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Published on January 4, 2008

Author: Hannah

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Wastewater Management in Albuquerque:  Wastewater Management in Albuquerque J. Steven Glass City of Albuquerque Wastewater Objectives:  Wastewater Objectives Protect Public Health Prevent exposure to disease-causing microbes Prevent chemical contamination of drinking water Protect Aquatic Environment Prevent overgrowth of algae from release of nutrient chemicals  Oxygen depletion Prevent release of toxic chemicals to streams Wastewater Laws and Regulations:  Wastewater Laws and Regulations Wastewater Law:  Wastewater Law The NM Water Quality Act History Adopted 1967 (NMSA Chapter 74 Article 6) Last revised 2001 Provisions Created the NM Water Quality Control Commission Required WQCC Regulations to issue discharge permits and certify EPA-issued permits Established operator certification requirements Wastewater Law:  Wastewater Law The Clean Water Act (33 USC 1251 et seq.) History Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 Amended in 1977, reauthorized in 1987 Provisions Authorizes US Environmental Protection Agency to set quality standards for discharges to navigable water of the US Provides funding for treatment plant construction Permits citizen suits against polluters Wastewater Regulations:  Wastewater Regulations National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System 40 CFR Part 121 Requires dischargers to obtain permit from EPA (or delegated state agency) Provides civil and criminal penalties Wastewater Regulations:  Wastewater Regulations National Industrial Pretreatment Program 40 CFR Part 141 Requires municipal wastewater authorities to issue and enforce permits to industrial dischargers Establishes monitoring and reporting requirements Wastewater Regulations:  Wastewater Regulations Sewage Sludge Regulations 40 CFR Part 503 Sets limits on sludge quality (chemical, biological) Establishes monitoring and reporting requirements Defines management practice requirements 40 CFR Part 501 Sets guidelines for state sludge regulatory programs Wastewater Regulations:  Wastewater Regulations Methods for Analyzing Pollutants 40 CFR Part 136 Establishes laboratory procedures for monitoring water and wastewater quality Defines procedure for developing alternative methods Albuquerque Wastewater:  Albuquerque Wastewater Albuquerque Wastewater:  Albuquerque Wastewater Albuquerque Wastewater Production 56 million gallons per day 85% residential, 15% industrial/commercial 5th largest tributary to the Rio Grande in NM ~100 gallons per day per person ~50% of potable water delivered is returned Remainder is used for irrigation, cooling, car washing Albuquerque Wastewater:  Albuquerque Wastewater Raw Wastewater Quality Organic/solid contaminants ~350 mg/L (0.035%) Toxic metals/organics ~5 mg/L (0.0005%) Pure water ~99.965% Incoming pollutant mass: ~80 tons/day Pollutant removal efficiency: 98% Albuquerque NPDES Permit:  Albuquerque NPDES Permit Current permit issued in 1994 for 5 years Limits dependent on: Treatment plant upgrade project (completed 1997) Flow in the Rio Grande Protection of downstream users (Isleta Pueblo) Guaranteed Flow Agreement Contract with MRGCD, ended 12/2001 Ensures dilution during non-irrigation season Albuquerque NPDES Limits:  Albuquerque NPDES Limits Wastewater Treatment:  Wastewater Treatment The Albuquerque Process:  The Albuquerque Process Settling & Aeration Fermentation Rio Grande Sewers CO2 N2 CH4 Microbes Composting CO2 H2O NH3+ H2O+C+N+S O2 Humus Heat Power H2S CO2 HOCl- SO2 (Biosolids) SWRP Liquid Process Train:  SWRP Liquid Process Train Aeration Sedimentation Sedimentation Solids Handling Norg  NH3+ NH3+  NO2 NO2  N2 Mixing C6H14  Biomass + CO2 SWRP Effluent Recycling:  Southside Water Reclamation Plant For turf irrigation Additional Treatment Southside Water Reclamation Plant To Rio Grande SWRP Effluent Recycling SWRP Reuse Project Details:  SWRP Reuse Project Details Current 0.8 MG/day Sand filter On-site uses Future 5.6 MG/day Tertiary process Off-site distribution SWRP Solids Handling:  SWRP Solids Handling CH4 + CO2 C6H14 + H2O Anaerobic Fermentation (30 days) Aeration Blowers 2.2 MW Disposal or Reuse (150 t/day) Diesel Generators Biosolids Centrifuges Biosolids Disposition:  Biosolids Disposition Dual-Natured Material Rich source of nitrogen, organic matter, trace nutrients Concentrated waste, may contain disease-causing microbes Management Challenge Capture beneficial attributes Prevent threat to public health & environment Biosolids Disposition:  Biosolids Disposition Surface Disposal [1980] High-rate land application, with tilling to cover Inexpensive, but salt prevents range grass growth Public access control necessary Composting for Reuse [1992] Dry, carbonaceous matter added (straw, chips) Microbial heat kills disease organisms Expensive, but yields offsetting revenue ($12/ton) Biosolids Disposition:  Biosolids Disposition Range Land Restoration [2001] Low-rate land application, no tilling Solar heat and drying kill disease organisms Research since 1985 with USFS shows Runoff eliminated Increased grass and forage production Suppressed growth of noxious weeds Public/private partnership with Albuquerque cattle owner and Open Space started 10/01/01

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