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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: samghany



It gives idea how internet can e used as a useful tool for learning in medical field

Virtual World Capabilities For Medical Education By Dr. Sameh Ahmad Abdel-Ghany Vice director of e-learning unit - Mansura Faculty of Medicine

Agenda 1 Virtual Environments 2 Virtual Hosiltal and clinic 3 Virtual reasrch 4 Virtual Lab 5 Virtual Classroom 6 Virtual Museum 7 Virtual Medical books

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Virtual Environment •Definition is a place containing things that can be manipulated and people

Types of virtual environments • Shared spaces • Text-based virtual reality • Some Multi-user chat (MUC) systems • Multi-user games • Multi-user 2D & 3D interactive environments • Immersive 3D environments • Virtual reality • Virtual habitat • Mixed reality

Shared spaces technologies Aim to create distributed electronic environments

Text-based virtual reality a form of virtual habitats or virtual environments, e.g. a place where people be and do things on-line.

Multi-user chat (MUC) systems Chat systems that allow text, visula and vocal communucation.

Virtual reality a form of humancomputer interaction in which a real or imaginary environment is simulated and users interact with and manipulate that world. Your Logo

2D Interactive environments a form of virtual environment and have a figurative appearance. Most often, avatars talk in bubbles (like in a comic strip). There can be interactive objects and also multimedia imports (sound, movies, etc.)

3D Interactive environments often referred to as virtual reality or interactive 3D and have a figurative appearance. Much like our own world, this type of world allows interaction with other (networked) beings as well as manipulation of objects

Immersive virtual reality An artificial reality that projects you into a 3D space generated by the computer. Your Logo

Virtual world system for medical process  In the virtual world, you can simulate everything if you have the proper animation for the procedure. For example, I can take a blood sample if I have an animation created for this purpose.

Benefits of virtual world for Medicine 1 solving today’s problems and designing solutions for the challenges in tomorrow’s healthcare and life sciences arena. 2 improve patient safety, offer immersive therapy and rehabilitation, and increase collaboration, leading to a reduction in healthcare costs 3 reduces medical errors through improved communication and team skills, expands the training opportunities available to a wider spectrum of care-givers, and reaches out to consumers with a branded virtual world experience.

Virtual training for healthcare and medical applications Medical procedures training Drug and medical device education Therapy and rehabilitation Emergency response Meetings and events Public health

Virtual Hospital enables hospitals and healthcare organizations to train for a range of skills and improve teamwork and communications through online collaboration

Benefits of virtual hospital 1) Increased effectiveness in nurse and doctor training 2) Reduced medical errors 3) Use of sophisticated, physiological medical models that calculate the conditions, behaviors, and responses of patient avatars 4) Improved training of drug sales personnel through realistic 3D doctor visits and detailing of medical product sales and service personnel around 3D products .

ContBenefits of virtual hospital 5) Sharing of best practices among global teams of medical, professional and sales personnel. 6) Delivery of immersive behavior therapy and rehabilitation 7) Expanded training opportunities to a wider spectrum of caregivers and outreach programs .

Virtual Clinic The Minnesota Virtual Clinic is a webbased medical learning tool that simulates a weeklong view of activities in a medical office where students participate in the ongoing care of a group of virtual patients.

Benefits of virtual clinic 1) Simulated Medical Records for Virtual Patients— represent a variety of conditions and cultural backgrounds. 2) Reveals Information in Real Time 3) Teaching Points and Explanations 4) Familiarizes Students with Electronic Medical Records—teaches students basic security practices and how to use electronic medical records for patient care.

Virtual Clinical Case We make a scenario for clinical case and student is allowed to deal with case to solve the problem

Virtual Environment for Endotracheal intubation Training This project seeks to provide a means for practicing and developing skills required for endotracheal intubation training. ( ndotracheal_intubation/endotracheal_intubation.html)

Virtual Urology Doctor can simulate the location of stone in different part of the of the kidney & ureters. Doctor can simulate the live operating system of Ureteroscope.  Doctor can simulate the live operation of stone removal from ureter with help of Ureteroscope. (

Ann Myers Virtual Medical Center The Ann Myers Medical Center provides a fantastic project for medical students.

Medical Games 2D games Games that allow teaching and interactivity to facilitate learning Examples 1- Blood typing ( al/medicine/landsteiner/indexoldgame.html) 2- cardiology ( rdiology/index.html) 3-ECG ( icine/ecg/ecg.html)

Medical Games 3D games 1 2 The game features more than 12 different illnesses, 120 different patients, 11 different rooms, many different diagnosis methods such as x-ray, CT, lab tests, etc. players can engage in health research projects, by performing microscopy, protein isolation and DNA experiments, publishing research results, participating in conferences, managing high tech equipment and staff or request funding – all tasks of real researchers. Examples 1- virtual hospital ( px) ( 2- research center ( ult.aspx)

Virtual Lab Definition an interactive environment for creating and conducting simulated experiments: a playground for experimentation Example: Virtual lab for pharmacology Virtual lab for anatomy and physiology (

Virtual Classroom refers to instruction in a learning environment where teacher and student are separated by time or space, or both, and the teacher provides course content through course management applications, multimedia resources, the Internet, video-conferencing, etc (

Virtual text  Medical textbooks presented in electronic form e.g. google books  Articles, notes etc.. Your Logo

Virtual Museum (

Virtual search engines Non specific e.g. Google – Yahoo For medical articles e.g. Pubmed , Highwire

Virtual illustartion  Images & diagrams(2D-3D)  Photos  Videos e.g You-Tube  Animations e.g flash


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