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Published on March 17, 2018

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Volleyball : Volleyball 7 th Grade Physical education Mr. Resendiz Unit Learning Objectives: Unit Learning Objectives By the end of this unit, students will be able to: Demonstrate the proper technique of various volleyball skills used during gameplay. Understand the basic terminology that we will use throughout the unit. Understand the basic rules we will used in volleyball Identify the lines and areas of the court. Key Terms: Key Terms Ace: a serve that the opponent cannot pass/control; results immediately in a point. Rally: hitting the ball continually back and forth over the net between two teams. Rally Scoring: scoring system used in volleyball; serving or receiving team earns a point when the opposite team messes up. Rotation: shifting positions clockwise when the team is awarded a serve. Dink: a legal push (tipping) of the ball over the blockers/net. Foul: a violation of a rule; point awarded to opposite team. Kill: using a spike that results in a point. Court Diagram & Positions: Side Line Center Line Right Front Right Back Middle Back Left Back Middle Front Left Front Attack Line Service/Base Line Court Diagram & Positions Volleyball Rules: Gameplay: Volleyball Rules: Gameplay Basic Gameplay Rules: 6 players on each team; 3 in the front and 3 in the back. Teams are allowed to contact the ball a maximum of 3 and then must return the ball to the opponent’s side of the net. If a ball touches the boundary line, then it is considered to be in. A ball is “out” if it hits the floor completely outside the court. Volleyball Rules: Serving: Volleyball Rules: Serving Serving Rules The ball must be served from behind the base line. Players will be given 2 attempts to serve. The ball can be served either underhand or overhand. If a ball hits the net during a serve and goes over to the opponents side, then it is a legal serve and the serving team earns a point. If the serving team scores a point, the same player will continue to serve until the opponent scores a point. A player cannot block or attack a serve. Volleyball Rules: Rotation: Volleyball Rules: Rotation Rotation Team will rotate each time they win a serve. Players will rotate clockwise before their team serves. Player standing in the “1” (right back) position will serve for the team. Basic Volleyball Rules : Basic Volleyball Rules How many times can you contact the ball before returning it to your opponent? What is the difference between an underhand serve and an overhand serve? When do you rotate positions? Clockwise or Counter Clockwise? Violations : Violations Common Rule Violations: Stepping on or over a service line on a serve. Failure to serve the ball over the net successfully. Hitting the ball illegally (carrying, palming, throwing, etc.). Contacts the ball more than once. Scoring: Scoring Volleyball uses the “Rally Scoring” method Games are commonly played up to 25 points. If the score is tied, then a team must win by 2 points (ex. Team A vs. Team B tied 24-24; Team A beats Team B with a score of 26-24). To win a match, a team must win 2 out of 3 games or 3 out of 5 games A team earns a point if: The opponent hits the ball out of bounds. The serving teams does not successfully serve the ball over the net after 2 attempts. The ball makes contact with the ground. Common Violations & Scoring: Common Violations & Scoring Raise your hand and name the 3 common violations. If Team A has 26 points and Team B has 26 points, how many points does Team A need to win the match? What are the 3 ways to score a point in volleyball? Other ways? Volleyball Skills : Volleyball Skills Serve: underhand or overhand; skill used to put the ball in play. Bump: a pass using the forearms (commonly used to receive a serve). Set: skill used to set the ball for a player to spike. Spike: skill used where a player hits the ball with force in a downward direction. Block: A defensive play where the players at the net jump with outstretched arms to attempt to block or interfere the ball. Dig: skill used to prevent a spiked ball or an attack from touching the floor and successfully passing it to a teammate. *Skills that we will practice and focus on improving. Volleyball Serve: Overhand Serve: Volleyball Serve: Overhand Serve Critical Features: Step forward with the opposite foot of the striking/serving hand. Toss the ball 3-4 feet above head and in front of the serving shoulder. Strike the ball with an open hand in one continuous motion. Follow through with the striking hand in the direction of the ball. Transfer weight from your back foot to the front foot. Volleyball Serve: Underhand Serve: Volleyball Serve: Underhand Serve Critical Features: Face your target. Hold the ball out in front with your non-striking hand. Use a bowling motion (step with the opposite foot and bring your striking hand back). As your hand comes forward, strike the ball with the heel of your hand. Do not toss the ball in the air during the striking motion. Follow through toward your target. Bump (Forearm Pass): Bump (Forearm Pass) Critical Features: Knees bent and shoulder width apart. Make a flat surface with arms by placing back of one hand in palm of the other. Extend arms out in front of the body. Meet the ball with your arms, do not swing arms. Aim arms toward the top of the net, not the ceiling. Set (Overhand Pass): Set (Overhand Pass) Critical Features: Knees bent and shoulder width apart. Arms raised about chin height and elbows flexed approximately 90 degrees. Fingers and hands spread into the shape of the ball with thumbs pointed toward the nose and wrists flexed back. Quick “catch” and push with fingers. Spike: Spike Critical Features: Use a three step approach starting with the non-dominant foot. Jump off with two feet. Throw both arms in air with elbow of hitting arm high. Contact point is slightly in front of shoulder with arm fully extended. Contact is made with open hand over the ball. Volleyball Clips: Volleyball Clips Stand up and demonstrate an overhand serve; underhand serve; bump; set; spike. What are some skills that you saw in the video? Were there any violations that you noticed? What skill was used the most? Volleyball in Action https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmqPpkYYe2g Scott Sterling Clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oY2nVQNlUB8

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