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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: LightsOnLightsOff

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Wall Lights: Make Your Home Appealing


Wall lights can make all the difference to the appeal of your home. However, it is important to get the balance of lighting correct. Too much lighting can make your guests on edge, whereas the correct amount can make them feel relaxed and calm. This presentation will show you how best to implement these changes and how wall lights can have a very positive effect on the appeal of your home.

Wall Lights Make Your Home Appealing

Appealing Lighting o Recent surveys have been conducted on how lighting in retail stores affects how consumers feel in that environment and what their eyes were drawn to o Whilst the study focused on consumers purchasing in a retail space, many of the insights can be considered valuable information for good lighting choices in a domestic interior

Lighting in Retail o Many shops are overly bright in a bid to stand out from their neighbouring competition o This high intensity lighting is not only dazzling and uncomfortable on the eye, but it also makes it difficult to focus on specific items o Bright lights can also drain colour from the room and make it seem very flat o Statistics show that most people prefer moderate general lighting that gives off a warm and welcoming feel to the space, compared to additional lighting to create definition and focus on particular areas

Lighting in your Home o Interior designers often share the benefits of multiple light sources, but it is important to get the balance right o Having too many sources of bright lights in your home can have the same off putting effect as an over lit shop o With variable light sources in your home you can enhance your interior, making it inviting and allowing the eye to be drawn to specific features in the room

Lighting in your Home o By adding additional wall lights to your home, a more appealing and practical lighting effect can be created o The central light may provide a warm general glow, while wall lights are used to enhance artwork or provide ambient lighting. Meanwhile, pendant or spot lights can provide task lighting in areas where clarity of vision is required

Wall Light Positioning o Research shows that eyes are drawn to areas where there is contrast between light and dark, such as backlighting shelves in darker areas o This can give the feeling of more space, as the eye is drawn to the furthest corners of the room o Another result that was discovered is that eyes naturally observes things which are at head height o Carefully positioned lights are effective at drawing attention to objects or features which are positioned higher or lower than our natural gaze

Natural Lighting in Your Home o By using multiple sources of light, it is also possible to have greater control over the lighting o This means it can be adjusted according to the activities being undertaken in the space and also in response to the changing effects of natural light o If your interior makes the most of sunlight, you can keep wall lights switched off during the day, relying on other task lighting if required

Wall Lights For a full range of Information on Wall Lights, visit our Specialist Lighting Website and discover an extensive range of styles and colours from Branded Lighting Companies lightsonlightsoff.co.uk

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