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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: NazarBartosik

Source: slideshare.net


A set of photos showing the horror of a war between people and terror of the government and security forces in Ukraine started on Feb 18, 2014

The war "ПроCвіт" freedom, justice, respect – DIY Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 The Killers victims smoke 8 people murdered in Ukraine Feb 18 Ukraine 550+ injured 14+ killed Feb 18 23:00 force to stop bullets/grenades the only protection from snipers Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 snipers 8 people murdered Ukraine Feb 18, 20:00 Assassins Shoot with AK-47 Beat to death Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 AK-47 against sticks murderers darkness 8 people murdered in Ukraine Feb 18 of the terror spreading over Kyiv Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 battlefield 550+ injured 14+ killed 10+ shot dead PATRIOTS Ukraine Feb 18 23:00 risk lives for freedom in Ukraine Feb 18 550+ injured 14+ killed Feb 18 23:00 WARRIORS Rolling stones in Ukraine against grenades/bullets Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 hurt thinking people for choosing freedom Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 blood Ukraine Feb 18, 2014 600+ injured 20+ killed 200+ arrested cleanup streets washed from blood Ukraine Feb 19, 2014 0:00 blockade of protestors coming to Kyiv Ukraine Feb 19, 2014 precision of terror by government and police Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 deaths 100+ shot dead by snipers 1500+ injured Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 headshots every 5 minutes to unarmed people Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 animals anger take injured hostages shoot medical personnel Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 for snipers shooting in head/neck/heart Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 spirit of freedom supports the belief in Victory Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 Ukraine Feb 20, 2014 Even enemies can show humanity changes have come in the end Ukraine Feb 21, 2014 Ukraine new order of people, justice, respect and freedom Feb 21, 2014

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