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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: b-and-b

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This presentation is part of the Comenius-project WATER IN OUR LIVES

Water Experiments 1st Class Claregalway NS February 2014 1st Class Claregalway NS February 2014

Fun Science with Water! In our class, we did lots of experiments about water. They were great fun and we learned lots of new things. Here are just some of the experiments we did in our class. We are all aged 7 and 8.

Upside Down Glass of Water : We got a glass of water and put some cardboard over it. We carefully turned it upside down and the water did not pour out. The air pressure pushed it back. This is so cool. I love water science! By Róisín, Fionn and Joseph

Cool Freezing Ice Balloons Today we helped to start making ice balloons. Teacher helped us to pour water into the balloons. Then he tied them and we put them into our school freezer for 2 days. Amazing to see ice balloons freezing. Cool Science. We love it. By Rachel, Robbie, Zach and Ciara

Today we learned how to use a straw to drink….without sucking on the straw! We put the straw into the water and then covered the straw with our finger or thumb. When we lifted the straw we took the water with us. It seemed magical!! The air pressure was released when we took away our finger and it went into our mouths. Cool experiment! By Cormac, Gemma and Sarah

Waterproof or Not?! We had to guess if things could soak up water or not. We started with baby clothes. The white vest soaked (absorbed) lots of water but the outdoor clothes did not because they are waterproof. We also tested pieces of card and wood. The cardboard absorbed lots of water. The wood soaked up a little. Plastic was waterproof and spoons and forks were too. The plastic hurl was waterproof but the wooden hurl was not. By Kaylin

Fun Guessing Game! Today we had lots of fun with water. Teacher gave us a plastic cup each. We had a small black bucket at the top of the class. We all had to guess how many would fill the bucket. Nobody got the right answer the first time but Ciara got it the second time. Next we used cans. It was great fun! By Ciara

Dry Tissue We got a glass and packed it with dry tissue paper. We turned the glass upside down and put it right down to the bottom of the bucket of water. We all thought that the tissue would be soaked wet but it was dry because of the air pressure. By Charlotte, Hatie, Callum and Kacper

Floating and Sinking Today we did fun experiments with water. We looked at things and watched to see if they sunk down in the water. Some things did sink, like a stone, a fork, a knife and a marble. They sink because they have high density. Other things don’t sink and then other things float for a while and then sink. It was real fun testing the different things.

Oil and Water Today we brought some oil into class. We worked in groups and poured water into glasses first. Then we added oil. After a minute we saw that the oil and water is seperated and never mixes. The oil is on top. The water has bigger density. We looked at some pictures of sea birds. Teacher told us that they have oil on their feathers to keep the water out and keep them warm and dry.

Musical Scales We brought in empty glass bottles. We put different levels of water in each one. We then got our rulers and tapped each bottle quickly. It was so cool when we heard the different notes from each bottle. The low note came from the bottle that was nearly full. The high note came at the end from the bottle that was nearly empty. It was like a little piano. By Fionn

Steam! Teacher brought a kettle into the classroom and we watched it boiling. When it boiled we saw lots of steam rising into the air. Teacher then used a big glass bowl and turned it upside down to trap the steam. We could then see the bubbles of water vapour trapped on the glass. Teacher said this is how clouds are made and rain. We looked on the interactive white board at the Water Cycle. By Kara

Colouring Flowers We did a water experiment with food colouring. We put a flower into a vase of water. Then we added some colouring. After a few days we could see the flowers turning red. The flowers had sucked up the food colouring. This is how flowers and plants live. They take up water through their stem and roots. By Katie

Finally….. We did lots more water experiments too where we learned about dissolving and surface tension and rusting. We learned about how water is important to life and how we can look after the water on earth. We had lots of fun doing these experiments and we hope you do too!

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