Visualizing Health Data

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Information about Visualizing Health Data

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: schemadesign



This presentation explores the visualization of health data through four sections. It begins with the Quantified Self movement, followed by a deep dive into principles of data visualization. Next it explores metaphors for visualizing personal data through a range of examples, and ends with a case study on a project Schema worked on in collaboration with the Center for Public Health Nutrition and the Urban Form Lab at the University of Washington, called Mapping Health.


1. Quantified Self 2. Data Visualization 3. Metaphors for visualizing personal data 4. Case study: Mapping Health Agenda 2

Data visualization can help us live healthier lives. Visualizing Health Data 3

Source: OECD Health Data 2013 Comparison of OECD Country Healthcare Costs 4

1/3 of adults and children/teens are overweight. ! 1/3 of adults and 18% of children/teens are obese. ! 5% of adults get 30 mins of daily physical activity. Visualizing Health Data 5

We have to change our behaviors. Visualizing Health Data 6

Healthy is hard. Visualizing Health Data 7

Measurability Accountability Visualizing Health Data 8

Quantified Self Visualizing Health Data 9

Quantified Self Meetup Groups (2014) 10


Data collection Visualizing Health Data 12

Automation Portability Sharing Visualizing Health Data 13

Moves 14

Reporter 15

Fitbit 16

Google Glass 17

How do you interpret your data? Visualizing Health Data 18

Data visualization Visualizing Health Data 19

Visualization is the use of computer-supported, interactive, visual representations of data to amplify cognition. Card, Mackinlay, Shneiderman 20

science Jarke van Wijk, The Value of Visualization technology 21 art

technology reality visualization science Jarke van Wijk, The Value of Visualization 22 art

Infographics Manual Data-poor Static Custom Visualizing Health Data Data Visualization Algorithmic Data-rich Change with data Reusable 23

wisdom knowledge information design information data visualization data David McCandless, Hierarchy of Visual Understanding 24

Context Comparison Control Visualizing Health Data 25

Context Comparison Control Visualizing Health Data 26

Boundaries 27

Gaps/Outliers 28

Context Comparison Control Visualizing Health Data 29

L A T C H Ways of organizing information 30

Location Alphabet Time Category Hierarchy Ways of organizing information 31

Location Alphabet Time Category Hierarchy Network Ways of organizing information 32

Context Comparison Control Visualizing Health Data 33

Steven Drucker, SandDance 34

OSX Desktop 35

Metaphors for representing personal data Visualizing Health Data 36

Dashboards Visualizing Health Data 37

Fitbit Dashboard 38

Fitbit Dashboard 39

Fitbit Dashboard 40

Mem:o 41

MoodStats 42

Traces Visualizing Health Data 43

Aaron Parecki, Everywhere I’ve Been 44

Christian Nold, Biomapping 45

Christian Nold, Biomapping 46

Nathan Yau, Where People Run 47

Stories Visualizing Health Data 48

Lam Thuy Vo, Quantified Breakup 49

Jonathan Harris, The Whale Hunt 50

Jonathan Harris, The Whale Hunt 51

Jonathan Harris, The Whale Hunt 52

Autographer 53

Portraits Visualizing Health Data 54

Nick Felton, Feltron Report 55

Nick Felton, Feltron Report 56

email/calendar Stephen Wolfram phone calls 57 physical activity

Fathom, Year in NikeFuel 58

Fathom, Year in NikeFuel 59

Democratizing research Visualizing Health Data 60

Mapping Health Center for Public Health Nutrition Urban Form Lab University of Washington Visualizing Health Data 61

Mapping Health 62

Mapping Health 63

Mapping Health 64

Mapping Health 65

Mapping Health 66

Mapping Health 67

People are mobile. Visualizing Health Data 68

“We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us.” Marshall McLuhan, Understanding Media 69 ! © 2014 Schema Design, LLC All works cited are copyright of their respective owners. Visualizing Health Data 70

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