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Published on June 23, 2018

Author: MapleInc

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Slide1: Want to free Study in Germany Slide2: Germany is the hub for quality education in Europe. After the United Kingdom, Germany is the next place anyone with a taste for higher education can acquire affordable and quality education. German Universities and colleges receive hundreds of thousands of international students every year most of which are receiving free education in Germany. Slide3: A new world ranking shows that Germany is the third most popular destination among international students in the world. The report also showed that over 12% of students at German universities come from abroad. If you are considering studying in Europe, you should make Germany your top priority. It is an attractive place to study with lots of universities that teach their students in English . The German government provides English universities and technical colleges for international students. You won’t have a problem settling in the country if you can speak English or learn some basic German before coming to the country. Slide4: Germany is a very small country but very developed. It is known most recently as the economy capital of Europe. Currently, the country has the most robust economy in the entire Europe; this means that the students coming into the country won’t have a problem finding jobs when they are done with their studies. Germany also has attractive lifestyles and a hospitable population. If you are a football fan, you will have an opportunity to watch some of the best football teams in the world play. Slide5: Education System The German government places a greater emphasis on education and learning in Germany especially at the tertiary level. The country’s education system is widely regarded as being one of the best in the world. There are hundreds of institutions where you can easily get admitted to study . Slide6: Germany has a well-educated population; this is because the government abolished all tuition fees for national and international students. You can now enjoy free internationally recognized degree from any of German’s public institutions. Currently, the country has over 400 public learning institutions from which you can acquire any discipline you want and most time for free. Housing and accommodations are also cheap for students in Germany when compared to countries such as the United States and Canada; you will find out that you will be paying much less. Education System Slide7: Cost of Study If you choose to study in countries such as the United States or Canada, you may be paying as high as $6000 per term. However, the Government of Germany maintains free public universities where both national and international students can study tuition-free . Slide8: The public universities in Germany have high preference compared to private universities, thus more students enrolled in public universities in Germany where they can enjoy free education. The free education offered by German public universities started in 2014 nationwide. You will only have to worry about your accommodation and living expenses when you choose to study in German Universities. Cost of Study Slide9: Requirements Slide10: Work Opportunities Germany is the economy hub of Europe. It has a good number of companies and organizations looking for fresh talents to employ. As a student, you can get a part-time job that will enable you to offset your living expenses and your accommodation. There are no limitations to the type of job you can get. You will need to apply for a work permit if you are from a non-EU country. As a student, your working hours are limited to 190 dull days or 240 half days per year. Slide11: When you are done with your studies, there are good companies in Germany that can employ you if you choose to stay back. Apart from that, degrees and certificates obtained from German Universities are recognized worldwide, you won’t have problem getting job anywhere in the world with your certificate. Work Opportunities Slide12: Contact Us Address: 214, Pankaj Plaza, Plot No-10, Central Market, Sector-06, Dwarka, ND – 110075 Phone numbers : Email : 0 11 45118522 | +91 9599292838 info@meoverseas.com Website https ://meoverseas.com / We are open : https://ieltsdwarka.com / Monday - Saturday 10 AM - 6:30 PM

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