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Published on January 18, 2018

Author: DavidScurlock


In your F.A.C.E. Learning: In your F.A.C.E. Learning AN Educational program that uses technology to present F ocused A pplications C onceptual e ducation @ David Scurlock 2017 Video Introduction of Mixed Reality: Video Introduction of Mixed Reality @ David Scurlock 2017 f.a.c.e. Target Audiences: f.a.c.e . Target Audiences Males/Females At risk/underserved audiences @ David Scurlock 2017 A curriculum developed around the apps that results in an educational experience for participants . How the f.a.c.e. Program Works : How the f.a.c.e . Program Works @ David Scurlock 2017 David Scurlock (Founder/Facilitator) : David Scurlock (Founder/Facilitator) Business/Marketing Degree UW Eau Claire UW Milwaukee Technology Sales Background IBM and Konica Business Machines 15 Years of Corporate Learning and Organizational Development Culligan, Sears, Johnson Controls Sales Product/Technical Training Business/Management/Leadership @ David Scurlock 2017 Mixed Reality in Education: Mixed Reality in Education @ David Scurlock 2017 Slide13: @ David Scurlock 2017 MIXED REALITY IN EDUCATION Educational Apps: Educational Apps @ David Scurlock 2017 Mixed reality in the workplace: Mixed reality in the workplace @ David Scurlock 2017 Thank You: Thank You @ David Scurlock 2017

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