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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: thesilmarilli

Source: slideshare.net

Vladimir Propp’s Theory By Jodie Johnson

Vladimir Propp’s Theory Propp was a soviet formalist scholar who analysed the basic plot of components of Russian folk tales to identify their narrative elements. Propp also identified that there are so many different functions that occur in fairy tales. There is usually an initial situation that occurs, then 31 different functions are usually used.

Some of the functions that are used.. • Trickery – Villain is usually in disguise and is trying to deceive the ‘good character’ (victim) to attempt to take possession of their belongings • First function of the donor – The hero of the story is tested, attacked, this results in preparing the arrival of the (magical) helper that becomes a big influence in the story • Transfiguration – The hero is given a new appearance eg; is made handsome, different and a whole new person • Complicity – The victim of the story is taken in by deception to unwittingly help the enemy (villain)

Vladimir Propp’s Theory Propps theory was that there is a number of different functions that are used within each film or story and these are usually followed by the main plot in the story. He also identified that there are 8 different types of character, which include; • • • • • • • • The villain The (magical) helper The hero The princess or prize The dispatcher Her father The donor The false hero

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