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Published on November 1, 2018

Author: Emmajustine

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NORTON.COM/SETUP: NORTON.COM/SETUP Download Norton setup From norton.com/setup: Download Norton setup From norton.com/setup You can start using your Norton setup anytime and from anywhere by just running it and scanning the entire system using the ‘Safeguard,’ which is provided by Norton. If you have some issue regarding the Norton security, you may always browse the website norton.com/setup . This is where you are given the best advice from Norton experts that have been working for security service to improve your experience of using your all-type devices safely. Norton Installation:: Norton Installation: Make sure that your device matches the minimum system requirements for Operating System, RAM, Processor, Hard Drive Space, and browser support for harmless searches and phishing protection. You should always log in from the system as the Administrator and make sure that all the Admin permissions have been approved to you. The device‘s operating system has to be updated with all of the latest updates. Additionally, make sure that you remove all temporary and junk files and also unwanted folders from the device. At last, always make sure that you first remove other versions of Norton antivirus or other conflicting security software installed on your device. Installing Norton Setup on your device requires some system requirements, so before decide installing Norton on your PC, make sure that you have the following criteria: Slide 4: Get Norton product key :. Norton product key is something the most inevitable. To activate Norton setup on your device, go to the Official website  norton.com/setup . Then enter your product key to activate your product and protect your device. After you activate Norton, you can download online setup and install it for securing your system. How to Setup Norton? Norton setup is straightforward to use for any user and device. You need to go to official website of Norton and enter 25 digits key code to activate it. Norton is full user-friendly and easy to navigate with inbuilt instruction to setup and scan your device for protection. Slide 5: Install and Activate Norton Setup Firstly, visit  norton.com/setup  from your internet browser. Then log in with the required account details. (Or you may need to create a new account if you don’t have a Norton account.) Next, you have to enter the 25 digits Norton activation key. You will be allotted this activation key code during purchase whether you got it online or offline. Carefully enter the 25 digit product key in the box where required. Doing so will show up a complete Terms & Conditions page on the screen. After that, you just simply have to go through the License Agreement and click on the “I Agree” button. Now, your Norton Security Setup will start to download on your device. Though, you may have to wait for some moments. Once the downloading process is complete, you may please check it on the same browser. Or else, you may go to check the Norton security. Then , kindly sign in with your E-mail address and password. Slide 6: Whether you have a PC, laptop or mobile device; Norton software can be used to get the best security setup for any of your preferred devices just by visiting norton.com/setup . For More Information Visit: http://my-nortonsetup.com

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