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Published on July 6, 2009

Author: mrpetri

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A student presentation that was background before an alcohol simulation with "Fatal Visions" glasses.

Volstead act In 1919 , Congressed passed the Volstead Act, which was a way to 2) Eliminate drunkenness, 3) Get rid of saloons, and 4) Prevent absenteeism, to provide a system for enforcing the 18th Amendment.

18 th Amendment The 18th Am endm w proposed by ent as Congress Decem ber 18, 19 , ratified in 17 January 16, 19 . In 1920, the 18th 19 Am endm took effect. This Am ent endm ent outlaw the m ed aking, selling, transporting, importing or exporting of alcoholic beverages in the U.S. 18th Amendment repealed in its entirely in 1933 by 21st Amendment.

Leader…  Andrew Volstead was the chairman of House Judiciary Committee.  He was known as the “Father of Prohibition”  He wrote the National Prohibition Act which referred as the Volstead Act.  He was defeated shortly after Prohibition was imposed.

Who were for…  Factory owners strongly supported the movement because of the new work habits that were required for industrial workers ( during the 19th century, worker were allowed to drink on the job as a way of dealing with the tedium of long work hours)  Women were strongly behind the temperance movement, for alcohol was seen as the destroyer of families and marriages. Men would spend their money on alcohol, leaving women with no money to provide for their children.

Very few people followed the act  It was widely ignored(especialy in large cities), but liquor was no longer made in the U.S. How would people obtain it?

Bootleggers  Bootleggers were originally drinkers who hid flasks in their boots.  Now they were suppliers of illegal alcohol. How would they supply it? Stills  Were devices used to produce alcohol, but other suppliers would smuggle it from other countries

Speakeasies  Were bars that operated illegally  There were 7 speakeasies and over 4,000 bootleggers in Washington DC alone  Customers could not just go in, they were usually guard and had hidden entrances, and may need a membership card.

This is a speakeasies getting raided

Quiz 1. When did the Volstead Act pass by Congress? 2. When was the 18th Amendment repealed? 3. What Amendment replaced the 18th Amendment? 4. Who is Andrew Volstead and what does he do? 5. What are the reasons factor owners and women were for the act? 6. Was the Act overall followed or ignored? 7. Originally, Bootleggers were____. A. Latino selling DVD's B. Drunks who hid flasks in their boots. C. Kids who would drink liquor 8. True or False The act were largely followed in big cities.

X-Credit Write three to four sentences describing the two pictures.

 We will be doing an experiment by using two of the goggles.  These goggles are call B.A.C ( Blood Alcohol Content) or a Fatal Vision Goggles. (.07-.010)  The legal limit in CA is .08 Instruction  Students will get in a line.  There are daytime goggle or nighttime goggle, choose one.  Then they will walk straight following the line.  Students who walk straight without getting out of the line will stand by in the left side when others will stand in the right.  During the time alcohols were banned. Many men claimed that they can take care of their children. Do you really think you can take care of the baby like this? They spends most of their time at work drink and most of their money were spend on alcohol instead of the families.  Even though the Prohibition didn't work out because people were still selling alcohols illegally but Prohibition was introduced. People began to think about the effects that alcohol could cause. For ex. like today, we have law that stated you can't drive when you are drunk.  The whole purpose of this experiment is to show how dangerous it is to be drunk because you don't even know what you doing

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