War of Words: Myth-Busting Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing

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Published on January 9, 2013

Author: toprank

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Presentation by Lee Odden of TopRank Online Marketing on the integration of social media, SEO and content marketing at NMX 2013.

"There is no ROI in Social Media" and many other proclamations are made in industry press and on blogs just about every week. And yet investment in social, search and content are all on the rise. Why the disconnect? From pageview journalism to egomaniacal SEO superstar wannabe's, sweeping generalizations and out of context observations have created a number of myths about these highly effective online marketing channels.

This presentation identifies and busts the most common myths about SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing plus provides insight into how an integrated approach will win the battle and the war for more customers, better engagement and online marketing success.

@leeodden #NMX

Content Search Social PR OptimizeBook.com 1.2 Million Words TopRankBlog.com@leeodden #NMX

@leeodden #NMX

@leeodden Graphic by 97th Floor #NMX

Myth: Social Will Replace Search "Social is on the verge of solving all search problems"@leeodden #NMX

The Horror… I have to rely solely on my social network friends to find products? AHHHH!!!@leeodden #NMX


The Truth: Social & Search 92% Path to Purchase: 41% Online adults use search engines to find information 51% Search Of traffic driven to on the Web content sites is search Pew Research 2012 48% 11% Search + Social Media Is from social media. Outbrain 2011 1% Social GroupM 2011 Scales Image via Shutterstock@leeodden #NMX

The Truth: Social & Search Consume I just had the best (or worst) steak in Las Vegas! What are the best steakhouses in Las Vegas? Discover@leeodden Engage #NMX

@leeodden Graphic by 97th Floor #NMX

Myth: Social Has No ROI@leeodden #NMX

“We started a blog and a Twitter account. It’s been 6 months and we haven’t made one sale.” “I know what you mean. We bought 10,000 Facebook fans and… nothing.”@leeodden #NMX Image Source: Shutterstock


The Truth: Social ROI 33% of 30% lift in Millennial consumers consumer purchase are more likely to buy a intent & brand brand if it has a recommendation from Facebook page social campaigns Luxury Daily – Boston Consulting Group 2012 eMarketer, BzzAgent 50% of Twitter followers are more likely to purchase from brands they follow eMarketer, Constant Contact/CMB study Scales Image via Shutterstock@leeodden #NMX

@leeodden Graphic by 97th Floor #NMX

Myth: Quality Content is Not Sustainable Where will we find people to We don’t have the create all thisstaff to write articles content? every day. There are only so many What if we run out things we can write of things to say? about “widgets”.@leeodden Image credit: Shutterstock #NMX


The Truth: Content-tinuity The solution to a never ending stream of high quality, relevant content that gets results over a long period of time is: To know the Customer Journey@leeodden #NMX

What is Your Customer’s Journey? Newsletter Social Ads PPC Reviews Community Forum Social Networks Email Blog Website Blog Online Ads Media awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy Email Store FAQ Word of Mouth Promotions Knowledge BaseP EcommerceR Radio TV Print@leeodden #NMX

Engage Optimize 360 Model Attract Convert@leeodden #NMX

Optimize Across the Lifecycle Persona: Values: Content: “Admin Jane” = Fast = Topics Influences CEO = Save $ = Keywords = Service = Media & Channel awareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Blog Facebook Email Offer Tips Articles Blog Fast Byline PPC Locator Newsletter Soc Net Ads Blog PPC Loyalty VIP Save $ Press Reviews Discount Community Referral Article Reviews Display Network Referral Service Media Blog Offers Thank You Rewards@leeodden #NMX

Search Keywords & Social Topics Download XLS at: optimizebook.com@leeodden #NMX

Editorial Plan: Optimized and Socialized Download XLS at: http://tprk.us/keyedcal@leeodden #NMX

Content Amplification Amplification Evergreen Repurpose Syndication d Brand Curated Off Site Posts Co-Created@leeodden #NMX

Infographic Novel@leeodden #NMX http://www.hostway.com/resources/infographics-videos/stalking-dead.html

Awesome Right? BUT… How do you get traffic to this? Ads, WOM, Pitching, “Go Viral” Can you count on that? How much does it cost? What if they: Optimized for social sharing? Optimized for search? Made it relevant & top of SERPs: “the stalking dead” “infographic novel”@leeodden #NMX

Let Me Tell You A Secret http://tprk.us/cmsecrets@leeodden #NMX Image Source: Shutterstock

@leeodden #NMX

Discover – Consume - Engage Discover Consume EngageSocial Networks PDF ContributeDirect social messages Slideshare DownloadEmail Long form interviews SubscribeBlog Single images ShareSearch Attend Conference@leeodden #NMX

One Clever Question Youre a secret agent on a mission and youre having a rendezvous with your agency contact after pulling a dangerous undercover operation. You now have a coveted secret. A content marketing secret. What secret for achieving success with content marketing will you share? The content marketing world depends on it!@leeodden #NMX

Content Marketing Thought Leaders Shared Their “Secrets”@leeodden #NMX

@leeodden #NMX

10 Long Form Interviews@leeodden #NMX

Planned RepurposingB2B Enterprise Enterprise Enterprise Top 10Enterprise SMB SMB B2B B2BSMB B2B Tools SMBTools Tools Win budget Tools MarketingWin budget Win budget B2B Win budget TacticsB2B Tools B2B B2B Top 20Enterprise B2B Enterprise EnterpriseSMB Enterprise SMB Tools ContentTools SMB Win budget SMB MarketingWin budget Win budget Tools Win budget Tools@leeodden #NMX

@leeodden #NMX

All Content & Promotions Consider:  “Findability”  “Engagement”  “Shareability”@leeodden #NMX

What Happened? 1. Created Demand 2. Dominated Search Results 3. Event Awareness 4. Registrations, Sessio ns@leeodden #NMX

Outcomes in 6 Days43,000+ views on Slideshare1,000+ PDF downloads5000+ visits of interviews3,300+ Retweets200 “likes”130 G+100+ inbound links@leeodden #NMX

@leeodden #NMX

It’s a Matter of Perspective@leeodden #NMX

To Optimize Is ContinuousMutually Beneficial Goals for Brand & Customers  Hypothesis  Plan  Implement  Measure  Refine  Repeat@leeodden #NMX

Optimized Planning: WHAT & WHY 1. View Search, Social & Content from 360 Degrees -- Holistically 2. Optimize Everywhere: Marketing & PR, B2B or B2C, SME or LE 3. Research, Audit & Listen 4. Set Goals, Create a Roadmap@leeodden #NMX

Optimized Implementation: HOW Audience & Personas Keyword & Topic Research Content Plan Creation & Curation Content Optimization Social Networking Promotion Measure & Refine@leeodden #NMX

Tips & Examples Website Email eBook Category Newsletters Blog Posts Industry Media Guide to Coverage B2B Social Press Releases Practice Area Co-Created Prospect Brand Social (Topic - Keyword) Visual eBook Networking SEO Networking with Community Conference Contributed Articles Off Site Guest Posts Commenting Topical Survey Speaking at Topical “2013 Topic XYZ Survey” Conferences Resource Lists@leeodden #NMX

Content Constellation Topic B Topic C Social Hub Topic A Topic D Topic E@leeodden #NMX

Measuring Business Value Social Content KPI’s Business Outcomes • Visits • Shorter Sales • Views/Impressions Cycles • Fans • Increased Order • Friends Quantity, Frequency • Followers • More Referrals • Comments • Share of Voice • Likes • Improve Service • Google Plusses • Lower Marketing • Links Costs • SERPs • Grow Revenue • Search Traffic • Improve Profits@leeodden #NMX

Optimize to Scale: Who Assess your organization’s “optimization readiness” & identify training opportunities. Make integrated search, social & content marketing part of your processes.@leeodden #NMX

Optimize Is A State of Mind@leeodden #NMX

Takeaways 1. Discovery, consumption & engagement, not “search vs. social” 2. Measure social with the right yardstick – assist vs. direct 3. Integrate content planning with optimization & social promotion, measure & refine@leeodden #NMX

Freebies! Visual eBook Co- Created by 52 NMX Speakers Ungated Download: tprk.us/newmediaratpack This Preso: Myth-Busting Social, SEO & Content tprk.us/bustamythppt@leeodden #NMX

Deep Dive: OptimizeBook.com “Optimize is the playbook you’ll need to run an effective program.” Scott Monty, Ford “Optimize shows you how to put content, search & social to work for your business.” Ann Handley, MarketingProfs “Optimize shows you how to put content, search & social to work for your business.” Joe Pulizzi, Content Marketing Institute “If I were lazy, I could cheat and use Lee Odden’s book as my road map for this coming year’s business.” Chris Brogan, Human Business Works@leeodden #NMX

Thank You! @LeeOdden lee@toprankmarketing.com We’re Hiring! @TopRank TopRankMarketing.com TopRankBlog.com@leeodden #NMX

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