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Published on April 8, 2008

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Slide1:  Enabling The Broadband Home Sandy Teger and David Waks System Dynamics Inc. Voice On the Net Asia 2000 November 15, 2000 Copyright © 2000 System Dynamics Inc. The “Broadband Home” Initiative:  The “Broadband Home” Initiative Joint effort between System Dynamics and pulver.com Web site Monthly newsletter Conferences Broadband Home Conferences BBH Fall 2000, Oct 3-5, San Jose 230 people,110 companies, 17 countries All industry sectors Industry perspectives and breakout sessions Visions, requirements, issues Future conferences BBH Spring 2001: February 27 - March 1, Miami, Florida BBH Europe Summit 2001: May 15-16, Amsterdam www.TheBroadbandHome.com Conference Themes - BBH Fall 2000:  Conference Themes - BBH Fall 2000 The Broadband Home is “The Next Big Thing” Technology is sexy only for techies It’s really all about applications and content Minimize customer hassle Should be easy to learn and use Customer needs help in installation and support We’ll grow the pie faster by working together It’s not a zero-sum game It hurts us all if products and services don’t work together and disappoint the customer The Emerging “Broadband Home”:  The Emerging “Broadband Home” Broadband access to the Internet Many choices Broadband distribution network within home Wired (CAT 5, phone line, power line, 1394, …) Wireless (HomeRF, 802.11, Bluetooth, …) New applications and content Content and communications applications Audio and video as well as data PCs and much more Phones - voice and video Home entertainment center and other TVs Home stereos Video game consoles New Internet appliances “Broadband Home”:  “Broadband Home” Broadband access and in-home distribution Multiple broadband devices High speed access Megabits: Millions of bits per second To the home, in the home and from the home “Always on” connection Continuous connection From the home to the outside world To the home from the outside - can “see” the home from the outside The Emerging Broadband Home:  The Emerging Broadband Home ISP Services Home Gateway Elements of the Broadband Home:  Elements of the Broadband Home Interconnected Industry Sectors:  Interconnected Industry Sectors Industry Collaboration Is Required:  Industry Collaboration Is Required All business sectors are inter-dependent Appliances and applications depend on one another Audio and video quality -- for telephony and streaming audio and video -- needs QoS in every element Jacques Carelman: "Convergent Bicycle" What Do People Want?:  What Do People Want? Fast access to information, shopping, entertainment, education Voicemail, “follow me” service, PBX extension Video on demand, enhanced TV Personal radio and music Games and software Untethered access to content Transparency in and out of home Audio & video content Conference Themes:  Conference Themes The Broadband Home is “The Next Big Thing” Technology is sexy only for techies Minimize customer hassle We’ll grow the pie faster by working together The Dream:  The Dream “They walk into a store, buy a device -- fully loaded -- bring it home, plug it in, and they’re ready to rock & roll.” Dan Somers, CEO AT&T Broadband on his dream experience for consumers Fortune 10/9/2000 One Family’s Experience:  One Family’s Experience Our “quasi-broadband” home ISDN today Rewired for broadband in 1996 PCs Telephones Audio and video Illustrates today’s realities First, Some Background:  First, Some Background Sandy and Dave Math degrees Assembly language programmers Always worked in technology Always fascinated by “the next big thing” “Walk the talk” Dave Hands-on “If I can’t buy it, I’ll build it” “Keeping it working is half the fun!” Sandy “What can it do for me?” “It drives me crazy when it doesn’t work!” Our Quasi-broadband Home:  Our Quasi-broadband Home Slide16:  Our Quasi-Broadband Home Slide17:  Dave’s PC Slide18:  Sandy’s PC Slide19:  Card scanner and camera Slide20:  Rex interface Slide21:  Sandy’s portable Slide22:  The old 386 Slide23:  Scanner Slide24:  The server room Slide25:  The Plumbing – router and hubs Slide26:  Master LAN patch panel Slide27:  Attic plumbing Slide28:  Our NT server Slide29:  Fax machine Slide30:  Four-line phone Slide31:  Telephone and modem wiring Slide32:  Attic telephone wiring block Slide33:  Room ports Slide34:  Ports in the kitchen Slide35:  WebTV in the kitchen Slide36:  Master bedroom TV Slide37:  Master bedroom jacks Slide38:  Video plumbing Slide39:  Attic video plumbing Slide40:  Entertainment center Slide41:  Video projector Slide42:  A. Lower the Screen On the switch panel (under thermostat near bar) find the screen switch on the upper left. Push to lower the screen. It will stop automatically when the screen is fully lowered B. Turn on the VCR Find the VCR remote control (it’s labeled “RCA” on the bottom). Push the red VCR1 button to power on the RCA VCR (the upper VCR on the left). The VCR is on if you see the channel number on the right of the VCR display (the time is displayed on the left whether the VCR is on or off). C. Turn on and set up the Receiver Find the receiver remote control (it’s labeled “Denon” on the upper left). Push the red POWER button to turn on the receiver (upper box on the right). The receiver is on if you see the display lit up. Select VCR1 as receiver input device: If VCR1 is not shown on the receiver display, push the yellow VCR1 button (number “5”) on the receiver remote control. After a few seconds, you should hear sound from the loudspeakers if a video channel has been selected. Set receiver mode to STEREO - push blue STEREO button on the remote control. Instructions for turning it on Slide43:  D. Turn on the Projector Remove the lens cap from the projector (if it is on). Plug in the projector if the line cord is disconnected (at the right rear). Turn on the projector - the switch is just above the line cord at the rear of the projector. The projector will warm up in about a minute. You will first see a test pattern, and then the video picture corresponding to the sound. If you see a blue screen without a picture, open the control door on the top right of the projector, and push the VIDEO button. You should now see the picture. E. (During daytime) Lower the Shades The room is set up with six room darkening shades. Lower them to block out the sunlight. F. To Change the Channel Use the cable box remote control to change the channel. Push the white CABLE button on the top of the remote control, and then push the channel number. Note that all channels are three-digit numbers; use 004 for channel 4. Instructions for turning it on - 2 Slide44:  Audio and video components Slide45:  Remotes Slide46:  Audio and video plumbing Slide47:  Switch boxes Slide48:  Dining room stereo Slide49:  Dining room control boxes Slide50:  Dining room wiring Slide51:  AV wiring diagram Slide52:  Living room plant lights Slide53:  Downstairs plant lights Slide54:  The lighting controller Slide55:  Sandy in the garden Slide56:  LAN card in garden Slide57:  Wireless LAN base station Slide58:  Rex and cellphone Slide59:  Navi system map Slide60:  Navi address Slide61:  Rex The Broadband Home:  The Broadband Home Much of the technology is available now -- but it’s too damn complex! Skill and time to set it up Needs sophisticated trouble-shooting skills Seemingly simple things are hard to do Industry Challenges:  Industry Challenges Make it easy for the user Allow flexibility without increasing complexity Satisfy both early adopters and mass market Facilitate interworking of products and services Needs to be “a symphony, not a solo” Home Networking Overview:  Home Networking Overview Key drivers Multi-PC households New applications - home control, appliance maintenance, distribution of phone, audio and video New net appliances - Webpad, game console, Internet radio, ... Sharing Internet access and home resources “People don’t want a network, they want to share” Many competing technologies Ethernet over Category 5 structured wiring Phone line (HomePNA) Wireless (HomeRF, 802.11 family. Bluetooth) Powerline (HomePlug) Uncertainty as to “winners” and timing ~20 Million US Homes: More Than One PC Fastest Growing PC Segment!:  ~20 Million US Homes: More Than One PC Fastest Growing PC Segment! ~20% two or more PCs ~45% no PCs ~35% one PC 6.5M Homes have a laptop as the second PC. Source: Gary Matos, Intel ~1 Million Home Networks:  ~1 Million Home Networks In ‘2004, 60% of new PCs will ship with home networking. Source: Gary Matos, Intel Home Network Benefits:  Home Network Benefits Share: Internet Simultaneous access from one account Printers Print to any printer from any PC Files and Drives Transfer files from one PC to another Multi-user Applications Intercom, games, and digital jukebox Source: Gary Matos, Intel Why Do People Buy a Network?:  Source: Survey of AnyPoint Home Network purchasers, 6/99 Source: Gary Matos, Intel Why Do People Buy a Network? Slide69:  How Are People Using It? Source: Survey of AnyPoint Home Network purchasers, 6/99 Source: Gary Matos, Intel A Network Designed for the Home…:  Source: Gary Matos, Intel A Network Designed for the Home… What is ‘No New Wires’?:  What is ‘No New Wires’? Wireless Ideal for Notebook PCs Offers best mobility; range = 150’ More expensive than phoneline Source: Gary Matos, Intel Home Network Shipments:  Home Network Shipments Source: Intel HNO – Q2’00 World Wide Nodes by Technology Wireless Networking:  Wireless Networking Very attractive home networking solution Too many competing flavors Reconcile home and office Like to use same wireless LAN in both Reconcile personal area network with home network Will Bluetooth work with other wireless LANs? Broadband home is more than PCs Need to provide adequate bandwidth 10 Mbps for PC-to-PC communications 25 Mbps for video distribution Home Networking - Our Forecast:  Home Networking - Our Forecast Near term (next year or two) Different markets will develop differently New construction - Fast Ethernet over Cat 5 Existing MDUs: HomePNA for vertical risers, Bluetooth within unit Single family: Wireless (probably 802.11b) and HomePNA Longer Term (two years plus) HomePlug and HomePNA for backbone with wireless within rooms 802.11a (25 to 55 Mbps) for integrated distribution of data, audio and video within home Home Gateway - Overview:  Home Gateway - Overview Simplifies in-home broadband distribution Hides complexity Platform for new services No clear definition of “gateway” requirements and features Many vendors developing early products for DSL and cable Home Gateway - Components:  Home Gateway - Components Broadband Modem - Cable or - DSL or - … Home Gateway - Integrated:  Home Gateway - Integrated Core - Router - NAT, DHCP - Firewall Broadband Modem - Cable or - DSL or - … Bridge to multiple transports - Ethernet and - HomePNA or - HomeRF or - HomePlug or - ... Applications - Home web server - Media server - Telephone services - Home security and control - ... Integrated versus Component Gateway:  Integrated versus Component Gateway Component gateway Great for installed base but Integration problems Who ya gonna call? Integrated gateway Put it in the closet and forget about it Source: Peter Buechler, Motorola Set Top Box as Gateway:  Set Top Box as Gateway Coax Wireless (1394 or other) MediaWire Home Gateway Bedroom Bedroom Home Office Living Room Bedroom Source: Peter Buechler, Motorola Home Gateway Evolution:  Home Gateway Evolution First generation gateways Broadband (cable/DSL) modems with built-in home networking for Internet sharing Locally powered multi-line Multimedia Terminal Adapters Will soon evolve into full-fledged residential gateways Network-powered integrated voice/data gateways Intelligent device and service management Modular architectures With multiple form factors Outside the house Stand-alone inside the house Integrated into the set-top box Source: Peter Buechler, Motorola User Needs Drive the Home Gateway:  User Needs Drive the Home Gateway Telephony-specific Needs and Features:  Telephony-specific Needs and Features Sometimes user needs are in conflict “Support my existing phones and phone-connected devices such as fax machines and PCs” versus “Provide new features not possible with today’s phones” …and result in different vendor responses connect to existing house wiring, phones, and modem-equiped devices versus connect to new phone devices in new ways Service providers influence gateway telephone features Main market for many gateway vendors Gateways packaged as part of their service package Their needs and their perception of end user needs influences vendor implementation of features

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