Volunteering For Education In A Socially Connected World

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Information about Volunteering For Education In A Socially Connected World

Published on September 24, 2011

Author: joelogs

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Presented at the Youth Congress for IT, September 23, 2011, UP Diliman Quezon City PH

Volunteering for Education ina Socially Connected World Joel C. Yuvienco

Have you figured them out? Before turning 20?

Introducing Maslow. Maslow who?

Have you volunteered lately?

How can you help others when you cant help yourself?

Isnt it NOT what you take but what you leave behind ..?

You ARE ..." ...what you own OR ... what you share."

1001 ways to volunteer ... Think Causes.

Sometimes a Click is all it takes.

For everything else ...You would need more time outside your comfort zone.

... is one.Shelter

One Liter of Light Shelter too!

Yellow boat for students who swim to school Survival?

Books for the Barrios Empowerment.

"Laptops" for Children Empowerment +

(1) So, do you want to be part of an educational program that gives you instant ... Feedback?

(2) that is not too simple /... nor too complicated?

(3) That offers rewards ...that are sometimes unexpected?

(4) That gives you ... epic meaning?

(5) That allows you ...mastery of skills, productivity and accomplishment?

(6) ... with opportunitiesto meet new friends, and enjoy some degree of autonomy?

Sounds like Angry Birds, right?

eKindling might be a good option. Seriously.

So how can you help?Let us count the ways...

Liking us on FB... is a good place to start.

Photo opp with XO would be nice too.Photo opp with XO would be nice too. :-)

Maraming salamat po!jyuvienco@ekindling.org http://ekindling.org

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