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Published on June 19, 2007

Author: Spidermann


Microsoft Vista at MIT:  Microsoft Vista at MIT Winpartners Meeting Monday, December 11, 2006 Alex Kozlov Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase 1):  Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase 1) PHASE 1: April 2006 - November 2006 -Vista Released Team tested beta versions of Vista within MIT environment - The team found that certain critical software does not work with the beta versions of Vista - Participated in IVY Plus Vista Collaboration Evaluation  Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase2):  Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase2) PHASE 2: November 2006 - January 2007 Vista Release Team will retest the Released to Manufacturing (RTM) version of Vista and continue to report on issues and resolutions Training will be offered to DLC support providers throughout the community ISandamp;T Computing Help Desk will prepare to provide basic support for Phase 3. Prepare for distribution Communicate with MIT community Invite more testers to participate in Vista evaluation Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase 3):  Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase 3) PHASE 3: February 2007 - June 2007 Vista will be available via the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA) The ISandamp;T Computing Help Desk will provide support on configuring Vista for the MIT network, obtaining MIT personal certificates, and other basic functionality ISandamp;T will begin to offer training, such as Windows Vista Quick Starts, to community members The Vista Release Team will continue to test new versions of software that are anticipated to work with Vista Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase 4):  Phased Release Process for Windows Vista (Phase 4) PHASE 4: Summer/Fall 2007 and onward ISandamp;T will fully support and recommend Vista once the core set of software, including anti-virus, backup, email, and web browsers, have been fully tested and work Vista Release Team will continue to track incompatibility issues of certain software packages with Vista and recommend that some customers wait with an upgrade until all issues are resolved Transitioning to Vista is complex (Risks and Challenges):  Transitioning to Vista is complex (Risks and Challenges) Hardware and Software incompatibilities Upgrade vs. Clean Install Activation of Vista (Microsoft switched to Volume Licensing ) Distribution ( Media size is 2.4 GB; new methods) Significant changes to GUI and User Experience (Training Support Providers DLC and Help Desk) Known Incompatibility Issues:  Known Incompatibility Issues MIT certificate generation fails McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.0i cannot be installed; Release project for version 8.5i is underway, expected release date - end of Jan 07 TSM backup fails; current beta versions do not backup in Vista; Expect TSM 5.4 for Vista in Jan/Feb 07 SAP fails; SAPgui 6.40 has functionality problems in Vista; SAP scheduled to release version 7 in Jan/Feb for Vista Kerberos KFW 2.6.5 has functionality problems with Vista VPN fails; still in beta for Vista Printing. TCP/IP direct printing works with KLPR. But KLPR is at the end of life; NIST is spinning up a new Windows based printing server in Spring 07 Citrix. There is still no official version for Vista. Current XP based version works, but warns of incompatibility Vista RTM test Matrix is available: Opportunities for MIT:  Opportunities for MIT Improved Security UAC (User Account Control ) BitLocker Windows Defender Bi-directional Firewall Improved UI Better Back UP andamp; Restore Options Licensing and Distribution:  Licensing and Distribution MIT is licensed to Vista Enterprise via the Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA). Microsoft has completely changed the way volume licensed software works for Vista. MIT will use Key Management Service (KMS) to automatically activate computers running Windows Vista. Computers that have been activated through KMS will be required to reactivate by connecting to MIT network at least every six months ISandamp;T will distribute Vista via downloads and will provide media sets to each DLC. Microsoft and our reseller told us that the media is being produced now and we can expect to receive it in February. Join Vista-Testers Group at MIT:  Join Vista-Testers Group at MIT To become a tester please send a request with the following info to your name, title, department subnet your are on, you test machine static IP address if it is not DHCP configured number of PCs in your department applications supported is it a stand alone machine or part of active directory domain is it part of domain please provide feedback on your test results and findings Contact Vista Release Team:  Contact Vista Release Team Vista Release Team: Vista release notebook: ISandamp;T Applications Test Matrix:

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