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Information about Vista Beta2 2003

Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Spidermann


Windows Vista Beta 2Hit or disaster?:  Windows Vista Beta 2 Hit or disaster? Martin Žugec Overview:  Overview Global changes Vista editions End user (presenters) point of view Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Deployment Security Group policy changes 'Minor' improvements Problems Myths andamp; Hoaxes Links Global changes:  Global changes Adm? Inf? XML! Too much work? OPEN! Lin + Win + OS X? VISTA! Wrong from beginning? REWRITE! Buggy? DELAY! Too many builds? CHANGE! Slow response? CTPs! Security? SDL/TCI! Point of failure in past? HISTORY! Vista Editions:  Vista Editions Vista Home Windows Starter 2007 Windows Vista Home Basic (N) Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Home Ultimate Vista Business Windows Vista Business (N) Windows Vista Enterprise Vista Editions:  Vista Editions Language independent Component-based (XPe) Windows Anytime Upgrade End user (presenters) point of view:  End user (presenters) point of view New UI – Aero Glass Windows DVD Maker Outlook Express Windows Mail Windows Media Player 11 Windows Calendar Internet Explorer 7.0 End user (presenters) point of view:  End user (presenters) point of view Windows Defender Windows Photo Gallery ActiveSync Windows Vista Mobile Windows Collaboration Vista Search Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Restart Manager (WI 4.0, AU…) PFR Freeze Dry Windows Diagnostic Infrastructure (WDI) Error reporting WDI Feedback provided, Support for 3rd parties Windows Performance Diagnostic Console Resource Overview Performance Monitor Reliability Monitor Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Drivers – Kernel User (Video drivers) Shadow Copy – Previous Versions Resource Manager – manage CPU, HDD, RAM, Network resources (???) Stealth Modding Remote Assistance (multi-shadowing, restart resistant) Web Services for management WS-Management Windows Backup Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Service dependencies Completely reviewed Not just dependency on another service! Windows Memory Diagnostic Windows HDD Diagnostic System Restore Windows Resource Protection FileSystem Registry COM-enabled applications (IE) Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Windows PC Accelerator PreFetching SuperFetch ReadyBoost (USB) ReadyDrive (HybridHDD) Resource Exhaustion Detectionandamp;Recovery Notifies you when resources are exhausted Show problematic processes + help you resolve Write to event log Startup Repair Tool (StR) Autorepair Help with problem diagnostic Kernel Transaction Manager Atomic transaction DTC – Distributed Transaction Coordinator Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Event log Forwarding AutoArchive Scheduled tasks Event log can be trigger Multiple triggers/multiple actions Credentials Manager (CredMan) Properties – task is running/task missed its window History API fully available for scripting Print Management Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Networking Native IPv6 Wireless Fast roaming, native, virtualized networks, netsh Network profiles Performance Native P2P support Policy-based QoS by default Routing Compartments (Kernel IP Helper) Reliability, Operability & Performance:  Reliability, Operability andamp; Performance Mobility Redirected Folders No longer hard coded to 5 folders Overall improvements Offline Files Background sync Seamless offline -andgt; online transition Differential transfers (delta sync) SlowLink mode Ghosting (offline visibility) Roaming User Profiles Deployment:  Deployment New WIM format File-based image Offline edit/Mount (R/W) Can store multiple images Bootable Compression Xpress LZX Reduce duplicate files Non-destructive Support for multiple files (DVD -andgt; CDs) Deployment:  Deployment XML unattended files Modularity Languages, drivers… Components Common Components Optional Components HAL Independent Deployment:  Deployment Tools RIS Windows Deployment Services (WIM,WinPE) Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.0 BDD 3.0 (BDDWorkBench, LTI Bare Metal, SMSv4 sequencer) USMT 3.0 (XML, GUI, encryption, ACL migration) ImageX Windows System Image Manager Windows Preinstallation Environment 2.0 Publicly available (!) Build from components instead of OS source files Driver injection Write redirected to RAM drive WMI improvements By default in WIM format Security:  Security BitLocker Full drive protection andamp; offline data protection TPM (optional) Modes TPM TPM-only andamp; Startup key (USB flash/PIN) Non-TPM USB flash Internet Explorer 7.0 NOT integrated with Windows Explorer AntiPhishing Protected IE mode (SAFER meets UAC) Windows Firewall Bidirectional One snapin with IPSec Rules based on AD computers/groups Auditpol /set /category: 'andlt;categoryandgt;' /subcategory: 'andlt;subcategoryandgt;' /success:enable /failure:enable Security:  Security Service Hardening (SIDs!) Windows Defender Alternative Authentication Smartcards, biometrics etc… Network Access Protection Alliance with Cisco, support different zones UAC Administrator credentials Administrator approval Security:  Security ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) MIC (Mandatory Integrity Control) Parental Control (UAC4Home) Time limits Games (content, rating, titles…) Allow/block specific programs Web filter Activity reports Group Policy changes:  Group Policy changes ADM ADMX Multiple Local GPO GPO Language independent (ADMX) Language dependent (ADML) Network awareness Not ICMP Dynamic (wake from hibernation, VPN…) WinLogon Group Policy Service Group Policy changes:  Group Policy changes Central GPO storage ADM not included in all GPOs! FRS (approx. 4MB per GPO) GP specific log Location Local ADM = %SystemRoot%\Inf ADMX = %SystemRoot%\policyDefinitions ADML = %SystemRoot%\policyDefinitions\andlt;MUICultureandgt; Domain ADMX = %SystemRoot%\SysVol\Domain\policies\policyDefinitions ADML = %SystemRoot%\SysVol\Domain\policies\policyDefinitions\andlt;MUICultureandgt; Built-in GPMC Group Policy changes:  Group Policy changes 1700+ policies 3000+ policies New settings Power management 'Pushed' printers Device control All Vista features (Windows Defender, UAC…) IEAK GP WFW + IPSec “Minor” improvements:  'Minor' improvements Windows System Assessment Tool WinSAT Benchmarking andamp; Optimization Domain fast user switching Audio volume per-application Disk management – expand/shrink partition Automatic updates Neighbor Casting - BITS P2P implementation Dipping Tools Speech tools Improved Mouse emulation “Minor” improvements:  'Minor' improvements Boot.ini Boot Configuration Data (BCDEdit.exe) Global synchronization PC2PC PC2PDA PC2SmartPhone MMC 3.0 Virtualization (?) Support tools USMT 3.0, ACT 5.0, Resource Kit… “Minor” improvements:  'Minor' improvements XPS – codename Metro WinFX Windows Explorer “Minor” improvements:  'Minor' improvements Windows SideShow (auxiliary display) SideBar is example Based on MicroFramework 40kb including core drivers 200kb – runtime + framework libraries 500kb – full + XML Problems:  Problems WDDM – biggest problem at all WinFS delayed Removed Monad, Paladium and EFI Defrag (?) Jim Allchin Steven Sinofsky Vista N editions UAC implementation Myths & Hoaxes:  Myths andamp; Hoaxes High-end GPU required ReadyBoost will expand your RAM using USB Microsoft is going to rewrite 60% of Windows code There are already viruses for Vista Microsoft is spying on us (DRM) Windows Vista can eat all memory even when it is idle Whole kernel was rewritten (9x -andgt; NT -andgt; LH) You will never need to restart your computer Missing drivers Links:  Links My blog Technet CZ Blog Technet CZ Beta Central Technet EN Vista MSDN EN Vista UACBlog Questions & Answers:  Questions andamp; Answers

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