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Published on December 11, 2007

Author: Tarzen

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VP Services Strategic Plan 2004-2005:  VP Services Strategic Plan 2004-2005 Mission Statement::  Mission Statement: The Vice President (Services) endeavours to maintain and develop relationships between the Engineering Society and its existing services to ensure successful operations and to plan for the future of the Society’s services. To ensure engineers’ interests are being met, the Vice President (Services) must always seek diverse new initiatives Situation Analysis Summary::  Situation Analysis Summary: I oversee a broad range of services. Consequently, I am faced with a broad range of challenges. Effective communication is a must. Services must stay focused on their long term projects and goals and ensure that the overall direction of the service remains relevant to students. current problems with services are: the lack of long term planning and long term goals, the lack of accountability and the lack of skill and experience of our service managers when they start their job. SWOT Analysis- Strengths:  SWOT Analysis- Strengths New staff mean fresh ideas every year! Student loyalty, tradition and interest from both engineering students and everyone else. student managed and staffed- relatively low operating costs. Lots of pride - run for students by students. Financial independence -any profits made will go right back into the service. Any debts will tie them down. This contrasts to AMS. Dealing with their own profits or deficits student managers are given a real opportunity to gain leadership and management experience. SWOT- Weaknesses:  SWOT- Weaknesses Large break in continuity every year. Lack of long term vision b/c each service is concerned with day to day operations. By the time they learn the operations and are comfortable in their role, their term as manager is over. Whole Society has a very short term memory, this often leads to people repeating mistakes. Also time constraints, low funding and lack of usable space. difficult for students them to deal with the university administration and other professional groups b/c they think we are kids SWOT- Opportunities:  SWOT- Opportunities Wage subsidies- SWEP, HRSDC and many others for summer positions. Work Study for throughout the year. Capital improvements- many different government grants for small businesses, the AMS capitol allocations fund, alumni support through the office of advancement. Possible ENGSOC capital fund. Many opportunities for help in the form of advice- Alumni, BOD, AMS employees, Businesses, we don’t always need to reinvent the wheel! Services can learn form each other! services roundtable would build and strengthen working relationships between service managers. Corporate sponsorship already in our design teams and frosh week. Eg LCD screens in Clark. Ads on free merch or other innovative techniques. SWOT- Threats:  SWOT- Threats Bid for Tea Room could cause strain on our relationship with certain university administrators, other services might feel it. Golden Words faces threats from increasingly sensitive interest groups. This year has been very good (“knock on wood”). Increasing insurance costs. The AMS is no longer insured for off campus alcoholic events, and also their general liability insurance has gone up. Also the increased cost of insurance for the pub has potential to strain their finances. Services portfolio is expanding so fast that present structure may not be able to support itself. “Tea Room” becomes a reality, it might accumulate a substantial amount of debt in the first few operating years. What if the triple-A (All Ages Access) is banned from campus? Key Success Factors:  Key Success Factors Awareness of the CURRENT and FUTURE needs of students. Eg. 90% of frosh are underage, and not likely to become 19 until halfway through second year, who should Clark be marketing to? look forward and try to foresee the problems that are going to occur and plan accordingly. develop and maintain excellent transition procedures to minimize knowledge loss. What to do if a service is no longer sustainable? Vision Statement::  Vision Statement: The Engineering Society Services will strive to serve a larger and more diverse group by increasing the number of services and expanding each service’s target group. The services shall provide students with quality service and operate in a transparent manner. Year Operating Statement::  Year Operating Statement: I will work with the services in an effective, professional manner to achieve all of our collective goals. I will ensure our Society will continue to serve all students in the future through the development of new services and the strategic planning of each service. Along with the VP finance and the Engsoc Board of directors, I will oversee the finances of each service and make sure they are making good decisions with their money and that they are sticking to their budget. Student Service Statement: :  Student Service Statement: We will project an open, inclusive image so students feel comfortable and welcome. We will strive to create services that students take pride in owning. Human Resource Management Statement::  Human Resource Management Statement: I will respect the duties or my management teams and allow them to do their job to the best of their abilities. I will oversee the operations of each service and act as a resource whenever needed. My focus will also be on EngSoc relations with each service, other society services and the administration. O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures):  O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures):  O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures):  O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures):  O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures):  O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures) O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures:  O.G.S.M. (Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Measures Action Plans- Food Service Approval:  Action Plans- Food Service Approval Dean Harris has agreed to take the Queen’s Tea Room project to the university administration when he has enough information. By the end of July, I want Dean Harris to have taken over the approval process. By the end of the summer I would like a definite “go/no go” from the administration. Action Plans- Food Service Start up:  Action Plans- Food Service Start up Andrew Wright has been hired to compile a business/start up plan for the Tea Room. By the end of the summer, this plan should tell us how much it is going to cost us to start up this service. This plan will be given to the head manager or whoever takes on this project when Andrew is done. By reading this document anybody should be able to learn exactly what needs to be done to build this service, or where the holes are and who to ask. This start up plan will also include a marketing plan, surveys and instructions to make sure this service has maximum exposure. Action Plan- Weekly Service Meetings:  Action Plan- Weekly Service Meetings Set up weekly meetings with my services managers. I would like to sit in the weekly Clark manager meetings for at least the first couple weeks. I want to start these service manager meetings the first or second week of classes. If I decide it is too hard to accommodate a weekly schedule, I will switch to bi weekly. Services Round Table:  Services Round Table In my first or second service manager meeting I will bring up the idea of a services round table to each manager and see what they think, and any suggestions they can give. I will talk to the AMS services directors and John McDiarmid about what works. I will organize a dinner or a catered meeting at Clark. I will chair the meeting and set up the agenda. This will not be an appreciation dinner, it will be a service managertraining session and also an effective way to get to know each other. I want to do at least one of these per term. Once I transition I would also like to do one with the new VP Services to introduce them to the managers. I want these to be successful so they are continued in future years. Clark- financial stability:  Clark- financial stability Greg is working on the alumni dinner right now with the help of the Alumni Advancement office. We plan on sending out invitations at the beginning of July; this will give lots of time for guests to make plans. We want to make the homecoming dinner a success by having a good turn out. By having an open relation ship with the Pub and weekly (or bi-weekly) finance updates to Lynn and I. We will help to insure that Clark stays on task with their finances and loan repayment plan. My goal is for Clark’s finances to be in order for next year. I want Clark to make a good budget and follow it next year. With some help from generous alumni, Clark can start a capital fund to help pay for capital expenses. By the end of the summer, I want to draft up some policy with Greg and Jim about what kind of things are purchased from this capital fund, and who approves that purchase ICONS:  ICONS By mid July, Marc fill finish a Strategic Plan for the service. Training manuals will be completed and approved by mid August. Training will take place at the end of August and by the beginning of the school year all the staff will be trained and ready to go. Through the year I want to have interviews with the ICONS and ask them about their job. This will serve as good feedback on how the ICons’ jobs can be modified. The position of Chief IL Constable must have an excellent transition report this year, and I may extend the transition period if necessary. Marc plans on doing some events this year to raise the awareness of the ICons on campus (eg. Non “discipline oriented” involvement in Frosh Week and SciFormal ) ENGNET:  ENGNET EngNet must spend this upcoming year marketing their service. I will recommend to Ramik that EngNet advertise in the first issues of the Journal and Golden Words while people are still setting up their home networks as the move in. They can use the EngSoc Marketing Office to help them. There is still uncertainty about how much response there will be this coming September for this service He can also approach some commerce professors to use this service as a project. Depending on how successful this service is, I may recommend that they report to the Board of Directors. I think this service could also greatly benefit from the services Round Table. Space Management:  Space Management There are lots of new space issues that have come up this year. We have basically lost our JDUC room. The AMS Student Center Officer and the JDUC committee has decided to renovate the 2nd floor of the jduc and change them into book able rooms. The SCO (John Hamilton) has assured me that he will put measures in place so that groups do not abuse their room booking privileges. I would like to amend the current EngServe agreement so that the organization renting the office must abide by certain guidelines or they can lose their space. Each group will be subject to an annual space review by the VP services. If the organization is not using their space effectively, they will face losing it, or they will not be allowed to renew their Engserve agreement. Organizations should be allowed to apply for Engsoc office space every year, that way there will be further pressure for groups to use their space effectively, and if any groups space is revoked, there will always be somebody to immediately replace them as tenants. I believe that keeping control on EngSoc space is very important, and I will make it very clear to the next VP Services that they should continue to conduct an annual space review. Services Strat/Business plans:  Services Strat/Business plans Before mid July, I will send a modified version of the Engsoc/Ams Strategic plan template to each service manager. This will be part of the business plan (along with the budgets) that will be presented to the board of directors in the fall. During my weekly/bi-weekly manager meeting is will access the service’s progress of their long and short term goals. I Will present this progress to the board of directors and ask for advice if needed. This should encourage services to think more long term and make better choices. Service Manager Training:  Service Manager Training Before the beginning of August I plan for Greg and me to meet with the AMS VP OPS and FBO and talk about training. We can brainstorm and share our different training techniques and decide what we should both do, and what can be done differently. Then Greg and I will have to Redo the training manuals to reflect and changes. These training manuals could be reviewed by the Board of Directors (Engsoc/AMS) I also want Andrew and I to research the Common Ground training this summer and plan our Tea Room training accordingly, or even try to set up common training. EngSoc Capital Fund:  EngSoc Capital Fund This is an excellent idea brought up by Jim. An Engsoc capital fund could really help our services. I will help Jim by doing research on what kinds of things would be purchased with this fund and also who would be eligible to apply and what criteria should be used to decide. I hope this fund is approved by council and be established this year. GWERB:  GWERB The policy has been approved and is in place. We just need members for the board. During the second half of the summer the previous editors of the paper and I will find members for the committee. I will read all the policy and make sure I know exactly what each person’s role is on the committee. I will notify the editors by mid-July that they need to finish their editorial policy for the year. GWERB will be assembled before the end of September and will approve the editorial policy.

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