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Published on July 19, 2009

Author: watkinsrocks

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How to start your own Watkins Business

a recipe for BUSINESS INTERVIEW GUIDE creating the life you’ve always imagined

the watkins story is unique products of superior quality A S T R O N G F O U N D AT I O N The Watkins Story began in 1868 with the vision of a Commitment to quality has always been a source of pride 28-year old entrepreneur, J.R. Watkins. With confidence for our Associates. Customers benefit from and depend in the exceptional quality of his first product, Watkins on this consistent attention to detail. Watkins offers Red Liniment, he offered the first-ever money-back satis- products for everyone—from everyday necessities to spe- faction guarantee by inventing his famous “Trial-Mark” cial indulgences. bottle. Demand for Red Liniment quickly multiplied. To meet this demand, he hired salesmen to market this I Distinctive gourmet food products serve a wide range of growing line of products from home to home, thus tastes and cooking styles. founding the Direct Sales Industry. I Timeless medicinal products like our original Red “The Watkins Man” became an indelible part of the Liniment and our amazing Petro-Carbo Salve stand side- landscape as North America matured. J.R.’s dream lives by-side with today’s most advanced dietary supplements. on in the vision and entrepreneurial spirit of today’s I Environmentally friendly home-care products ensure a “Watkins Men and Women.” Watkins invites you to clean home and a clean world. become part of this tradition. I Indulgent personal care products combine the best in herbal research with exclusive blends of nourishing good tastings™ by watkins botanicals. Watkins continues its tradition of advancing the entre- Watkins products are versatile and many are concentrated preneurial spirit with Good Tastings™ by Watkins—casual so you can save money. Our products are superior…try gatherings where friends and families sample easy-to-pre- them once and you are hooked! You will never go back to pare food made with Watkin’s superior-quality products. other brands! All Watkins products are backed by J.R.’s Watkins Associates use these events to sell Watkins original 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee so you products, expand their customer base, meet new hosts, can use them and sell them with confidence. If someone and recruit new partners for their Watkins team. is not completely delighted, they receive a full refund. That’s why so many people insist on Watkins products what sets watkins apart? for every area of their lives. For over 135 years, Watkins has provided an exceptional income opportunity for people like you. This income opportunity is grounded in: I Extraordinary products. People use our products every day and buy them over and over again. I Name recognition. People all over North America know and respect the Watkins brand. I A simple business system. Watkins business system is easy to duplicate especially with the Good Tastings™ by Watkins marketing method. I An exceptional compensation plan. Watkins rewards Associates in relation to their efforts. I Low start-up cost. Watkins has one of the lowest start-up costs for a home-based business and requires no inventory. I Incentives and recognition. Watkins rewards top performers with powerful recognition and awards, including luxury travel. 2

FROM THE FIELD in the words of watkins associates... Check the products you Watkins Associates experience many benefits you may not have thought of. use regularly: Sue & Ed Williams I Herbs & spices Watkins has exceeded our expectations. Watkins has provided us with I Vanilla financial independence and control over our lives. I Flavorings & extracts Our Watkins, six figure residual income has allowed us to work from I Pepper home with our children while they were growing up, provide a college education for our daughter, purchase two homes and two automobiles— I Soup all paid with cash! Watkins has provided us with the freedom to travel I Cooking spray and go where we want, when we want, free from financial worry! I Grapeseed oil Chrystal & Shawn Lyons I Toothpaste I began Watkins while employed full-time in a job that required I Mouth rinse extensive travel. This was in addition to raising my 7-month-old I Shampoo daughter. Watkins gave me the choice to say good-bye to my full-time I Conditioner job, and I haven’t looked back since! The business has given me great opportunities: I work with and meet amazing people, I’m able to con- I Hand & body lotion tinue developing my skills at both a professional and personal level, I Skin care products and most importantly, I have the choice to create a healthy balance I Dietary supplements between spending time with my family, while earning a great income. I Digestive aids Shelly & Tom Koenig I Laundry detergent Our lives have changed so many ways because of Watkins. Most I Fabric softener important to us, we no longer send our children to the babysitter everyday. Being able to stay home and watch our children grow up is I All-purpose cleaners something that for most parents, unfortunately, is just a dream. By not I Lip balm working for someone else, we can enjoy what is important in life-sup- I Pudding mixes porting and enjoying our family. In addition, Watkins has enhanced our family meals, improved our health, and to our surprise, has also I Snack & dip seasonings created many new friendships. And as a bonus, we’ve been able to I Chai and other teas travel the world on all-expense paid luxury vacations. I Bread mix Sue & Ed Williams Chrystal & Shawn Lyons Shelly & Tom Koenig 3

more from watkins associates... what about you? FROM THE FIELD Before you step through our Tawny & Carl Dawson door and into your future, let’s Watkins gave me security and the resources to support myself and my talk about you. two small children when I became a single mom. It gave me the flexi- bility I needed to choose the hours I worked so that I could provide I Are you currently employed the specialized speech therapy my son required. Watkins pulled me outside the home? out of a very difficult time and today, both my son and daughter are a I Have you ever been involved big help to me in my business. They, along with my husband Carl, are in direct sales? the first to be involved and to encourage our success always—this is truly a family business. I What have you enjoyed most about other jobs you have had? Kim & Glenn MacLeod-Gallant I What do you enjoy doing in By doing Good Tastings events to grow my Watkins business I have your free time? been able to afford the little extras and earn trips to places I would otherwise not have been able to see. My husband Glenn and I have I What is your biggest reason traveled to Ireland—the land of castles, rolling hills and rock walls for considering the Watkins covered in lush ivy—and to a tropical paradise which boasts the Business Opportunity? worlds best deep-sea fishing, whale watching, and awesome I If you were to begin a sunsets—San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Watkins business, how many Good Tastings events do you Teresa Carosella think you might want to do I was instantly captivated by Watkins products and the company’s each week? history. I fell hopelessly in love with the products, and knew in my heart that this business was wonderfully different from the rest. The I Have you begun to think daydreams of making Watkins my successful home business wouldn’t about who your first Good leave me, so I signed up. I went on to become a Manager, build a Tastings event Host might be? team, earn a trip, buy a new house, have a third baby and achieve much personal growth and happiness. I love being able to schedule my work around my family. I know Watkins will help us send our three boys to college, and provide income for our retirement. Tawny & Carl Dawson Kim & Glenn MacLeod-Gallant Teresa Carosella 4

questions… W H AT ’ S I N V O L V E D ? What would you like from a Watkins business? You probably have some questions. Most people do! A Watkins business can offer more of all the things you Some common questions are: want and less of the things you don’t. 1. What does a Good Tastings™ by Watkins Check all that apply: business involve? 2. How much can I earn? I would like MORE: I Flexibility to choose my hours and my income 3. How will I learn to do this? I Financial security for my family 4. What does it take to get started? I Free time and the money to enjoy it Let’s take them one at a time… 1 I Vacations with my family and friends I would like LESS: what does a good tastings™ I Of living paycheck to paycheck by watkins business involve? I Time spent commuting to my job While a Watkins Associate’s income is based on sell- I Workplace stress ing products, the power of the income opportunity I Pressure in my life comes from building relationships. A Good Tastings Associate builds relationships with people by offering I would really ENJOY: everyone they meet three services. I Receiving a significant discount on products I The opportunity to purchase superior products I use every day with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. I Promoting high-quality products I The opportunity to host friends and family at I Working with people who have a similar work ethic fun sampling events and to earn free and deeply discounted products. I Being my own boss and setting my own schedule I The opportunity to start their own Watkins I Developing my talents and challenging my abilities business. I Starting my own business without having to leave my Good Tastings events are the perfect place to meet current job groups of people and offer all three services at the I Representing a company known for honesty and same time! At a Good Tastings event, you expand integrity your customer base, meet new Hosts and find people I Earning FREE travel and awards who will become your future business partners. I Building a business at my own pace So many people need and want what Watkins has to offer that you couldn’t possibly reach them all by I Sharing my success with others yourself. As you share your passion for the products and build a team, you help others earn and experi- ence the rewards you are experiencing. The more you choose to share your business opportunity, the more your income grows! 5

2 how much can I earn? W H AT W I L L Y O U E A R N ? That is entirely up to you! You have the opportunity Watkins offers our Associates one of the most lucrative to earn three ways: Compensation Plans in the Direct Sales Industry. I Use and sell Watkins products Important facts about the Compensation Plan: I You will be rewarded in direct relation to your efforts. I Share the Watkins business opportunity I You will typically earn 25–39% on your retail sales. I Teach others to use and share the products and business opportunity I You will earn on average 5–10% bonus on the total sales generated by your downline organization. You can earn a sizable income by holding Good Tastings events. The chart below illustrates the kind of income you can anticipate if you choose this marketing method. A Watkins Associate has no ceiling on his or her income! pick your profit! Circle the amount of weekly income you would like to earn. Keep in mind that this is the income you could earn from selling personally. Just think what you could accomplish with a team! Good Tastings Total Weekly Weekly Monthly Annual Approx. Hours Events Per Week Retail Sales* Income Income Income Per Week 1 $400 $100 $400 $4,800 3-4 2 $800 $200 $800 $9,600 6-8 3 $1200 $300 $1200 $14,400 9-12 4 $1600 $400 $1600 $19,200 12-16 * Based on a $400 Good Tastings Event average. This chart represents gross earnings based on 25% profit. The chart does not include additional bonuses based on monthly volume. Earning on personal sales range between 25-39% based on the bonus value of the products sold and your title. give yourself a raise—build a team! When you invite someone to join your team you have the opportunity to earn extra income and bonuses. The amount of income you can earn is unlimited, it’s completely up to you. The bigger the team, the more you can earn. Associates in your Events held by downline team each downline Downline Downline Your profit on downline (sponsored by you or team member Total Weekly Total Monthly sales monthly (5%-10%) someone on your team) per week Retail Sales Retail Sales 2 2 $1,600 $6,400 $320 - $640 4 2 $3,200 $12,800 $640 - $1,280 6 2 $4,800 $19,200 $960 - $1,920 12 2 $9,600 $38,400 $1,920 - $3,840 24 2 $19,200 $76,800 $3,840 - $7,680 The examples set forth in this document are hypothetical examples that are intended to explain the components of the Watkins International Compensation Plan. These hypothetical examples are not representative of the income, if any, that an Independent Watkins Associate can or will earn through his or her participation in the Watkins International Compensation Plan. These figures should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation or guarantee of earnings, whether made by Watkins or an Independent Watkins Associate, would be misleading. Success with Watkins results only from successful sales efforts, which requires hard work, diligence and leadership. Your suc- cess will depend on how effectively you exercise these qualities. The typical participant is a consultant who earns less than $50 per month. 6

3 HOW CAN YOU LEARN? how will I learn to do this? Whether you have years of experience or have never done anything like this before, we can assure you a successful experience when you use our Watkins System for Success! I Your Sponsor will coach and encourage you. I The Watkins System for Success is included in your kit. I Our Home Office staff is also available to support you. I Watkins offers training events and business conferences. I Our comprehensive, easy to use website, www.WatkinsOnline.com, keeps you up to date. You are independent, but never alone! You are in business for yourself, but not by yourself! the choice is yours! Your business will be a unique reflection of your individual goals, talents and determination. Your business is flexible. You can increase your participation level as you gain experience or as your circumstances change. Which participation level sounds like you, right now? Casual Consistent Career “I really like the products! I’d love “I want a home-based business “I want to build a business that can getting them at a discount and that will help me earn extra grow to a 6-figure income, and I having the opportunity to share money consistently.” want the time to enjoy it! I want them with family and friends.” to live the lifestyle of my dreams!” What it involves: What it involves: What it involves: I Use the products I Use the products I Use the products I Sell to friends and family I Sell to friends and family I Sell to friends and family I Hold at least 1 Good Tastings I Hold at least 2 or more Good I Hold at least 3 or more Good event per week Tastings events per week Tastings events per week I Commit 3–4 hours per week I Commit 6–8 hours per week I Commit 16 or more hours I Teach others to do the same per week Earnings on personal sales: I Teach others to do the same I 25% discount in personal Earnings on personal sales: I Build a team of people just product purchases I 25% discount in personal like you I Earn approximately $400 or product purchases more per month I Earn approximately $800 or Earnings on personal sales: more per month I Earn approximately $1,200 or more per month. Give yourself a raise: I Teach two others to hold two Give yourself a raise: Good Tastings events a week I Teach four others to hold two and you can earn up to an Good Tastings events a week additional $640 per month and you can earn up to an additional $1,280 per month Total Earnings: I Approximately $1,440 per Total Earnings: month I Approximately $2,480 per month 7

H O W D O Y O U G E T S TA R T E D ? benefits beyond the bucks! I Flexible schedule I Personal development I Travel incentives I Rich rewards and recognition I Fun I Training I Meet new people I Freedom to choose how you live your life! 4 what does it take to get started? Getting started is simple! I I I Fill out an agreement. Choose your kit. Begin your journey with our solid training system designed to help you succeed. Imagine not just making a living…imagine creating the lifestyle of your dreams! People just like you are doing it every day with Watkins. Why shouldn’t you? begin today creating the life you’ve always imagined! Your Independent Watkins Associate: 8 08432 • Printed in U.S.A. • Watkins Incorporated • Winona, MN 55987-0570 • Winnipeg, MB R2X 2R4

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