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Published on December 14, 2017

Author: klarishm


slide 1: Visit to Kuwait ل ق ن شف ع is one of the Middle East countries with beautifully shaped oil-based economy and lots of places of interest. Ancient fortresses mosques maddrassahs and monuments are combined with modern amenities of the modern Arab country. Kuwait is probably the oldest parts of human settlements. Archaeologists are finding a number of places where ancient people lived starting from the 5th century B.C. Here stood the cities of the Sumerians Babylonians Persians and Greeks. The ancient trade routes had this territory as well as ancient cultures developed here. As outlined by some historical materials the nation has not been always so dry and deserted since it is today. Kuwait City is the only major city in the country. The standard fortress which once served like a haven for traders and Bedouins turned into a thriving commercial cultural and entertainment center in your community within some fifty years. The city itself is a colorful mix of old Islamic traditions and cutting-edge architecture and it is attractions are mainly young. Kuwait Tower known as the Tower of Liberation is the highest in the center East. The Beit Lothan cultural center the Al Kurayn museum and memorial honoring Kuwaiti resistance fighters the Research Target Gulf Road together with the largest aquarium in the Middle East the Museum of Science and Natural Past and the Maritime Museum attract thousands of tourists which familiarize yourself with the culture of Kuwait and learn more about different periods of its life. To the south-west from Safat region you have the Kuwait University and it is campuses along with one of the major industrial aspects of the continent. Salmiya district can be a supply core of the capital. Many houses have been converted into shops and restaurants here as well as the streets are energetic. This part of the city is acknowledged for noisy multi-national markets and eateries where everything that weve got on this planet are available and sold. Here one can possibly also check out sea using a team of pearl divers to look at the work they do and take part in collecting pearls. Further across the coast there stretches a whole series of beaches considered some of the most beautiful and largest in Kuwait. These are famous for their relaxed atmosphere and noticeably greener compared to remainder of coasts and stretches from Al-Bidaa district to Kuwait Towers. Nearby may be the famous Kuwait Rink among the largest rinks in the center East. The Musical Fountain is located from the green belt with the capital. In Al-Shukh district you have the Tourist Garden famous for its green space a great deal of recreational facilities as well as an amphitheater within the Roman style. Failaka Island may be inhabited since Stone Age and now it is known for an archaeological park ancient temples and diverse sites of excavations. Because of the new discoveries in the ruins in the Portuguese and British forts the area has again reestablished itself as the prominent attraction of Kuwait. The city of Al-Ahmadi was built in the middle of the twentieth century and named in honor of Sheikh Ahmad. It is known for that huge Exhibition Centre an art gallery of oil industry plus a small green park in the sands from the desert.

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