Wandié an International Project of 16 Educational Centers

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Information about Wandié an International Project of 16 Educational Centers

Published on October 16, 2018

Author: SchoolMars

Source: authorstream.com

slide 1: Read further and get to know about EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION. In education as in so many other aspects of life there are no absolute truths much less there must be impositions of those in which one believes. The project A village called Wandié is a way of understanding education in which what is prioritized as learning is the understanding of the continent that is people over content everything that boys and girls do not always have It is clear that it serves and that we teachers misguided in convincing them as a dogma of faith they have to learn. It is not about persuading anyone towards any method just exposing an educational experience in which the main thing is to make everyone children parents teachers and teachers go to school happy knowing that happiness is the key element of learning. In the classroom always present the following thought: “Happy children and children safe learning” In schools as a rule and however much you believe otherwise a climate of real coexistence is not favored from your own interests because most of the time the responsibility of the students with respect to that community of which form part is not encouraged by promoting values that have to do with their own perceptions but imposed on them and when speaking to them about the need to be responsible they are usually considered as something that supposes a resignation and rarely as something that enhances their Desires to collaborate for common objectives because equally every objective is always imposed. slide 2: Read further and get to know about EDUCATIONAL INNOVATION. The human being and especially in the early stages of life is curious by nature and that is one of the keys to evolution development and education. Infusing values that promote creativity and personal initiative is essential to get children’s desire to learn. Read more here: http://blog.schoolmars.com/innovacion-educativa-una- aldea-llamada-wandie-proyecto-16-centros/

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