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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: Arley33

Source: authorstream.com

Late Ming Society: Three Topics and Three Lives:  Late Ming Society: Three Topics and Three Lives Modern China January 28, 2003 Role of women: oppression:  Role of women: oppression Neo-Confucian principles: “Three Obediences” Patriarchy Lack of property rights Foot-binding Widow chastity Countervailing trends:  Countervailing trends Vibrant city culture Lower Yangzi Aesthetic enjoyment & sexual license Spread of printing and new genres New reading publics, especially women Xu Yuan (1560-1620):  Xu Yuan (1560-1620) Scholarly Suzhou family Wife of Fan Yunlin (1558-1641), secretary to the Minister of War Prolific poet, widely published – large readership Slide5:  Themes: Travel poems; Poetry addressed to many different kinds of people, including courtesans and singing girls. But in prose, conventional Confucian advice Social circle: Varied but dominated by women writers and readers, including writers who supported themselves through writing. Xu Yuan’s significance:  Xu Yuan’s significance Role of literacy & literature. Novels, plays, poetry,etc. Manifestation of urban society often at variance with Confucian norms. Aesthetic enjoyment and sexual license. Danger of trying to confine portrayal of women to their oppressed status. Women as agents. Officialdom:  Officialdom Despotism – role of Ming Taizu Examination-centered elite Factional strife in late Ming – early 17th century Donglin Society Eunuchs Hai Rui (1513-87):  Hai Rui (1513-87) Fame as magistrate: Equitable taxation, campaign against corruption. Political criticism: of the Jiajing Emperor (1565); near execution. Prefect of Suzhou Censor-in-Chief Hai Rui’s significance:  Hai Rui’s significance Epitomized ideals of scholar-officials, often in opposition to political culture of the court. Implicit claim of cultural autonomy and use of remonstrance. Hero to many fellow officials. Role of public opinion. Modern significance — 1960s. Ming Seclusion Policies:  Ming Seclusion Policies Inward turn following Zheng He’s voyages Pirates and nomadic threats Great Wall and retreat from the coast. Portugese in Asia:  Portugese in Asia Vasco da Gama – 1498 – coast of India Trade networks – spices Footholds – Goa (1510) Malacca (1511) Macao (1557) Society of Jesus (Jesuits):  Society of Jesus (Jesuits) Founding in 1540 Ignatius of Loyola (d.1556) Counter- Reformation. Vows: Poverty, chastity, obedience & absolute acceptance of orthodoxy & authority of Pope. Intellectual excellence, missionary zeal. Matteo Ricci (1552-1610):  Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) Childhood and youth. Noble family in Macerata (Italy); classical education. Society of Jesus and Roman College: philosophy, theology, mathematics, cosmology, astronomy. Set off for the “Farthest Asia” in 1578. Ricci in China:  Ricci in China Macao in 1582 Two 6-year stays in southern cities Hostility of authorities and gentry. Conversion efforts very discreet. Decisions on style — switch from Buddhist to Confucian style robes. Beijing (capital) First visited in 1599 but only temporarily. Permission to live in 1601. Given an imperial stipend. Importance of Ricci & Jesuits:  Importance of Ricci & Jesuits Entree into literati society. Highly placed Chinese converts Many publications in Chinese explaining Christianity & European learning Writings on China for Europeans

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