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Published on March 26, 2008

Author: Barbara


Virtual Communities? Get Real!:  Virtual Communities? Get Real! What’s now What’s coming What you can do David Bowers CASE Fundraising for Graduate and Professional Schools San Diego, 2007 Brought to you by…:  Brought to you by… AJAX Tornado Destroying old ways of communicating Dropping us off in an Oz of Opportunity and Threat Virtual Community:  Virtual Community Virtual community is a group of people who communicate or interact via the Internet… Significant socio-technical change has resulted from Internet-based social networks. The term virtual community is attributed Howard Rheingold in his 1993 book by the same name. The book discussed his adventures on The WELL and onwards into a range of computer-mediated communication and social groups. Wikipedia Today’s Ground Rules:  Today’s Ground Rules Non-Linear Interactive Collaborative WE ARE SMARTER than me! Professional and Graduate School Fund Raising &Web 2.0:  Professional and Graduate School Fund Raising &Web 2.0 The Case: What part of your institution’s way of educating cannot be outsourced or digitized? How can you better serve your constituents through technology? The Task: Answer the 1st question Figure out what part of your operations might be better sourced elsewhere or digitized Use available tools and resources to better serve constituents and tell your story. Slide6:  It is not the strongest that will survive, nor is it the most intelligent; but the one most adaptive to change.” - C.Darwin Origin of the Species A New Paradigm:  A New Paradigm Twan Verdonck in A New Paradigm for Philanthropy:  A New Paradigm for Philanthropy Based on T. Verdonck’s Web Two Business Model Web 2.0 Survey:  Web 2.0 Survey How many have an mp3 player? How many have used Skype? How many don’t have landline @ home? How many blog? Know what one is? How many listen to podcasts? Know what one is? How many have visited SecondLife? Have a personality there? RSS? Regularly upload? (Loose) Agenda:  (Loose) Agenda Trends Internet Use User Gen Con Social Networking $’s Wireless What’s Web 2.0? What’s possible? CWSL’s Baby steps Discuss possible new business/ philanthropy model Goal:  Goal To have a better sense of what’s happening now, what’s on the horizon, and what possibilities and implications we face. You’ll leave here…:  You’ll leave here… Not afraid to ask questions– “so it’s new tech, but what does it do for us, does it help us further our mission?” Knowing that you don’t have to panic or be fearful. It’s pointing and clicking—no programming or computer language. Andrew Shaindlin, CASE Summit 06 True or False?— …nifty cocktail chatter :  True or False?— …nifty cocktail chatter Detroit has a higher % of landline free homes than does San Francisco # of people over age 50 accessing internet daily in USA increased by 33% from 2002-2006 The % of internet users in Montreal is greater than that of Halifax 2004 Internet penetration in Mexico ranked 22 in the world In less than 6 years, a reader written online newspaper became #3 in South Korea More than 1/2 of MySpace users are under 24 Skype is fastest growing business in history You can lend $100 to a stranger who needs $1000@ 24% interest through a website Why should we care?:  Why should we care? Greetings earthling. We are an advanced race from planet moonthron. We came to share our secrets for ending Hunger. Poverty and Disease. I’ll get the door. Well, what’s in it for me? I’ll always wonder if there was a better way to handle that. Some of the headaches facing alumni/development offices:  Some of the headaches facing alumni/development offices Graduates who fail to update their addresses Figuring out who is best person to sign invitation to reunion Researching best people to recruit as solicitors/making best assignments Knowing prospects’ interests, personal and professional Someday Alumni will…:  Someday Alumni will… Update all their own contact information, preferred salutations, etc. Tell you who they know and care about Let you see who your Alphas are Share their interests —personal, professional, and @school… EXPECT YOU to enable them to do it That day’s today…. Trends :  Trends TOP 5 COUNTRIES WITH HIGHEST NUMBER OF INTERNET USERS:  TOP 5 COUNTRIES WITH HIGHEST NUMBER OF INTERNET USERS Internet use in Canada:  Internet use in Canada Source: Statistics Canada, The Daily, Tuesday, August 15, 2006_ Canadian Internet Use Survey.mht Slide21:  Over 22 million Canadians use the Internet every month according to comScore Media Metrix. Canadians spent over 45 billion minutes online in September and the number of people online grew by over 14% in the last year alone. Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) estimates that Canadians online ad revenues in 2006 will top $800 million dollars. Canadians using Internet Digital throughout the World:  Digital throughout the World Internet Users by World Region:  Internet Users by World Region USA Top Sites July:  USA Top Sites July Source: Neilsen/Net Ratings, August 2006 Who’s Using Social Networking Sites?:  Who’s Using Social Networking Sites? $’s to Online :  $’s to Online USA 2006 $16.7 billion $280 million on Social Network ads (1.7%) $180 million to MySpace 2010 projections Social Network advertising in USA up to $1.9 billion or 6.3% Global total $350 million ’06 to $2.5 billion 2010 quoted on 5 oct. 06 North America Internet Usage and Population:  North America Internet Usage and Population United States Population ( 2006 Est.) - 299,093,237 Internet Users,Latest Data - 207,161,706   % Population (Penetration) - 69.3 % % Users in N.A. - 90.4 % Use Growth ( 2000-2006) -117.3 % Portable Devices 12/04:  Portable Devices 12/04 1.6 Billion Mobile Phones 100 Million Digital Cameras 60 Million PDAs 50 Million PGDs 15 Million MP3s (10m IPods) Communities Dominate Brands, Moore & Ahonen Music Sales by Channel 2004:  Music Sales by Channel 2004 $30 Billion Traditional $23.9 Billion CDs via Internet $1.8 Billion Direct downloads $200 Million RINGTONES $4.1 Billion CDB Total music sales see slight lift in 2006, thanks to downloads:  Total music sales see slight lift in 2006, thanks to downloads Music unit sales — increased by 19.4 per cent in 2006, amounting to 1.2 billion units sold. In 2006, 588.2 million albums were sold — a 4.9 per cent drop from 2005 sales. Mobile Phone Convergence:  Mobile Phone Convergence 2005 largest maker of digital cameras—Nokia 2006… IPod Sales MP3 Mobile Phone Sales Convergence Breaking News:  Convergence Breaking News    Cisco sues Apple over iPhone name   Ø      CES - Lack of interoperability stunts powerline growth   Ø      Macworld: Jobs introduces iPhone, AppleTV   Ø      Siemens, team up for VoIP/Web apps   Ø      CES - TV CEOs say converged services aren't there yet   Ø      CES - Netgear, Thomson phones support Skype and landline   Ø      Two quick-setup Asterisk packages debut   Ø      Aksys launches PBX-less VoIP system for SMB     Source : Online Giving And Fundraising :  Online Giving And Fundraising Overall: $350 million raised online by all charities according to industry estimates (as of January 8, 2005) $30 million raised online by GetActive clients (as of January 11, 2005) $215 million raised online by 9/11 charities. Fundraising statistics surrounding the recent tsunami relief efforts Online Giving:  Online Giving $16 million collected for its relief efforts, with Internet gifts accounting for $6.1 million of that total; 40% of gifts received online; 85% of recent tsunami online donors are first-time donors. $19.5 million collected for its relief efforts, with Internet gifts accounting for $13 million; Oxfam International affiliates have together raised more than $73 million for relief efforts; 80% of gifts received online $31 million collected for its relief efforts, with Internet gifts accounting for $9.5 million; 31% of gifts received online; 92% of recent tsunami online donors are first-time donors; Web 2.0:  Web 2.0 Web 2.0:  Web 2.0 1st coined by Tim O’Reilly in 2004. (9 million Google hits by 2005) Metaphor describes applications delivered over the web allowing one to use it much like once used a desktop social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and folksonomies — let people collaborate and share information online (wikipedia) Move from looking and posting to interacting Pods, Chats, Blogs & Wikis Oh My!:  Pods, Chats, Blogs & Wikis Oh My! In 2005 6 million Americans listened to a podcast. (Pew) 82 million on IM/Chat biggies Microsoft and AOL (mediamix) Jan 2006 26.6 million blogs doubling every 5 months (Technorati) 1 in 3 already using tags by mid 2005 Online giving up 53% in 2005 in USA (Pew) Connectedness of Blogosphere:  Connectedness of Blogosphere CDB BLOGS:  BLOGS “Blog" is an abbreviation of "weblog," that describes web sites that maintain an ongoing chronicle of information. Blogs range from the personal to the political, and can focus on one narrow subject or a whole range of subjects. Eg: Blog Users:  Blog Users “Nine blogs are created every minute and 2.3 content updates are posted every second". In April 2006 the British Market Research Bureau's quarterly survey claimed that 70% of respondents had heard of blogging Blog Demographics - 2006:  Blog Demographics - 2006 Wiki/pedia:  Wiki/pedia What’s a wiki? User contributed content document— Any one can update Wisdom of Crowds or Madness of mobs Either way, useful 1 Million articles in English on Wikipedia as of March 2006 2.5 million registered users Williams Wiki RSS:  RSS The subscription that notifies changes to a site when updated via your news reader—now a regular part of IE7. As of last year, only 9% had an idea of what it is, but many used it unknowingly—eg. yahoo news updates Uses: RSS -- get to see headline and a few lines so you can choose whether to read more Web 2.0=Cool stuff:  Web 2.0=Cool stuff Cool stuff WEB2 site Dodgeball Cafepress Prosper Delicious Word to the Wise:  Word to the Wise “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.” -V.Hugo Implications:  Implications Now Strangers…Trusted…Friends Differing Communities, but Communities nonetheless Connected Age Examples of Virtual Communities Impacting Real Community Now and on the Horizon--SecondLife Now:  Now Consumer is now the creator. Whether in omynews or wikipedia all of us may be engaged….in community…online… And, oddly enough we tend to trust strangers in shared community… Strangers we trust:  Strangers we trust Did you ask for directions on the street ? Ever done so in NYC? Check out “others that looked at this bought X” on Amazon,, others? Check out this hotel’s ratings on EBay User Ratings?…what does that say about future of Rankings? Somehow, with enough interaction, some strangers become friends. Types of Communities:  Types of Communities Online community A virtual community or online community is a group of people that primarily or initially communicates or interacts via the Internet. Social networking A social network is a web site on the Internet that brings people together in a central location to talk, gossip, share ideas, share interests, make new friends, etc. Eg: Facebook, Myspace etc. Types of Online Communities:  Types of Online Communities Ellyssa Kroski’s 4 broad areas: Communities of Interest —MySpace,YouTube and many others in which members use, exchange, consume and produce & share information Communities of Practice —sharing and producing knowledge within a common professional framework linkedIn, eg. biblioblogosphere Goal-Oriented Communities —Members share a common goal and interest—eg. Wikis Learners’ Communities — sharing a common educational goal., “collaborate to graduate” Move from Networked Age to Connected Age:  Move from Networked Age to Connected Age Always on—don’t have to log on and off Always in pocket Always have access to our friends and families--our“lifeline” always available Don’t have to send or wait for email—RSS Constant Conversation possible, not required Communities Dominate Brands pg 3 Online Community Impacts::  Online Community Impacts: Kryptonite Locks Philippines Joseph Estrada 2001 Conrad Burns on youtube Wal-mart Blogs UF Prof youtube – Communications lesson learned…mission not accomplished. Now and on the Horizon!:  Now and on the Horizon! SecondLife Huge growth For profits, Toyota etc NFPs– UN, BBC, ACS Has a philanthropic commitment tied into pricing Wait til Starbucks starts accepting Linden Dollars! What it means for Higher Ed Fund Raising/Alumni Relations:  What it means for Higher Ed Fund Raising/Alumni Relations Expectations Our Role CWSL’s Babysteps Perhaps Time for A New Paradigm Online Communications :  Online Communications Constituents expect Interactive—Conversation, platform for discussion– lost control of Alumni,Students, Prospective Students Networking— Social/Business Portable/Multiple—Fragmentation of individual —UBER-Segmentation We have a leading role to play:  We have a leading role to play …if we’ll take it… David Hornik “I believe social networking will be a vital component in virtually all online experiences moving forward…” Kroski “Over time, I believe people will get tired of the vast generic …networks and move towards a few niche or vertical networks that will serve their interests and passions.” THAT’s US... or it can be… the community in which one received one’s education can be a natural part of one’s virtual community life. Bowers “ Just as some seek the order of the suburbs or the quiet of rural life, users will find online communities that offer differing levels of noise.” CWSL’s Baby steps:  CWSL’s Baby steps E-Solicitation Play Podcast LawIn10 Student, Faculty, Staff Blogs Press Release Blog (tagged for interests) Alumni E-Community through Kintera Planned Giving 11 things you can do Monday:  11 things you can do Monday 1st 10 are from Karine Joly and Joe Hice @ CASE Senior Marketing & Communications Professionals’ Conf. Philadelphia Sept 06 Subscribe to something via RSS Set Technorati and Google News Read and comment on blogs Create Facebook account Move your Press Releases to blog— for example Check out/update your institution on Wikipedia Set up MySpace account with your institution’s name Set up delicious account for self/team Set up YouTube account with your institution name Subscribe to Check out, subscribe to blog Finally:  Finally “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” -Peter Druker Finally…Inside Higher Ed’s looking out …:  Finally…Inside Higher Ed’s looking out … Sources:  Sources Communities Dominate Brands: Picture tells it better - iPod share is 14% Google Image Result for Planet MiniBox | Home to the World's Leading Shoutbox go back to for web site maybe Law School Blogs, Law Student Blogs, Law School Applicants, Law School Message Boards, LSAT Blogs – JD2B Google Image Result for simple ex for ajax The University of Arizona Bring Web 2.0 and Social Networking to the Classroom « Jim Henderson’s Blog Web 2.0 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia web, marketing & PR in higher ed » Facebook Facebook]’s a way to keep track of a much broader array of people that could be real benefits to you down the line. I can’t imagine going into this almost professional state of my life without the list of literally hundreds of people I’ve come acros "Debunking the myth of Kryptonite Locks and the Blogosphere" from The Intuitive Life Business Blog prelaw discussion group The Daily, Tuesday, August 15, 2006. Canadian Internet Use Survey two-thirds of adult Canadians surfed the Internet in 2005, and those living in larger cities were much more likely to have done so than those in rural areas and small towns, according to the new Canadian Internet Use Survey. An estimated 16.8 million adu Mobile Internet Population Grows Setting Up (Virtual) Shop in Second Life possibilities and perils Wal-Mart vs. the Blogosphere oops Wall-mart you can't fool all the bloggers all the time MediaPost Publications - Behind the Numbers: Serving the Audience of One - 10/19/2006 Tim Richardson, quotable quotes "Professors will not be replaced by web pages, they will be replaced by Professors who know how to effectively use web pages" Sources:  Sources Social Networking for the IT Set: Will Marketers Bite? TechRepublic introduced discussion forums and short member profiles as far back as '99, and added features like social bookmarking, tagging and blogging last year. Members can be matched to others searching for people with expertise in certain fields, and Text Messaging Outpaces Voice in U.K. Broadband Grew 33 Percent Years' Time E-commerce Statistics . Prof. W. Tim G. Richardson © ppt on canadian e commerce Blackwell Synergy: City & Community, Vol 2, Issue 4, pp. 277-311: Neighboring in Netville: How the Internet Supports Community and Social Capital in a Wired Suburb (Abstract) Survey and ethnographic data from a "wired suburb" near Toronto show that high-speed, always-on access to the Internet, coupled with a local online discussion group, transforms and enhances neighboring. Robert Paterson's Weblog: Internet use is now ubiquitous in Canada - We have tipped . Soon, an organization that does not use social software to connect all its parts and to its customers will die. Management News week of June. Richardson said Canada is an ideal country to push the technology forward and was quoted as saying "This might be a go particularly in Canada because we have a fairly monopolistic system with Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility, Rogers Wireless a MIT Convergence Culture Consortium: Convergence top growing user gen cntnt cmpnies Nielsen: MySpace Is Fastest-Growing Top Web Brand · MarketingVOX User-generated content sites, including platforms for photo-sharing, video-sharing and blogging, comprised five out of the top 10 fastest-growing web brands overall in July 2006. Image hosting site ImageShack ranked No. 4 among July's fastest-growing web Social-Networks' User Demos Vary, MySpace Aging · MarketingVOX another morgan stanley study growth of mobile Sources:  Sources Free Online Picture Resizer - Crop and Resize photos, images, or pictures online for free! Researching the 'My' in OhmyNews - OhmyNews International vy good paper on how this became so succesful and what motivates the writers Consumer Driven Businesses why it's vital to engage customer...interesting transactional model in presentation Signal Without Noise--by Guy Kawasaki: The Wrong Tale: A Checklist for Long-Tail Implementations Galileo said: All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered— the trick is to discover them. Guy said: All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered— the trick is to exploit them. The Long Tail aba hotel discounts New top level domains considered harmful - Design Issues berners lee doesn't like .mobi...of course he didn't have a good profit track record with www! Reuters opens virtual news bureau in Second Life | Tech&Sci | Technology | Making Social Networking Work for Marketing: Communispace Shares 10 Best Practices for Online Customer Communities 10 best practices for social networking Virtual online worlds | Living a Second Life | :: mobile social software keep in touch w friends - The complete Web 2.0 directory. Awesome What is Game Theory? Social Capital Gateway - Resources for the study of social capital edited by Fabio Sabatini Where Everybody Knows Your (Screen) Name: Online Games as "Third Places" has table with good description of 3rd place Harvard University's renowned political scientist Robert Putnam says the more ethnically diverse a community is, the less likely its inhabitants are to trust anyone diversity in short term We Are Smarter Than Me: FAQ O'Reilly -- What Is Web 2.0 cool article on web 2 Why Wiki? presentations on wiki resources « Al Upton and the miniLegends Mobile Web 2.0: Presenting a Book on Mobility and Digital Convergence book on it Sources:  Sources Social Networking: Time For A Silver Bullet Tabblo cool picture/text tool InfoTangle :: Community 2.0 :: April :: 2006 great outline of web2.0 K-12 Online Conference Agenda (2006) International virtual conference on use of web 2 in classrooom Teaching Generation Z Fox uses Treo to break N.Y. plane crash news - Yahoo! News Wilder's work represents one of the first instances of a network using video captured via mobile phone camera live on the air Jumpcut - STEAL THIS AUDITION! Web 2.0 - How Networked Media Are Reshaping Business Alan Moore - Video Interview - Robin Good's Latest News Digital Communities And The Power Of Trust A Look At The Future - Robin Good's Latest News Brand Experience Replaces Broadcasting Online Communities And User Engagement Are The Access Keys - Robin Good's Latest News brand web school Major Prospects Strategy vc usf virtual handshake PeerFest 2006 alumni vc second life Microsoft PowerPoint - 3D304AD1-1F1B-1AC4.ppt online communities

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