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Published on May 27, 2016

Author: WASHwatch

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2. Why monitoring? • It identifies gaps/challenges and reveal what works and what does not work.  It can help officials make informed decisions about targeting resources in the most equitable way. • Collaborative monitoring shows governments that Citizens are mobilised around WASH issues and hold their government to account  It can motivates governments to take action. • It allows making regional, national and even global comparisons (within certain limits )  a motivation factor to do better than the others and not be the bad student.

3. WASHwatch: introduction Why is monitoring important? • To track progress: where are we at? • To improve accountability: is my country meeting its promise? • To demonstrate impacts of efforts to improve conditions and services: what have we learned?

4. WASHwatch: introduction WASHwatch is an online platform. Its mission is to enhance collaboration to monitor global water and sanitation progress WASHwatch is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It is administered by WaterAid but operates independently

5. Find your country’s latest WASH developments to inform your work. Much vital WASH data is scattered across the internet, buried in reports or hidden in desk drawers. WASHwatch gathers the most up-to-date and reliable information in one public and easily accessible place, to help you work effectively to improve global WASH access. Find out about your country’s latest WASH commitments and progress. View comments from other WASHwatch collaborators who have reported on their countries’ performance towards commitments. You can even compare your country’s performance with that of others. WASHwatch: introduction - How does WASHwatch adresses these shortfalls?

6. How does the WASHwatch website work?

7. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (1/7) Select a country

8. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (2/7) Each country is broken down into three main sections, accessed through the tabs.

9. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (3/7) Declarations and commitments tab: Click on a declaration to view commitments and evidence of progress shared by WASHwatch contributors like you Evidence of progress is gathered next to the commitment they refer to.

10. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (4/7) Evidence opens in a pop up window

11. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (5/7) Country profile: Find information about monitoring and coordination mechanisms in your country, as well as main policies

12. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (6/7) Les statistiques sont mis a jours tous les six mois et proviennent de sources fiables (OMS, UNICEF, …) mais sont aussi ouverts aux commentaires. Statistics: View your country’s WASH-related statistics

13. How does the WASHwatch platform work? (7/7) The interactive maps show progress around the globe

14. Q&A Q: Can anyone submit their in-country knowledge to WASHwatch? A: Because all point of views should be heard, WASHwatch is committed to publish any information shared with the team within 24 hours. with name of the source. It is to the user to decide if the source is a valuable source or not. Q: Is WASHwatch regularly updated? A: WASHwatch is updated every 6 month with the latest data available and we add information related to progress on commitments as soon as they are made available. Q: Is WASHwatch sustainable? Many monitoring website die after only few years. WASHwatch is committed to remain available and to archive monitoring knowledge.

15. How can you use and contribute to WASHwatch? WASHwatch is only as good as the use you make of it & the information you put into it!

16. GET your voice heard & SHARE your knowledge (1/3) Share your comments and evidence to challenge governments and donors reported progress on commitments. Your evidence of progress will be added next to the commitment it refers to

17. GET your voice heard & SHARE your knowledge (2/3) What kind of knowledge should you share? WASH DATA & INFO such as government spending toward WASH, alternative WASH access data, dates of Joint Sector Review, info on national WASH platform, links to online monitoring platform (such as presimetre), sector coordinator contacts … • OFFICIAL DOCUMENT such as a strategy, plans, budgets, Joint Sector Reviews, meeting minutes, statements of commitments, … • INFORMAL EVIDENCE such as observations, news articles, speeches, letters • SECTOR ANNALYSIS such as assessment of current behaviours, analysis of what needs to change to deliver better WASH services … EVIDENCE OF PROGRESS TOWARD COMMITMENTS

18. info@washwatch.org Or send us an email GET your voice heard & SHARE your knowledge (3/3) How to share your knowledge?

19. STAY UPDATED Subscribe to WASHwatch updates to get an email whenever a new evidence on the countries that interest you is added to the site.

20. KEEP your website updated on WASH Click on the icon <> and follow instructions See an example on the Share research website

21. COMPARE countries

22. The information gathered on WASHwatch and several functionalities can help you develop advocacy briefs, develop your analysis of the sector… This is what End Water Poverty did to develop their report on “Realising the Human Right to Water and sanitation”: USE the WASHwatch data

23. STAY UPDATED WASHwatch @WASHwatch info@washwatch.org WWW .washwatch.org

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