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Published on February 22, 2014

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Virtualization and its types

AJENDA  Operating System Virtualization  Network Virtualization  Hardware Virtualization  Storage Virtualization  Desktop Virtualization


Operating System Virtualization  It typically allows you to run and install any kind of Operating system like Windows or a Linux on your existing operating system.  It requires a Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) which allows you to install and manage multiple operating systems running simultaneously.  VMware is probably the one of the most used Virtual Machine Manager’s today.

Hardware Virtualization  Hardware virtualization or platform virtualization refers to the creation of a virtual machine that acts like a real computer with an operating system. Eg: A computer that is running Microsoft Windows may host a virtual machine that looks like a computer with the Ubuntu Linux operating system; Ubuntu-based software can be run on the virtual machine.  There is a hypervisor (VMM) which is used to control processor, memory and other firmware resources.

Network Virtualization  In simple words network virtualization is a process of creating smaller bandwidth channels taken from the hardware and providing it to different virtual servers.  The aim is to provide better network availability to all the virtual servers and of course to cut down cost.  In Network Virtualization, Two (or more) virtual networks can be created within the same physical network belonging to the same IP range also.

Storage Virtualization  There are two types of Storage virtualization 1. Block Virtualization. 2. File Virtualization.

Storage Virtualization Block Virtualization  In Block Virtualization, multiple storage devices are consolidated, which actually appears as a single physical storage device.  This helps the administrators in many ways such as Load Balancing, optimizing performance and speed.

Storage Virtualization File Virtualization  File Virtualization, as the name suggests, is the file or directory stored within the hard drive, which is located in a data center.  The file may not be stored within your personal folder; in fact the folder might not even have your own name, it may be located in a data center across the globe.

Desktop Virtualization  Desktop virtualization is a software technology that separates desktop environment and application software.  Virtualized desktops are generally hosted on a remote central server, rather than the hard drive of the personal computer. Because the client-server computing model is used in virtualizing desktops.  Desktop virtualization is also known as client virtualization.

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