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Information about water

Published on May 14, 2010

Author: pranavam

Source: authorstream.com

Slide 1: Water Water is a compound of Oxygen and Hydrogen. Thus earth is capable to support life on its surface. Earth is the only planet with abundant amount of liquid water It has three states, namely; Solid, Liquid and Gas Slide 2: Water cycle keeps the amount of water on the surface of the earth always the same Slide 3: The major sources of fresh water are; rivers, ponds, springs and glaciers Slide 4: Largest water bodies on the earth are the oceans ¾ of the surface of the earth is covered by oceans Ocean water is salty as it contains large amount of dissolved salt (Sodium Chloride) Slide 5: Distribution of water on the surface of the Earth Oceans 97.3% Ice caps 02.0% Ground water 0.68% Fresh water lakes 0.009% Inland seas and lakes 0.009% Atmosphere 0.0019% Rivers 0.0001% Slide 6: The fresh water available to us for usage is less than 1% The place of water in our existence is much more we think actually Each drop of water is precious; use it judiciously Slide 7: Ocean circulation Ocean water never stands still; it always keeps on moving This movement is caused by the movement of air on the surface of oceans. Waves Tides Currents Slide 8: Waves When the water on the surface of the ocean rises and falls alternatively, it is called wave. Slide 9: Tsunami is a powerful wave in the ocean generated by an underwater earthquake or a volcanic eruption Tsunami can cause large scale destruction on the coastal areas Slide 10: Tides Rhythmic rise and fall of ocean water twice in a day is called a tide

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