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Published on January 18, 2018

Author: DavidScurlock


A Training and Education program for young people using Virtual and Mixed Reality : A Training and Education program for young people using Virtual and Mixed Reality @ David Scurlock 2017 Developed by David Scurlock In your F.A.C.E. Learning: In your F.A.C.E. Learning AN Educational program that uses technology to present F ocused A pplications C onceptual e ducation @ David Scurlock 2017 In your F.A.C.E. Learning Using Mixed Reality: In your F.A.C.E. Learning Using Mixed Reality Mixed reality blends real-world and virtual content into environments where physical and digital objects coexist and interact. Creates highly immersive learning and educational experience.  @ David Scurlock 2017 Video Introduction of Mixed Reality: Video Introduction of Mixed Reality @ David Scurlock 2017 f.a.c.e. Mission: f.a.c.e . Mission An educational program that uses emergering technology and applications to create a safe, educational, and fun environment for young people to experience learn from and prepare them for the 21 st century workplace. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY @ David Scurlock 2017 f.a.c.e. Goals: f.a.c.e . Goals To provide young people education and training using cutting edge technology that they may not otherwise have access to. To use interactive applications and games that immerse individuals in environments that allows them to experience places and activities that result in learning and education. To provide training that will develop skills that will be used in the workplace in the 21 st century. @ David Scurlock 2017 f.a.c.e. Target Audiences: f.a.c.e . Target Audiences Males/Females At risk/underserved audiences @ David Scurlock 2017 A curriculum developed around the apps that results in an educational experience for participants . How the f.a.c.e. Program Works : How the f.a.c.e . Program Works @ David Scurlock 2017 Advantages of the f.a.c.e. Program : Advantages of the f.a.c.e . Program @ David Scurlock 2017 David Scurlock (Founder/Facilitator) : David Scurlock (Founder/Facilitator) Business/Marketing Degree UW Eau Claire UW Milwaukee Technology Sales Background IBM and Konica Business Machines 15 Years of Corporate Learning and Organizational Development Culligan, Sears, Johnson Controls Sales Product/Technical Training Business/Management/Leadership @ David Scurlock 2017 F.A.C.E. Technical Assistants Elijah & Kewan: F.A.C.E. Technical Assistants Elijah & Kewan @ David Scurlock 2017 Mixed Reality in Education: Mixed Reality in Education @ David Scurlock 2017 Slide13: @ David Scurlock 2017 MIXED REALITY IN EDUCATION Educational Apps: Educational Apps @ David Scurlock 2017 Mixed reality in the workplace: Mixed reality in the workplace @ David Scurlock 2017 Thank You: Thank You @ David Scurlock 2017

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