Volkswagen Aids Care Program

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Information about Volkswagen Aids Care Program

Published on November 16, 2007

Author: Sevastian


Slide1:  Volkswagen - Brazil Slide2:  Volkswagen - Brazil HEALTH CARE POLICY Health Care Programs User Satisfaction: Employees Dependants Aggregates Retirees Cost Rationalization Balance - supply and demand for health care services Quantity Quality HEALTH CARE POLICY Slide3:  Volkswagen - Brazil HEALTH CARE POLICY INTERN Health Clinics E.R. Generalists Specialists Diagnosis Rehabilitation EXTERNAL Medical Plan Accredited Net HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE TOTAL QUALITY QUALITY OF LIFE HEALTH PROGRAMS Home care Aids care Baby care Chemical Dependence Pregnancy D.O.R.T Non Smoking Diabetes Physical Conditioning Hypertension Epilepsy Cancer Prevention (gynecology and prostate) Contraceptive methods Slide4:  Self-Managed for 22 years 84.240 lives Employees 26.000 Dependants 58.000 Retirees 240 1.900 providers (Hospitals,Laboratories,Physicians,...) Volkswagen - Brazil MEDICAL PLAN Slide5:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS POLICY HIV test is not a medical routine HIV(+) / AIDS employees are not dismissed for it Secret and ethics are assured by the professionals Mandatory report: Public Departments and Internal Program Team COMPANY POLICY Slide6:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS Repeating and lasting hospitalizations. Frequent hospital infections. High incidence of opportunists diseases. Hospitals and professionals' teams not yet specialized for the attendance of the “new disease.” 1986 - 1st HIV(+) known case Up to June/1996 - 115 cases (employees/dependants/aggregates/retirees) 1/2 Previous Status Slide7:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS Low adhesion to the health care resources. High cost of medications and public heath care quitting. Precocious Sickening and low life expectancy. High cost x Low benefit. 1986 - 1st HIV(+) known case Up to June/1996 - 115 cases (employees/dependants/aggregates/retirees) 2/2 Previous Status Slide8:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM CASES DISTRIBUTION BY AGE - Up to June/1996 - 115 cases Slide9:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM CASES DISTRIBUTION BY FUNCTIONAL STATUS - Up to June/1996 - 115 cases Slide10:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM Beginning: June/96 Slide11:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM Proposal of integrated and managed global attendance. Centralized services with specialized technical team. Focus: prevention, control and rehabilitation. Access warranty to medications and specific clinical tests. (protocol) Program Guidelines Slide12:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM Home Health Care. Hospital Reference. Reintegration to work and society. Social and psychological support (family included). Increase of life expectancy. Reduction of hospitalisations. Medium Cost X High Benefit. Program Guidelines Slide13:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM PROGRAM TEAM MEDICAL SERVICES HOSPITAL SENTINEL CLINICS HOME HEALTH CARE REFERENCE HOSPITAL USER Slide14:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM ATTENDANCE PROTOCOL Multiprofessional Team Specialised Clinical Tests Therapeutic Schemes Slide15:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM MAIN ACTIONS: Educational Lectures Videos Internal Newspaper Bulletin Board AIDS Brochures Panel Condom Vending Machine INTERN EDUCATIONAL PREVENTIVE PROGRAM Slide16:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM CASES DISTRIBUTION BY SEX AND AGE – 06/96 – 07/02 Slide17:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM CATEGORIES OF CONTAMINATION Slide18:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM HIV(+) Slide19:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM PRESENT CLINICAL CONDITION Slide20:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM QUANTITATIVE OUTCOMES From Jun/96 to dez/01 - out of 84 patients in the program: 56 are in ambulatorial care, 01 are in home care program and 27 passed away. Reduction of hospitalizations of 90%. Ambulatorial and home care, medicines and clinical tests with a cost reduction of 40%. 90% of the patients are active and without symptoms. Slide21:  Volkswagen - Brazil AIDS CARE PROGRAM QUALITATIVE OUTCOMES Better clinical control of patients. Prevention and retard of the appearing of disease manifestations in the HIV(+) patient. Better life quality - reintegration in society and in work. Better level of the employee's satisfaction at the company.

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