Water treatment for livestock (elimination of biofilm, dissolution of additives)

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Information about Water treatment for livestock (elimination of biofilm, dissolution of...

Published on February 27, 2012

Author: planethorizons

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Water treatment for livestock:

1) Permanent elimination of biofilm
2) improved dissolution of additives and medicines
3) Elimination and prevention of scaling.

Planet Horizons Technologies SA Presents Pres N° IT-004-PRE-004-02-ENPLANET HORIZONS TECHNOLOGIES SA January 2012Technopole 5, 3960 Sierre, Switzerland +41 (0) 27 480 30 35 info@planethorizons.com www.planethorizons.com

Aqua-4D® Physical Water Treatment- Livestock - Permanent elimination of biofilm in water pipes without chemicals Improved dissolution of additives and medicines Elimination and prevention of scaling, iron and manganese deposits An eco-friendly solution to increase the profitability of the integrator and the farmer www.planethorizons.com 2

Water propertiesWater, at the base of the life, is the most current of the liquids but remains diverting andmysterious from its anomalies.Electrical dipole Hydrogen bridge Water, due to its properties, is very sensitive to electromagnetic fields www.planethorizons.com 3

Aqua-4D® principleBecause of its dipole properties,water behaves like a magnet andcan be influenced (electro-) magnetically. Planet Horizons Technologies patented key know-how is the frequency and intensity combinations which can resolve specific problems. www.planethorizons.com 4

What are biofilms ? Complex matrix of bacteria, fungi, and algae bound together in a sticky gel of polysaccharide and other organic contaminants attached to a surface Generally form on any wet surface and are consequently found in many types of environments, especially in livestock drinking water systems biofilm harbor harmful microorganisms www.planethorizons.com 5

Why biofilms are found ? Organics particles coming from tape or Where are biofilms found ? wells water and nipples forms the biofilm. Enclosed watering systems operate on low Especially in animal production drinking water pressure, producing no turbulence that can systems breakup biofilms. High water temperature. Nutrients supplied by glucose used with medicines www.planethorizons.com 6

Consequences of biofilms presence? Poor feed conversion Lowered egg production, Increased mortality Negative impact on medication and vaccines delivered through the water lines Clogging of nipple drinkers Large variation in production This will affect the profitability of the integrator and the farmer www.planethorizons.com 7

Classical chemical approach to fight biofilmsTraditional disinfectants Chlorine Chlorine Dioxide Hydrogen peroxide-basedTraditional disinfectants do not effectivelypenetrate the biofilm matrix Most disinfectants are active against planktonic (unattached) microorganisms but are not effective against microorganisms in biofilm www.planethorizons.com 8

Elimination and prevention of biofilm with Aqua-4D® Elimination Prevention 1 2 First layers of water molecules Surface Surface1. The existing biofilm is detached. The structure of the water at the interface of the biofilm is modified.2. The biofilm will not attach any more thanks to the modification of the interactions forces at the interface. www.planethorizons.com 9

Mineral scalingWhat is scaling ? What are the consequences ? Hard water contains a large proportion of  Clogged plumbing and regulators minerals such as calcium and magnesium,  Pressure loss and sometimes iron and manganese.  Nipple drinkers sticking or leaking Over time, water containing these minerals  Scale has a rough surface that contains will attach to plumbing and form scale. pitting, cracks, and crevices which can harbor microorganismsOver time, this is a substantial cost when one considers the time and money of replacement of the water system. www.planethorizons.com 10

Classical chemical approach to remove scale The pH of the water must be reduced by adding an acid to dissolve the mineral scale Cleaning process of pipes with acids between flocks www.planethorizons.com 11

Aqua-4D® physical water treatmentThe ecological watersoftener Minerals are kept dissolved or suspended in water No more deposit inside the piping system Chemical-free Maintenance-free www.planethorizons.com 12

Benefits in the use of medicinesMedicine dissolution test Dissolution of the medicine (Aviapen 0.5 g/l) with tap water not treated Comparison with the dissolution of medicine with Aqua-4D® treated tap water Diagnostic with a microscope Analysis of the shape and the distribution of the minerals of dried drop of water samples www.planethorizons.com 13

Results of the test «Dissolution Aviapen»Untreated Treated with Aqua-4D®Irregular border, irregular coarse distribution, Regular fringe, regular fine distribution,tendency to coagulate tendency to coagulate massively reduced www.planethorizons.com 14

Aqua-4D® water treatment systemTwo basic modules: An almost unlimited use .... A pre-programmed Command module to  The Aqua-4D® technology works with any generate the signals. water chemistry and degree of hardness. Special Tubes to transmit the signals to the  Effects are obtained with all pipe materials aquatic environment. Depending on the such as steel, copper, plastic … maximum flow rate, a specific number of  The efficiency is observed over several parallel Tubes is required. kilometers of pipe from a single installation. www.planethorizons.com 15

Line of products: ModularSerie 30E and 60E Flow rates from 0 to 240 L/min Chemical-free Maintenance-free Very low power consumption (8 to 40W) Eco-friendly www.planethorizons.com 16

Aqua-4D® Physical Water Treatment- Livestock - Elimination of biofilm in water pipes without chemicals Elimination and prevention of scaling, iron and manganese deposits Improved dissolution of additives and medicines Chemical-free Maintenance-free An eco-friendly solution with a return on investment between 6 and 18 months www.planethorizons.com 17

www.planethorizons.com Planet Horizons Technologies Technopôle 5 CH-3960 SierrePLANET HORIZONS TECHNOLOGIES SA SuisseTechnopole 5, 3960 Sierre, Switzerland +41 (0) 27 480 30 35 info@planethorizons.com www.planethorizons.com

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