,556 City of Wausau- 38,848 (County Seat) Village of Rothschild- 4,970 Village of Weston- 12,079 Climate/Average Temperatures: High Low High Low High Low January 20.5 1.8 February 26.4 5.3 March 36.7 17.4 April 53.4 32.8 May 66.9 43.8 June 75.8 53.3 July 80.3 58.4 August 77.8 56.3 September 68.1 47.3 October 57.0 37.5 November 39.6 24.4 December 26.3 10.3 Average snowfall per year: 51.1 inches Average precipitation (liquid equivalent) per year: 32.82 inches Numbers to Note: Size of Marathon County: 988,848 acres, the largest county in the state and includes 194 lakes. Rib Mountain- 1,924 Feet (rises 700 feet above the surrounding area- the highest vertical drop in the state) Upper Mosinee Hill- 1,605 feet Wisconsin River- 430 miles (18.8 miles of river and 4 flowages are in Marathon County) Eau Claire River- 55.1 miles (34.4 miles in Marathon County) Rib River- 54.4 miles (26.1 miles in Marathon County) Bet You Didn't Know… Paul Bunyan is buried under Rib Mountain- and Babe the Blue Ox is under Mosinee Hill. Wausau was first known as Big Bull Falls, and Mosinee as Little Bull Falls. Some say that the home upon which the movie Poltergiest is based on is located in Weston. The first Teachers’ Training School in Wisconsin is located at the site of The University of Wisconsin- Marathon County; classes started September 11, 1899. The first sale of an internal combustion automobile built in America was to a Wausau man. It was purchased by Douglas Sauerhing about 1895 and was built by A.W. Ballard of Oshkosh. The first three dairy cows came to the area with John Le Messurriuer in 1845. How was he to know that he was the beginning of a trend that would cause Marathon County to have more cows than people for many years? Famous Native sons and daughters Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch- Los Angeles Rams Dean Witter- Dean Witter Reynolds Ted Fritsch- Green Bay Packers Virginia Welles- Paramount Pictures Dave Krieg- Seattle Seahawks Charlie Winniger- Broadway Jim DeLisle- Green Bay Packers Gail Rae Carlson- “General Hospital” Jerry Wunsch- Tampa Bay Bucaneers Dave Marcis- NASCAR Ginseng In the early 1900's the Fromm Brothers took advantage of Central Wisconsin's climate and soil composition. The brothers added a new crop to our agricultural heritage- ginseng. The shade covered ginseng fields can still be seen today along the roads. We are the nation's largest producer of ginseng, 95% of the nations crop is grown here, and 87% of our crop is exported to Asia. Ginseng has been used as a health supplement for many centuries in the east. It has been reported to help with health problems of all types, from asthma to menopause. It also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac. There are several types of ginseng, defined by where it is grown, that are used. Each type of ginseng is used for different results: energy, stress relief and more. Wisconsin ginseng is highly prized for its high quality and potency. Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau 888/948-4748 www.visitwausau.com

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