VSN -23 - Dhyana Slokam ( Kshiro Thanva Pradeshe )

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Information about VSN -23 - Dhyana Slokam ( Kshiro Thanva Pradeshe )

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: adithyansokaapahaarthapuram

Source: slideshare.net

I bow to Lord vishNu who has the three worlds as His body. The Earth is His feet, and the sky His navel. Wind is His breath, and the Sun and the Moon are His eyes. Directions are His ears, and the Heaven is His head. Fire is His face and ocean His abdomen. In Him is situated the universe with diverse kinds of Gods, men, birds, cattle, serpents, gandharvas and daityas (demons)- all sporting in a charming way.

saSamkha-cakram sakirIta-kunDalam sapIta-vastram sarasIruhekshaNam sahAra-vakshaHsthala-kaustubha-Sriyam namAmi vishNum SirasA catur-bhujam Meaning of the Slokam: I bow down my head before the four-handed vishNu who sports in His hand the Sankha and the discuss, who is adorned with a crown and ear-pendants, who wears a yellow cloth, whose eyes resemble a lotus and whose chest is beautified by many necklaces and the kaustubha mark

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