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Published on January 22, 2008

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Slide1:  Lutz Walter, Euratex National Textile Technology Platform Slovenia Ljubljana, 28 September 2006 Implementation of the Strategic Research Agenda & Importance of National Platforms Technology Platform established + SRA Delivered Launch of European Implementation:  Technology Platform established + SRA Delivered Launch of European Implementation The Goals of Implementation on European Level:  The Goals of Implementation on European Level Preparation of strong, competitive and industry-relevant European research projects Professional execution and management of projects Effective dissemination and transfer of research results to industry across Europe Obtaining Euros for research whose results will quickly turn into more Euros Slide4:  The Role of the Technology Platform Role of the European Commission:  Role of the European Commission Define the rules of the « game » (the research framework programme) Allocate funds to the most promising research fields Evaluate and select projects (with help of independent experts) Review correct implementation of projects Use the Technology Platform as one important source of information for research policy decisions Role of Individual Company:  Role of Individual Company Learn and understand the rules of the « game » Actively search experience and training by joining projects, networks, platforms Move from reactive project participation to strategic project leadership Remember: FP7 provides opportunities, ETP provides a level playing field, but you have to play the match Ways to get involved:  Ways to get involved Register for an expert group & participate in expert meetings (no obligations, just come, see and decide) Find a trusted partner that is actively involved and keeps you informed Actively pursue project participation opportunities Attend the annual public conference or related national events The Technology Platform needs Industry Leadership European Technology Platform vs. National Platforms:  European Technology Platform vs. National Platforms From EU to National Platform:  From EU to National Platform Focus R&D/Innovation priorities on needs of the national industry (make reference to European SRA, but don’t copy, don’t duplicate research) More opportunities for funding of innovation/closer-to-market projects through national/regional schemes (follow-up projects to strategic EU research projects) Effectively disseminate work of ETP and results of European projects Ability to work faster, closer and less bureaucratic with SME’s The ETP welcomes national technology platforms for maximisation of efforts/resources and better reach of all stakeholders From National to EU Platform:  From National to EU Platform Collection of needs and priorities of national industry and feedback to ETP Identification of suitable industry & research partners for involvement in European projects Identify national best practices and transfer to EU level Work with national policy makers which have important impact also on European level The ETP needs national technology platforms to ensure a real bottom-up support for its activities ETP Contact Details :  ETP Contact Details Lutz Walter Euratex Phone: +32-2-285.48.85 E-mail: More information on:

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