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Published on March 16, 2014

Author: sulaoshi

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The Power Point is created to prepare my beginning Chinese course students.
These tips are learned from the posts on

Want To Learn Chinese? Joanne Chen IVC Chinese Instructor March, 2014

How To Learn Chinese? 1. Put in the time (listening, reading, writing and, eventually, speaking) 2. Enjoy yourself 3. Believe you will become fluent Then fluency is an inevitable result. http://chinese-breeze.com/

Some Tips To Learn Chinese

1. Don't use only a CD / a Book / or Video Talk to Chinese people! Find a native speaker and watch their mouth. See how they make sounds that don't exist in your language. http://www.wikihow.com/Learn-Chinese http://www.wikihow.com/Learn-Mandarin-Chinese

2. Don't think of the tones as “Difficult sound” Tones are built into Chinese language. Just accept it. Tones are not music. Think of them as syllable accents. Sometimes in English, syllable accent changes, and the same happens in Chinese.

3. Concentrate on whole sentences Memorize simple vocabulary. Pay attention to whole sentences instead of single word vocabulary. 茶 chá

4. Learn to write the characters (or pinyin) You will remember vocabulary much faster. As you practice each character (or pinyin) 10 times, say the correct pronunciation. By saying, seeing and doing, the words will stay in your mind longer.

5. Learn some basic conversational phrases Immersing Yourself in the Language Find a native speaker to practice with. Consider signing up for a language course. Wǒ yào chī jiǎozi Wǒ yào chī chǎo fàn

6. Listen to Chinese music and radio

7. Watch Chinese movies or TV drama often. Expose yourself to Chinese. Watch Chinese films and cartoons. Listen to the soundtrack as it plays. Slowly you will hear some word you are studying. Watch the subtitles, and you can learn interesting things, like how to say words the text book doesn't teach you.

8. Don't be afraid to be wrong. Being wrong is a great way to learn how to say things the right way. If you do not understand something someone says, just ask about it!

9. Spend time learning. The more time you spend, the faster you learn it. Less time spent means slower learning. Practice at least 15 minutes a day. Study basic grammar. Learn how to use Pinyin. Practice reading and writing Chinese characters

10. Face the Reality Don't expect to learn it quickly. Don't be too harsh on yourself. Learning a language is a gradual process – one step at a time. Some people might be picky and correct you, but that's alright. That's what you want, so you can correct your mistakes.

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