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Published on August 17, 2010

Author: vishalmodi


Govt. Engineering College,Ajmer : Govt. Engineering College,Ajmer Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 1 Seminar Presentation On DEPARTMENT OF MCA Fluorescent Multilayer Disc Presented By: Vishal Modi MCA V Sem Presented To: Dr. Reena Dadhich Head of Department Contents : Contents Introduction Evolution FMD Principle FMD Technology Technological process of FMD Manufacturing Recording on FMD-ROM FMD read devices Future FMD hardware Comparisons Application Advantages Conclusion References Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 2 Fluorescent Multilayer Disc : Fluorescent Multilayer Disc FMD ROM Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 3 INTRODUCTION : INTRODUCTION Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) is an optical disc format developed by Constellation 3D that uses fluorescent, rather than reflective materials to store data. It is an optical format similar in size and appearance to regular CD-ROMs and DVDs but with storage capacity up to 140GB. Constellation 3D’s planned first generation disk, in standard (120mm diameter and 1.2mm thick)DVD format, will store up to 140 gigabytes in 10 layers and use 650 nm red lasers, Second and third generation FMDs will use 405 nm blue lasers, giving capacities of up to a terabyte. Data transfer speeds could exceed 1 gigabyte per second, again depending on the application and market need. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 4 Slide 5: 140 GB Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 5 EVOLUTION : EVOLUTION In the 1990s, the growth in demand for data-storage capacity exceeded 60 percent per year. This new decade promises to bring even more accelerated growth. Practices such as supercomputing, e-commerce and data warehousing need continuously expanding capacity in order to handle their huge volumes of data. In the near future, increasing use of broadband, HDTV, and portable devices such as PDAs, mobile phones and digital cameras will require multi-gigabyte and terabyte capacities. Professional HDTV applications, for example, require reading speeds over one terabit per second. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 6 FMD Principle : FMD Principle Data is stored on multiple layers unlike CDs or DVDs where single layers are used. Recording, reading and storing is done with help of fluorescent materials embedded in pits in each of the layers. The fluorescent material emits radiation when excited by an external light source. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 7 Slide 8: Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 8 FMD Technology : FMD Technology FMD technology, each storage layer is coated with a transparent fluorescent material. When the laser beam hits a mark on a layer, fluorescent light is emitted. The light emitted by fluorescent light is incoherent, not being affected by data pits or other marks in the media, and passes through adjacent data layers unaltered then letters are starts radiating. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 9 Slide 10: Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 10 TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS of FMD Manufacturing : TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS of FMD Manufacturing The technological process of FMD manufacture. HOT STAMPING :- In this method each layer is reached by pressing of polycarbonate layer with two stamps at high temperature. So we receive one layer with two informational sides. Then the pits are filled with fluorescent material. And when it becomes hard the informational layers are pressed. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 11 RECORDING ON FMD-ROM : RECORDING ON FMD-ROM There used a technology WORM (Write Once Read Many). A series of rewritable discs will be called FMD WORM. And when recording you should follow two rules: Sufficient power of a laser in order to provide an element with fluorescent properties Threshold power of laser should be used for recording (in order to change fluorescent properties of the material) and for reading must be used less power. The FMD developers offer two record principles:- The first principle (thermal). The second principle (chemical). Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 12 FMD READ DEVICES : FMD READ DEVICES A prototype of an FMD Read Device. The developers say that the drives intended for FM discs will easily understand CD and DVD format. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 13 FMD READ DEVICES : FMD READ DEVICES PARALLEL READING: A sequence of bits is recorded not along a track but deep into layers. That's why we receive three types of Data reading : successive, successive-parallel and parallel. Reading speed reaches 1 Gigabit/s. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 14 FUTURE FMD HARDWARE FMD hardware will be similar to today’s CD/DVD hardware in both form and function. : FUTURE FMD HARDWARE FMD hardware will be similar to today’s CD/DVD hardware in both form and function. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 15 COMPARISONS :- : COMPARISONS :- Today, there exist three basic storage technologies: magnetic (hard disk drives), optical (DVD, CD, FMD), and solid-state (flash memory cards). Optical Storage: DVD and CD Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 16 COMPARISONS : COMPARISONS Magnetic Storage: Hard-Disk Drive : The capacity of HDDs grew about 25 to 30 percent each year in the 1980s and accelerated to an average of 60 percent in the 1990s. By the end of 1999 the annual increase had reached 130 percent. HDD prices have plummet. In 1988, the price per megabyte for an average HDD was $11.54; today it is less than $2 per gigabyte. Despite the popularity of magnetic storage, its future remains uncertain due to a major obstacle: super paramagnetic effect (SPE). Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 17 COMPARISONS : COMPARISONS Solid-State Storage: Flash Memory Cards : Flash memory cards combine the features of read-only memory with random access memory. There are no mechanical parts. Less Power Consumption. There is major obstacle is: the overabundance of memory card formats. There is Compact Flash, Smart Media, Multimedia Card, Secure Digital, Memory Stick formats are available. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 18 APPLICATION :- : APPLICATION :- The following table represents an approximate amount of storage space required by latest applications and technologies : Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 19 Advantages : Advantages Increased Disk Capacity. Quick Parallel Access and Retrieval of information. Usage Flexibility. Security. Low light absorption in each layer. Emitted (signal) fluorescent light not absorbed. Compatible with present CD/DVD formats, having the ability to handle the same data rates over each of its layers. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 20 Conclusion : Conclusion Man’s need for additional storage space is something that is ever increasing. Hence no solution or data storage media is expected to achieve the status of a complete storage solution for long periods of time especially due to rapid developments taking place in many storage related fields. But for now the FMD, which can provide us with a staggering 140 GB of storage space seems to be an enticing solution for the storage-hungry masses. Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 21 REFERENCES : REFERENCES Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 22 Slide 23: Thank you Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 23 Slide 24: Fluorescent Multilayer Disc (FMD) 24 DOUBT SESSION ???

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