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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Woodwork


Naval Watchstanding:  Naval Watchstanding Shipboard Organization:  Shipboard Organization In-port Watch Organization:  In-port Watch Organization Underway Watchstations:  Underway Watchstations **Senior Watch Officer makes Assignments Underway Check-off List:  Underway Check-off List Remind Watchstander’s of Required Tasks Foster Accountability Characteristics of OOD:  Characteristics of OOD Forehandedness Always ready for any situation Rehearses mentally emergency actions Vigilance Endeavor to foresee changes in events Technical Knowledge Characteristic of OOD:  Characteristic of OOD Appearance and Conduct Set the example Manner of Giving Commands Standard Commands (loudly and Crisply) Standing Orders Underway:  Standing Orders Underway Contain information that CO wants all Key watchstanders to Know Responsibility OOD Responsible for safety of ship Preparation Know ship’s Characteristics and Organization Tactical Situation Good physical condition Standing Orders Relieving the Watch:  Standing Orders Relieving the Watch Arrive Early Passing the Word Sampling the Mess Conning Reports Made to CO Bridge relation to combat Maneuvering Station Keeping Navigating Instructions Rules of the Road Fog / low visibility Contact Procedures Emergency Procedures Special Orders Logs and Records Current Night Orders:  Current Night Orders Written every night - deal with immediate situation Must be signed by each watch Tactical Information OTC Formation Base Course and Speed Range and Bearing to guide when on station Other ships station Current Night Orders:  Current Night Orders Engineering Data Equipment Casualties Expected Weather / Navigation Night Intentions When to wake CO / XO Standard Daily Reports:  Standard Daily Reports 12 O’clock Reports Fuel and Water Report Magazine Temperature Chronometer Report Daily Muster Report Position Report (0800, 1200, 2000) Draft Report 8 O'clock Reports Status of each Department Relieving the Watch:  Relieving the Watch Must a controlled and precise function Ability to handle casualties and tactical decisions is significantly reduced Ensure Check-Off List completed if you are sea detail OOD Preparation Rise early enough Have proper equipment Adapt eyes to dark Relieving the Watch:  Relieving the Watch Tactical Picture Stop in CIC Formation Own Ship Station Identity and Location of Guide / OTC Standard Distance Formation Course and Speed Radio and Radar Guards Contact Information Tactical Circuits and Voice Call Signs Relieving the Watch:  Relieving the Watch Own Ship Status Location of CO and Nav Stop by Engineering for equipment report Condition or readiness and material condition Status of reports to be made to CO Check Pass Down Log Relieving the Watch:  Relieving the Watch Navigation Information Get this from Surface and the Bridge Position on ship on chart Land / Navigational Aids Depth of Water Navigational Equipment in use Weather Navigational hazards Range on Radar Relieving the Watch:  Relieving the Watch Final Preparation Read OOD message board back to your last Read and Initial CO’s Night Orders Ensure Status Board is up to date Check accountability log and make sure all classified pubs are accounted for Relieve the Watch:  Relieve the Watch Use proper terminology and formal procedure “I am ready to relieve you Sir” “I am ready to be relieved” Go over all information “I relieve you Sir” “I stand relieved” “This is ____, _____ has the Deck / Conn” Review and sign deck log (OOD Responsible) Request permission to Lay Below Reports of Interest to OOD:  Reports of Interest to OOD Any matter affecting safety of ship, personnel, or ships in company Navigational Marks Detected Land, Shoals, Rocks, Icebergs Lighthouse, Lights Beacons / Buoys Discolored Water Wrecks Reports of Interest to OOD:  Reports of Interest to OOD Changes in Weather Barometer Direction and force of wind Sea State Indications of Bad Weather Changes in formation, course, speed, or OTC Changes in status of equipment Accidents to personnel 8 O’clock reports Procedures for Contact Reports:  Procedures for Contact Reports Most important duty is keeping CO informed of Surface picture The OOD shall promptly report to the CO Sighting of all large combatants Contacts with CPA within 4NM Any suspicious aircraft Do not hesitate to make report Keep reports clear and concise Content of Contact Report:  Content of Contact Report Relative bearing by quadrant Range at time of report Target angle Bearing drift and rate Relative bearing of CPA by quadrant Time of CPA in minutes Identity if known Your intentions iaw rules of the road Standard Format:  Standard Format Captain, This is the JOOD, I have a contact on the starboard bow at a range of 18,000yrds. His target angle is 330 and the CPA is off the port bow at a range of 800yrds in 19 minutes. I have identified him as a Liberian freighter. It is a crossing situation, we are the burdened vessel and I intend to come right 45 degrees and pass astern at 2,000yrds. Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Loss of ship’s maneuvering capabilities Loss of main engines Loss to SSTGs Loss of Steering Loss of pitch control Actions of OOD Six or more short blasts One or two short blasts (indicate direction) Maneuver to avoid other ships Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Loss of SSTG’s May experience temp. loss of Gyro and Steer. Must shift load on switchboards Be prepared to shift steering to aft steering Loss of Steering Use engines to maneuver ship Carry out correct casualty procedures Loss of pitch control Shift to manual control May have to lock emergency ahead Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Sound Appropriate Alarm Pass the Word Notify ships in company “Five” flag Red over Red Notify OTC and other ships via R/T Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Fire / Internal explosion Actions vary by ship Alarm Pass the Word “Fire” repeated 3 times Type of fire Compartment Number Compartment Name Repeat Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Fire (Continued) Do not sound general quarters unless ship’s policy Maneuver ship (reduce roll and wind) Notify ships in company and OTC Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Collision (Bad, Bad SWO Day) Pass the word “Brace for collision Area of impact “All hands brace for collision, stand clear of port quarter.” Sound collision alarm (not GQ) Maneuver ship to reduce damage (Act early) Talk to other vessel on bridge to bridge Submit resignation letter Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Grounding (Bad, Bad SWO Day) Pass the word and sound collision alarm Post grounding Stability Structural Strength Ability to get off Sound GQ to increase water tight integrity Do nothing to maneuver Emergency Actions:  Emergency Actions Collision Continued Trying to refloat the ship could: Wash sand around hull damage screws and rudder Cause loss of main engines Rig open hull Lay out seaward anchor Weigh down ship Ballast Transfer fuel Selectively flood compartments

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