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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: Dora

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WORLD ANTI-DOPING CODE:  WORLD ANTI-DOPING CODE A new era in drug free sport IMPLICATIONS FOR SPORT World Anti-Doping Agency:  World Anti-Doping Agency WADA is responsible for: The World Anti-Doping Program, including the World Anti-Doping Code Worldwide out of comp testing program Research Education and Ethics Independent Observers The World Anti-Doping Program:  The World Anti-Doping Program Purpose: To protect athletes’ fundamental right to participate in doping-free sport. To ensure harmonised, coordinated and effective anti-doping programs. Level 1 - The Code:  Level 1 - The Code “The purpose of the Code is to ensure the fight against drugs in sport is intensified, accelerated, harmonised and unified.” Dick Pound, WADA President – March 2003 Structure of the WADP:  Structure of the WADP Level 1 – The “Code” itself Level 2 - International Standards Level 3 – Models of Best Practice Level 1 - The Code:  Level 1 - The Code Significant milestone. Harmonisation of doping rules will level the playing field. Principles-based document. Includes rules and responsibilities. To be adopted by sport on or before the Athens 2004 Olympic Games. Level 1 - The Code:  Level 1 - The Code PART 1 – DOPING CONTROL PART 2 – EDUCATION AND RESEARCH PART 3 – ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES PART 4 – ACCEPTANCE AND COMPLIANCE Level 2 – International Standards:  Level 2 – International Standards Standard for The Prohibited List. Standard for Therapeutic Use Exemptions. Standard for Testing Standard for Laboratories. Level 3 – Models of Best Practice:  Level 3 – Models of Best Practice Being prepared by WADA & tailored to stakeholder needs. Compliant with the Code and International Standards. Not mandatory - provide alternatives from which stakeholders may select. Model Rules of Best Practice for IFs are now available on the WADA website. Development of the Code:  Development of the Code 2002 World-wide consultation on the development of the Code and international standards. Extensive consultation with Australian Sport feeding into Australian submission on the draft documents. Acceptance of the Code:  Acceptance of the Code At the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Copenhagen, 5 March 2003. Accepted by all major sports federations, key stakeholders and Government. Copenhagen Declaration:  Copenhagen Declaration Document signed by Governments at Copenhagen Australia led the drafting and political process 60 governments signed to date, 27 have pledged to do so. Key Issues under the Code:  Key Issues under the Code TIMELINE TO IMPLEMENTATION 1 Jan 2004 – International Standards finalised. Pre Aug 2004 – Adoption of Code and Standards by IFs. Pre Feb 2006 – Adoption of the Code by Governments. Key Issues under the Code:  Key Issues under the Code Part 1 - DOPING CONTROL Anti-Doping Rule Violations Mandatory Sanctions The List Therapeutic Use Athlete Whereabouts WADA Clearinghouse Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code The Definition of Doping Anti-doping rule violations: ‘Current’ Violations (presence of, use, refusals): New violations: relating to athlete whereabouts. Evasions Admissions under ‘attempted use’ Improved provisions for: Trafficking, possession, administration etc. Key Issues - the Code:  Key Issues - the Code SANCTIONS Basic sanctions for a 1st and 2nd offence Mandatory 2 years and life unless exceptional circumstances apply. ‘Exceptional Circumstances’ Provide for a sanction to be waived/reduced if no fault/no significant fault can be established. Lesser penalties for ‘specified substances’ Sanctions for other A-D rule violations. Key Issues - the Code:  Key Issues - the Code ANTI-DOPING RULE VIOLATIONS & CORRESPONDING SANCTIONS. CONSEQUENCES: Positive Test Result For Teams PERIOD OF INELIGIBILITY Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code VIOLATIONS & SANCTIONS For Prohibited Substances and Methods: The presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites in a specimen. Use or attempted use, including admissions. Possession. First violation: 2 years Second violation: lifetime, However ‘exceptional circumstances’ clause may be invoked. Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code VIOLATIONS & SANCTIONS For ‘Specified’ Substances: Substances susceptible to ‘inadvertent doping’. First violation: At a minimum, a warning and reprimand and no period of ineligibility from future Events, and at a maximum, 1 year Second violation: 2 years Third violation: Lifetime Exceptional circumstances may apply. Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code VIOLATIONS & SANCTIONS Refusing or failing to commit to sample collection, including evasion. Tampering. First violation: 2 years Second violation: lifetime Exceptional circumstances may apply. Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code VIOLATIONS & SANCTIONS Trafficking. Administration of Prohibited Substances or Methods. Assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, covering up First violation: minimum 4 years up to a lifetime of ineligibility Athlete support personnel who violate non-sporting laws may be reported to authorities. Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code VIOLATIONS & SANCTIONS Failure to provide required whereabouts information Missed tests which are declared based on reasonable rules May either be intentional or negligent conduct of the Athlete First violation: minimum 3 months and at a maximum 2 years Subsequent period established in anti-doping organisations rules Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code CONSEQUENCES OF A POSITIVE TEST RESULT At competition and multi-race events Automatic disqualification of the results Disqualified from all events, eg at Olympics. For teams One team member in a Team Sport: Target Testing for the Event More than one team member: subject to disqualification or other disciplinary action Key Issues – the Code :  Key Issues – the Code PERIOD OF INELIGIBILITY Starts on the date of the hearing decision, or if justified at an earlier date, and athlete: Should not participate in any capacity Some or all sport-related financial support or other sport-related benefits withheld Mutual Recognition Available for out of competition testing Provide whereabouts information Key Issues :  Key Issues The Prohibited List Single list, based on evidence and research. 2 of 3 criteria must be satisfied for inclusion. Performance Enhancing Pose unnecessary risk of harm Violate the ‘spirit of sport’ Exemptions are not permitted but IF can recommend additions to the basic List Key Issues:  Key Issues The Prohibited List WADA will publish the Prohibited List as an International Standard for In and Out Of Competition Timeframe for development of the 2004 List. Draft List available for consultation 1 June 03 to be released by 30 Sep 2003. Effective from 1 January 2004. Key Issues:  Key Issues Therapeutic Use Exemption “Permission to use, for therapeutic purposes, drugs which are otherwise prohibited in sporting competition” Key Issues:  Key Issues Therapeutic Use Exemption Standard Mandatory Criteria and process for TUE Retrospectivity – emergency medical treatment IF/NF Responsibilities Key Issues – the Code:  Key Issues – the Code Athlete Whereabouts Athletes are responsible for providing correct and accurate whereabouts information to the responsible organisation. Failure to do so amounts to an anti-doping rule violation under the Code. WADA to be central Clearing House for all doping control information. Other Key Points under the Code:  Other Key Points under the Code Testing & Analysis Results Management Right to a Fair Hearing & Appeals National/international level athletes Roles and Responsibilities Acceptance and Implementation Level 2 - Standards:  Level 2 - Standards Testing Standards Ensure that athletes are tested in the same manner wherever they are Maintain the integrity, identity, and security of samples. Level 2 - Standards :  Level 2 - Standards Testing Standards Planning of testing Selection of athletes Notification of athletes Sample collection Transport of samples. Level 2 - Standards:  Level 2 - Standards Laboratory accreditation standard Ensure a world wide system where results may apply across boundaries. Achieve uniform results and reporting standards. Key Points:  Key Points Results Management Right to a Fair Hearing Appeals Key Points:  Key Points National/International Level Athletes Different requirements re: TUEs Registered Testing Pools Appeals Key Points:  Key Points Clarification of Responsibilities Coordination of Testing & Results Event testing – only 1 organisation initiates and directs tests at events Out-Of-Competition Testing – WADA coordinates Mutual recognition – testing, TUE, hearings and appeals: recognised and respected by all signatories The Code:  The Code PART 2 - EDUCATION & RESEARCH Each anti-doping organisation should plan, implement and monitor information and education programs, at a minimum on: Substances & methods on the Prohibited List Health consequences of doping Doping Control procedures Athletes' rights and responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities:  Roles and Responsibilities Signatories: Australian Government AOC & APC ASC/ASDA Stakeholders: NFs Athlete Support Personnel. Athletes Roles and Responsibilities:  Roles and Responsibilities Relationship between the NF & IF. NF will interact with the Code through IF. IF is now clearly responsible for ensuring consistent response from the NF. Harmonisation of rules Vertical uniformity will ensure that athletes are not subject to different rules within the same sport. Recognition of athletes and their support personnel. Acceptance & Compliance:  Acceptance & Compliance Acceptance and implementation of the Code Each IF shall accept and implement the Code on or before Athens Olympic Games. Consequences of non-compliance By a government or NOC, shall result in consequences with respect to the Olympic Games, World champs or major events. Australian Response – G’ment :  Australian Response – G’ment DEVELOP A PROCESS FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CODE Tough on Drugs in Sport Strategy, including: national anti-doping framework (ASDA, ASC, NFs) ASC and ASDA’s anti-doping program and legislation. Systems to assist with Code compliance, eg National program for ensuring compliance with ‘athlete whereabouts’ requirements under the Code. Broader recognition of ASDMAC for therapeutic use. Australian Response – G’ment:  Australian Response – G’ment GOVERNMENT REQUIREMENTS OF SPORT Adopt and implement anti-doping policies, rules and programs that conform with: the Commonwealth Government's anti-doping strategy, WADA and the relevant international federation. Australian Response - AOC:  Australian Response - AOC AOC REQUIREMENTS OF SPORT AOC Anti-Doping By-Law Sports to be compliant with the Code. ‘Professional’ Athletes nominating for Olympic selection to be available for testing by 13 August 03. WADC - Time Frames:  WADC - Time Frames Implement by Athens 04. AOC Requirements of Sport in the lead up to the Athens Games. Actions for Sport:  Actions for Sport TO IMPLEMENT THE CODE: Contact your IF Ensure compliance with IF/AOC/WADA timeframes re: Anti-doping rules Athlete whereabouts information Use of CAS. Ensure compliance with Government funding requirements. Slide46:  Thank you

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