Was there a Political Mid-Tudor Crisis?

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Published on January 17, 2009

Author: Michelle2309

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Yes, there was a political crisis in mid-Tudor England. No, there was not a political crisis in mid-Tudor England. Faction caused political infighting, which threatened the monarch. They often put their own self interests above their support for and loyalty to the monarch. Factions were no more of a problem for the Tudors than any other monarch. They may also only have existed because of religious divides. There were many, serious rebellions throughout the Tudor period. None of the rebellions succeeded in overthrowing the monarchy. The Tudors remained firmly in control. The marriage of Mary I to Philip took England into Spanish wars. This eventually resulted in the loss of Calais in 1558. England had occupied Calais for over 200 years. England retained independence even when Mary married Philip. England did not become part of the Spanish Empire as the Privy Council ensured that Philip could not call himself King of England.

Yes, there was a political crisis in mid-Tudor England. No, there was not a political crisis in mid-Tudor England. The Duke of Northumberland influenced Edward into changing the succession in 1553. There was continuous support for the legitimate monarchy. For example, the people supported Mary in taking the throne from Lady Jane Grey in 1553. The crisis only lasted for nine days. Edward VI was only nine when he inherited the throne, leaving England vulnerable to the Lord Protector’s self-interests. Ruling made difficult for Mary and Elizabeth by belief in Salic Law – the idea that women should not rule. The overhaul of the English monarchy in 1485 achieved a firm basis, and resulted in the Tudor dynasty ruling for the next 118 years.

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