VOPE Toolkit Workshop presentation at #Afrea2014

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Information about VOPE Toolkit Workshop presentation at #Afrea2014

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: Vopetoolkit

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Materials from the 2014 AfrEA conference workshop titled EvalPartners VOPE Institutional Development Toolkit #afrea2014

Workshop on the VOPE Institutional Support Toolkit AfrEA conference, Yaonde, Cameroon 4 March 2014


Project Lead: Jennifer Bisgard Signoff and progress meetings TKTF Management Team: Jennifer Bisgard, Patricia Rogers, Jim Rugh Provide advice and review deliverables as necessary TKTF Reference Group: Review deliverables, help to identify resources Project Management

Major Project Steps Inception Report and toolkit framework Engagement Plan Survey Report on VOPE Needs Resource List – Eng & Fr 1st Draft Version of Toolkit

Major Project Steps Evaluation Further Development & Engagement Conversion to online toolkit Final Editing Launch of the toolkit

Inside the Toolkit

3 Mettre en place les activités d'un VOPE 2 Rendre formelle l’association VOPE 1 Comment fonder et développer un VOPE

Types of resources

Outcomes for the Workshop

Anticipated Outcomes • Workshop Participants – Become aware of a range of helpful resources to be used to build strong and transparent VOPEs – Become involved in disseminating the contents of the toolkit to other potential users • Toolkit Developers – Provides valuable feedback on existing resources – Highlights gaps and priorities for further development • Participants à l’atelier – Prendre connaissance d’un ensemble de ressources utilisables pour développer des VOPEs fortes et transparentes – S’engager à disséminer les contenus de la trousse d’outils à d’autres utilisateurs potentiels • Pour ceux qui développent la trousse d’outils – Recevoir de la rétroaction de qualité sur les ressources existantes – Mettre en évidence les lacunes et les priorités pour un développement


Profile question 1 • A) Are you a member / leader of a VOPE? • B) Do you plan to establish a VOPE? • C) Other

Profile Question 2: How Formal is your VOPE? Legally recognized by government Formal network of people interested in M&E Stable or continually growing number of interested people Defined geographic focus Formal governance structure/hierarchy Has constitution Has charter and bylaws Has strategic plan / development plan / vision plan for the organization Has annual general meetings Produces annual reports

Profile Question 3: How Active is your VOPE? • Services (Events, Information sharing, Defined ethical guidelines / standards) • Networks (Local / international) • Communication (mechanism and frequency)

NEEDS AND PROFILE ANALYSIS AfrEA AGDEN Benin (ReBSEv) Botswana (BAME) Burkina Faso (RéBuSE) Cameroon (CaDEA) Comoros (ACSE) Cote d'Ivoire (RISE) DRC (ACoSE) Ethiopia (EEvA) Gabon (SOGEVAL) Ghana (GMEF) Ghana (G-IPEN) Guinea (AGSE) Kenya (ESK) Madagascar (MASSE) Niger (ReNSE)Nigeria (NEA) Nigeria (SMEAN) Senegal (SenEval) South Africa (SAMEA) Tanzania (TanEA) Uganda (NUMNET) Zambia (ZEA) 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Africa Q1 LOW LOW-MEDIUM HIGH-MEDIUM HIGH Ac vity Level Formalizaon Q3 Q4 Q2


PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS ENGAGE! 1 Comment fonder et développer un VOPE 1 Founding and Governing a VOPE

Learning Stations – 20–30 Minutes! English • Material – 6 x participant packs – 1 Evaluation pack • Explore! Page through, discuss • Evaluate! Every resource has a pink evaluation form with 4 questions. Please complete. French • Matière – 6 x Paquets de participants – 1 X Paquet d’evaluation • Découvrez! Un échantillon du contenu de la trousse d’outils est disponible dans chaque paquet pour votre examen • Evaluez! Il y a seulement quatre questions à répondre pour chaque ressource

PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS ENGAGE! 2 Rendre formelle l’association VOPE 2 Institutionalizing a VOPE

PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS ENGAGE! 3 Mettre en place les activités d'un VOPE 3 Carrying out the business of a VOPE

Call to Action!

Opportunities to Get Involved English • E1 Find Resources • E2 Edit Posts • E3 Test online version • E4 Advocate and Share • E5 Train other on the toolkit French • F1 Contribute Resources • F2 Translate / Check Translations • F3 Test online version • F4 Advocate and Share • F5 Train other on the toolkit


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