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Published on October 21, 2007

Author: pacificleo

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2006 Market Map: Guide To VoIP FirstPartner FirstPartner www.firstpartner.net Kurt Lyall Christopher Owen t. +44 (0)870 874 8700 klyall@firstpartner.net cowen@firstpartner.net Customer Segments Welcome to VoIP Market Map Welcome to the 2006 Q3 VoIP Market Map. It is an overview of the global VoIP industry on one page and includes key facts and underlying trends that drive Residential / Families Small Office Home Office (SoHo) Public Space / Campus Enterprise this industry. Needs: Needs: Needs: Needs: 1) Starting at the top, the map identifies four main customer segments and their 1) Out of the box and simple to use 1) Ease of administration 1) Simple to use 1) Interoperability with legacy systems key needs. 2) It presents the complete range of phones and devices that customers can 2) Reliability and low cost 2) Cost efffective 2) Coverage and range 2) Security and reliability choose from to adopt VoIP service. 3) Number portability 3) Network of users 3) Fast hand-off 3) Operating cost 3) The map identifies different channels through which customers buy phones and VoIP services and solutions. 4) The map distinguishes between traditional service providers like fixed line carriers and new Internet telecom service providers. 5) It lists leading players that offer infrastructure and technologies to both service providers and enterprise customers. Phones / Hardware Market Facts 1. Subscribers to retail VoIP service worldwide rose by 83% from 10.3 million at the beginning of 2005 to 18.7 million. 2. Number of subscribers paying for PC to phone service is over 4.7 million. Skype has the largest market share at 45%. 3. Time Warner Cable in USA signed up 900,000 subscribers in 2005. 4. France is the largest VoIP market in Europe with 2.8 million subscribers. 5. The VoIP market for hardware and software is led by Cisco, which had 24.3 % Soft Phone / IM Software USB Phone Vendors Smart Phones Hybrid Devices Wi - Fi Phones IP Phones ATA Other share in the Q106. Avaya came in second with 23.4 %. AOL Actiontec Dell AOL Portable IM Cisco Cisco Cisco VoIP Voice US Pure-Play VOIP Market Share BT Voyager Atcom Eten Nintendo GameBoy Motorola Alcatel Digium BillKey 20% CallComm Canyon Flipstart Nokia NGage NetGear Siemens D-Link Edgecore Express Talk Clarisys HP Sony Mylo Sony Cidico Grandstream Logitech 1% 1% Google Ipevo HTC Xbox Live! Symbol Mitel Linksys Motorola 2% 2% Jabber Onyx iMate Hitachi Cable Toshiba SIPPhone Vegastream Netgear 2% Lipz4 Philips UT Starcom Snom Zoom Polycom Microsoft US Robotics Vocera Unidata Comms Systems Zyxel Sierra Wireless 55% 3% 4% 5% 5% Vonage Verizon VoiceWing AT&T CallVantage SunRocket Channel Lingo NetZero Voice Broadvoice AOL 8x8 (Packet8) Earthlink Other Mobile Operators Retailers Online / Mail Order IT VARS / Resellers Telecoms VARS / Resellers System Integrators Source: Telephia Market Drivers 3 (Hutchison) KPN Mobile Circuit City Radio Shack Amazon Firebox Brightstar Smith Micro Central Telecom ABP Accenture Atos Origin VoIP Penetration into Broadband Market (US) CompUSA Micro Centre Dabs PC Telephone Brightpoint Tech Data Data Sharp Telecom Scantalk BT Consulting CommVerge 30.00% Dixons CDW Kelkoo Play.com Dangaard Synnex Equant VoIPBitz CapGemini Satyam Computers 25.00% Mesh Computers Walmart Firebox Shopping.com Data Sharp Telecom Global IT Networks L3N Vonexus Fujitsu Services Tata Consultancy PC Mall Tesco VoIP Supply Talkip4u El Corte Ingles GTSI Netservices Lirex HP Services Orca Group 20.00% PC World Carrefour VoIP Phone Depot TigerDirect Micro Computer Computacenter SouthernCom STS Logica CMG Quentris 15.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Service Providers Source: The Yankee Group, 2004 Market Commentary Internet Telecom Service Providers Internet Service Providers Wireless Internet Service Providers Alternatives Fixed Carriers 1. Service provider race Low barriers to participation allow new entrants to launch services. Business models vary from Skype CallServe BT Yahoo AvantGo BT OpenZone Azulstar 360 Networks Tech Terra British Telecom Comcast provider to provider. Ultimately survivors must have strong funding, good marketing strategy and willing to fight for market share as traditional carriers are also launching competing services. Vongage iConnect Easynet Covad Concourse Mobiboo Albacom TelCove Deutsche Telekom Hanara Lingo InPhoneix Kingston ISP Net Canada Liberty Europe Clearwire CableVision Wave Crest France Telecom MCI 2. Infrastructure vendors have been over funded SunRocket Telappliant Mistral FranceNet Swisscom Speednet Services Gamma Telecom Thus Telecom Italia Sprint Multiple specialist vendors, funded by VCs, have launched platforms and infrastructure to support Packet8 Earthlink Plusnet Road Runner T-Mobile Commspeed Inmarsat Viatel KPN Time Warner Cable VoIP services. Ultimately too many suppliers are currently in the market and very few will be able CallVantage PlusNet Nildram NetZero Wayport NextPhase Wireless iTXC Modus Telecom SingTel NTT carve out a sustainable niche in the long-term. As technologies standardise, vendors will need to consolidate technologies to deliver better value propositions to carriers and enterprises. Google Symphony Sky Virgin.net Fiberlink FreshTel KMC Telecom Inclarity Telefonica Verizon Yahoo VoiceWing Tiscali Pipex iPass Avantel Primus Telecom NewEdge Telia Sonera VSNL 3. Mainstream networking vendors are the main beneficiaries NetLogic Voiceglo Orange AOL GoRemote ERF Wireless Rapid Technology Alternative Telecom Telenor Qwest Driven by the need for more bandwidth in order to deliver acceptable quality of service, mainstream VoIP Street Go2Call Demon Datanet Boingo Net2Phone VoiceNet Cable & Wireless PCCW network vendors are likely to benefit from VoIP helping to triggering customer up-grade and replacement cycles. ISPs will also benefit as businesses and consumers look to increase their network requirements. 4. VoIP over Wi-Fi is in hype mode Unclear service delivery models, lack of hotspots and poor handset performance means that the Wholesale Termination & Preselect IP to IP Interconnect Centrex & VPBX CPE Platform combination of these two technologies will take longer than expected to become a meaningful service. Example: Evolution of Skype Platform 5. VoIP over cellular networks Providers Providers Providers Providers Providers Solutions are being developed to enable customers to access buddy lists and make VoIM calls from A viral network for BT Wholesale Annecto Telecom Cable & Wireless Aastra Telecom C4L their cellphone without incurring any long distance or per minute mobile charges in some cases. Tier sharing 2 mobile operators are taking a lead through marketing arrangements with ITSPs to differentiate Castle Networks Bactel Global Crossing Alcatel Belco information and their consumer propositions and boost data ARPU. First European BandX InfinRoute Networks Avaya Digium content Global Source Cable & Wireless ITXC Nortel Speed Touch FirstPartnergrowing strategic marketing and research agency. No other agency Largest peer to Infocomm Global Crossing iBasis Polycom Nortel peer system ever FirstPartner is a fast Level3 Global Termination Level3 Samsung Tandberg built has the strength of understanding of technology and its impact on changing customer Primus ICX Europe Progress Telecom Siemens Toshiba behaviour, combined with marketing know-how. Teleglobe Verizon Qwest Sylantro Unisys Presence on over We take on big marketing challenges for our clients, helping them to, launch new 100 million technology based propositions and better optimise their marketing strategies. desktops FirstPartner was established in 2001 and is growing on average more than 50% year-on-year. We have a unique and successful culture, thanks to our multi-disciplined Draws 1% of www teams covering marketing, creative, finance and research. Our track record speaks for bandwidth itself and spans working with global brands through to the most innovative start-ups. Carrier Grade IP Infrastructure Enterprise IP Infrastructure Why not contact us to get your team up to speed and to build on the debate. Technology and Platform Providers Skype Developer Ecosystem Global IP Voice Processing Voxeo IVR Unified Message Gateways Soft Switches CRM Disclaimer Voxeo IVR Pamela Systems Inbound PBX Ubiquity Software Content Voxpilot Video response The map includes information compiled from various reputable sources and other Mindspeed Opensource Scodor Voicemail methods like structured interviews and surveys, conference material and Gateways Billing & Mediation IP PBXs/Centrex Firewalls information available in the public domain. As data and information sources are Sylantra Platforms 4Teambiz PIM outside our control, FirstPartner makes no representation as to its accuracy or Netwise PIM VApps Conferencing completeness. All responsibility for any interpretation or actions based on this map Video ShoreTel Antispam & App. VideoIM Media Services lies solely with the reader. Copyright 2007 Other Access Points Switches Voice portal integration Tellme Need Extra Copies? t. +44 (0) 870 874 8700 f. +44 (0) 870 874 9888 Industry Enablers e. hello@firstpartner.net firstpartner.net Web Service Market Place VoIP Experts Leading Publications Regulators Standard Bodies Research & Advisory Strike Iron Pulver.com VNU FCC H.323 (ITU) Gartner SAP Patton VON Ofcom SIP (IETF) FirstPartner

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