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Published on November 11, 2007

Author: vkendra

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spiritually oriented service mission

Natural Resources Development Project Objective : Sustainable Development Activities : Cost effective housing, water management, organic farming, indigenous health system, renewable energy. Location : Kanyakumari

 Publishing books for technology dissemination  Popularization and research on Azolla  Organising Conferences on traditional systems of medicine  Workshops on Water Management Activities: Indian System of Medicine workshops  Green Health Camps  Construction of Biogas plants  Networking of more than 200 NGOs in South India and also with the relevant Depts. of Govt. of India.

Natural Resources Development Project Innovative Construction Technologies, Water management

Natural Resources Development Project Bio-energy, Sustainable Agriculture

AWARDS & RECOGNITION Ashden Award in 2006 and Bhoomi Jalsamvardhan Award in 2007

1992 Vivekananda Bharat Parikrama for 347 days

1992 - Vivekananda Bharat Parikrama

1993 – Commencement of Arun Jyoti Project in Arunachal Pradesh for its development through culture

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