Volume of Prisms and Cylinders

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Published on June 30, 2008

Author: karenb521

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Welcome to my home : Welcome to my home Finding Volume of Prisms and Cylinders Slide 2: You have arrived at: 100 Prism Placein Cylinder, NJ Please come in …. : Please come in …. I have a job for you ! Things in my home : Things in my home Identifying 3-D Solids : Identifying 3-D Solids Prisms: three-dimensional figures named for the shape of their base. Rectangular prism: bases are rectangles Triangular prism: bases are triangles Cylinders: three-dimensional figures that have circles for bases Prisms : Prisms Name the prisms found in my house Rectangular Prisms Triangular Prism rectangle square triangle Cylinders : Cylinders Name the cylinders found in my house circle What is volume? : What is volume? The amount of space inside a figure Measured in cubic units …. unit³ Finding Volume : Finding Volume Formula V = Bh Volume = big B x height the volume equals the area of the base times The height of the figure length width height base Find the volume of the rectangular prisms : Find the volume of the rectangular prisms V = B x h V = (area of base) x (height) V = (lw) x (h) V = (5x5) x (5) V = 125 in³ 5 in 5 in 5 in The length of the spaghetti box is 1 inch, the width is 8 inches and the height is 4 inches. V = Bh (lw x h) V = (1 x 8) x 4 V = 32 in³ Find the volume of the triangular prism : Find the volume of the triangular prism 7cm 8 cm 10 cm V = Bh V = (area of base ) x (height of prism) Note – the bases are the top and bottom of the piece of cake V = (1/2 bh) x h V = (1/2 x 7 x 10) x 8 V = 280 cm³ Find volume of cylinders : Find volume of cylinders 4 in 6 in V = Bh V = (area of circle) x (height of cylinder) V = (∏ r²) x h V = (3.14 x 2²) x 6 V = 75.36 in³ Find the volume : Find the volume The radius of the candle is 3.5 cm and the height is 9 cm. V = Bh V = (∏r²) x h V = (3.14 x 3.5²) x 9 V = 346.185 cm³ Not done yet !! : Not done yet !! 10 ft 6 ft 7 ft Rectangular Prism V = Bh V = (6 x 7) x 10 V = 420 ft³ Thank you ! : Thank you ! Thank you ! Your presents are awaiting you, I hope you like them !! : Your presents are awaiting you, I hope you like them !!

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